Friday, August 30th, 2013


Friday, August 30th, 2013


Benchmark WOD:
Handstand Push-Up

Last “Diane” – July 2nd

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The Gym Will Be CLOSED:
Saturday, 8/31 – Monday, 9/2
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  1. PJ

    The “top 10 sports injuries waiting to happen” include squatting below parallel and “military press w/ barbell”. Suggests forward and lateral raises as substitute. Also twerking. Is this a scam??

  2. Nicole

    Diane: 8:44 @153#, knees on red box.

    Last time: 7:44 @143#, knees on red box.

    Learned how to kip HSPU (thanks LoLo, Matt, AmyLynne), and got a few in a row without abmat after class! Some progess, I’ll take it.

  3. Yuan

    Diane 7:18 @ 133#, knees on red box

    Last time 5:13 @ 83#, regular/knee push ups

    I got seriously scared when seeing things upside down– really want that kick up…!

  4. Paige

    Diane: 7:34

    Rx DLs (153) and red box HSPU

    Last Diane I did exactly the same but in 4:59…was taking it super slow today-maybe too cautious

    Congrats on the kipping HSPU Nicole!

  5. patrick

    3:50 @245 w/ Box HSPU

    Did Pike position on grey box for HSPU. Not quite to the point where I can do RX HSPU.

  6. PJ

    I’m going to interpret the silence re. post #1 to mean that none of you take “Outdoor Fitness” to be a serious resource, and are somewhat embarrassed I fell for the article. #deepsquats&press

  7. Alicia

    Crossfit Lakewood Ranch
    5×3 squat snatches
    First time hitting 70s in a full squat sans only shoes. Need to practice when I get home

    Death by power cleans 95#
    9 reps plus 6 into 10
    Was feeling the heavy PCs from the other day

    Golf time

  8. EJ


    – Last class this week is today at 6:30PM
    – Saturday, August 31 thru Monday, September 2 the gym will be shut. Enjoy the end of summer! We will be providing travel WODs/WODs you can do out in the park or at home
    -New Fall Schedule goes into effect on September 3.

    Fall schedule can be accessed by going to :

  9. BAston

    Crossfit Cheshire

    7 rounds
    3 forward rolls
    5 wall climbs
    7 T2B
    9 BJ’s 30″
    Time: 22:57

    Had to sub 17 ab mat sit ups for T2B because some 300 lb guy tried butterfly pull ups yesterday and pulled the rigging out of the walls.

    Beat a guy I went to high school with (football player) by a full round. It’s the little things sometimes…..

  10. GusFerg

    Twerking is a dance move that involves a person, usually a woman, shaking her hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, causing the dancer to shake, “wobble” and “jiggle.”[1] According to the Oxford Dictionary Online to twerk is “to dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.” [2] Twerking carries both gendered and racialized connotations.[3]
    The word “twerking” is of uncertain origin. Possibilities include a contraction of “footwork”, or a portmanteau of twist and jerk.
    Have a great long weekend everyone!

  11. Darcy

    South Dade Crossit

    Snatch 4 tons = 35#/228 reps (for me)
    I only got to 150 reps in 24:35
    Was the only one at 9am, it was great!

  12. johanna

    10:28 @120#, knees on black box HSPU

    went up by 5lbs from the last DL 21-15-9 a few weeks ago. baby steps!

    did some core accessory work, then heavy squat cleans up to 103#. this was my last PR, then i put on another 5 lbs, and just got psyched out. i’ll get it next time. then a rope climb for fun, just to make sure i could still do it. =)

    happy labor day weekend everyone!

  13. dlede

    Upper body day to give legs a much needed rest! Lots of squats for me this week!

    Evens 185# bench press x3
    Odds 2 muscle ups
    20 minutes

    Great wod

  14. DonnaVasic

    Gus, you can learn to twerk in time for the next social by following the You Tube link I posted yesterday!

  15. Carmen

    Started my morning with 2 kids under 12 who can DL more than me…then I made fun of their good mornings, so we’re even #CohenKids

    9:15 at 113#/toes on a grey box

    Last time was 12:20 at 123# oops probably could’ve swung that today if I was more careful checking the blog.

  16. Andy

    Got to enjoy some sibling crossfit love this am. My sister joined me today on her visit to NYC. Yay!

    only got the first 15 HSPU, switched to box.


  17. chad

    15:41 @ 125
    11 of the 21, 7 of the 15, then all 9 hspu kipped, all others piked off grey box, getting a lot better than when I started but still got a long ways to go.

    little butterfly pull up coaching by EJ
    did some snatch balance, then heavy squat cleans up to 135 practicing getting into the squat faster

    thanks for the coaching and tips by EJ, Johanna, and Dave

  18. Michael.Halsey

    Got the day off work so squeezed in a midday workout as a study break.
    8.49 at 185, this was harder than I expected; definitely felt the effects of having not worked out in 6 weeks.
    I’ll be back full time from 7th October (provided I pass my second exam), but I’m hoping to make it to the social next Friday.
    Happy Labour Day everyone!

  19. Ben O

    6:46 @ 165# with knees on box for HSPU. Slower and lighter than last time but I have been out of commission this month. Good times with the last noon class for a while (ever?).

  20. Kat

    5:51 at 123#
    Knees on box

    Super fun 4:30 class. Eroc and EJ know how to throw a party, even if that party involves waaaay too many HSPUs.

    I also love that the articles are coming back to the blog. The weight article was a nice counterpoint to the article about Tracey Anderson. Makes me really proud to be a part of a community where being strong is more important than being tiny. I <3 CFM

  21. DonnaVasic

    7:56 @ 83#, knees on red box w/ab mat

    I really liked the cool down in the 6:30 class. I vote for more of that when there’s time.

  22. Melissa T.

    6:14 @ 145#
    Knees on red box

    Compared to 12:00 @ 135# and knees on grey box
    (In class I thought I did 125# the last time)

    First 21 all unbroken. Guess I could have done rx weight. Still can’t believe it was in half the time. Stronger = better!

  23. amy edelman

    Dropped in today with Rolf

    7:31 Rx
    This was actually the first time I did Diane Rx, so I’m okay with the time but HSPUs can be better.

  24. Julesnextdoor

    7:30 at 123#

    Yay– an improvement of 53 seconds from the last time, July 9. Breathing at the top of the lift really helped– but for some reason, whole thing felt heavier than last time. Maybe just haven’t been showing up as much as I want b/c of work. That will change next week!

  25. 10:40 @125 with HSPU from knees on the red box. Love deadlifts but those HSPU were a hot mess. Thanks to Eroc & EJ for all the encouragement!

    PS- some kids might get their kicks on PRs and “strength gains”. But I squealed like a little girl when Eroc told me I was good at dislocates. Baby steps, ya’ll.

  26. Joe

    11:[email protected] 185
    HSPU’s with 1 abmat

    Last Diane: 10:06 @185# but HSPU’s with a 35# plate and 1 abmat
    Big difference to me.

    Thanks to the whole 6:30 class and Eroc/EJ for cheering me through my last set of HSPU’s. I was doing one at a time at the end.

    Stay Thirsty Metropolis!

  27. Bikesplz

    7:50 at 125lbs with knee pushups on a black box.

    I feel like I could have gone a little heavier. Handstand pushups are still sorta scary :/

  28. jen

    Hspu piked on box until failure then knees on box

    Thanks eroc for tip to pike as long as possible to gain strength.