Saturday, August 24th, 2013


Saturday, August 24th, 2013


They Did It!!!

Benchmark WOD:
5 Rounds For Time:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks


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  1. EJ

    Last DT:


    **Labor Day Weekend Schedule**

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    The new schedule is to take effect on September 3rd

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  2. patrick

    Work up to 1RM Snatch
    4×2 @65
    3×1 @85

    95×1, 105(f), 105×1, 115×1, 120(f)

    Lifting my hip to early. The weight is not heavy, just can’t get into the right position.

    Work up to 1RM Clean & Jerk

    4×1 @45
    3×2 @135

    165×1, 185×1, 195×1

    Stopped since my form was bad. Making same mistake of lifting hip to early.

    Didn’t have anything left for today’s WOD after the rowing last night

  3. Carmen

    Back still sore from deads earlier in the week so ran 4 mile loop in CP, hoping to improve my time. Alas, averaged 8:46 pace. Still fast for me, but identical to my last attempt. Mile 3 is the lagger, not sure if it’s mental or an ill-timed hill.

  4. Benjammin

    Percy sutton 5K in Harlem-24:33

    Not my fastest but not my slowest. Wasn’t feeling it. Maybe Cindy and Mary took all my mojo last night

  5. Kat

    16:57 at 63#. Was going to go for 53# initially, but glad I did the last minute switcheroo. This was a toughie, but it was so much fun to power through with the help and wisdom of Brendan and EJ.

  6. Yuan

    15:00 @ 63# (broke Cleans into 4-4-1 for R2-5, the rest unbroken. Resting 15 sec in between)

    A new PR weight for both Cleans and Jerks. Sh*tty Cleans happened in round 3, but got them back after Ej’s reminder. Keep the arms straight straight STRAIGHT!!!! Thanks Ej! Beautiful ring!!!

  7. jasenS

    totally messed up the rep scheme and did 12-6-3
    was wondering why I was done so quickly.burnout moment.

  8. lauren

    78×1 (ugly but made it)

    Clean and jerks

    DT 9:59 at 63#

    Let’s get fast, people! We’re meeting at 9:30AM at 86th and Lex. Bring a metrocard and a way to time yourself. All CFMers welcome πŸ™‚

  9. EJ

    13:15 105#

    **off by 2 minutes; Cindy wore out my shoulders, but a Cindy PR yesterday

    Jan ’13 @ 11:12

    live to fight another day.

  10. Julesnextdoor

    53# at 14:30 although I confidently and enthusiastically did 5 push presses on each round instead of 6. I was also standing right next to the whiteboard that clearly stated you needed to do 6.

    The best part was the end where I cheered on Kat, saying, “Go, Kat, just one more! Great! No, Kat, you’re done! Stop! Kat, you did one too many!”

  11. Jared

    17:26 @ 135#

    not sure if he checks the blog anymore, but this is 2 minutes behind AVA’s last DT. Unfortunately, he is beating me from his couch. Ouch.

  12. DonnaVasic

    12:57 @ 42#

    First time doing power cleans. Wanted to go very light and learn to do this right, but now am thinking a few extra pounds wouldn’t have hurt…next time!!!

  13. 16 mile run – started at riverside park, down the west side and back up to east side. Took 3:10 but that includes four water refills and giving directions to two families.

  14. sallys

    13:57 @ 78#

    Jerks were the limiting factor. Combination of shoulder soreness and me being scared of the lift.

    2 mile run home.

  15. Rolf

    5k row in 18:59.7 goal was under 19 min.. Crushed it haha

    Avg pace was 1:54. Goal is 1:49. Room for improvement but pretty happy I did it.

  16. Melissa T.

    Yesterday it was my hamstring, today my shoulder! Definitely felt it during Cindy yesterday and today it just was not having it.

    Did the warm up, then quickly realized (with B-boy’s help) that I would have done more harm then help by doing the workout.

    21-18-15-12-9-6-3 GHD’s hip extension & sit-ups

  17. DT

    12:24 135 deads & cleans, 95 overhead

    Can’t find the last time I did it but i know it was 95 for everything so i guess those bcaa pills are paying divs

  18. Alicia

    15:25 rx’d (assuming 105# was the new rx weight, not 115??)

    Rounds 3-5 all unbroken deads and pj’s – struggled with cleans. Was totally wiped out in the warmup and was going to keep it 95, but coaches encouragement brought me to 105#. Realized how destroyed my body is from the row yesterday…so, so tired

    Compare to:
    13:45 @ 100# 1/22/13
    18:23 @ 103# 8/13/12

  19. B-boy


    The true woman’s Rx weight for DT is a bit of a mystery. We have seen it posted as both ways many times. I like going with 105 though as I want to make sure my girls shoulders stay healthy with all those Jerks.