4 More Sign-Ups and CFM Qualifies for Prizes!


4 More Sign-Ups and CFM Qualifies for Prizes!

The Leader of this whole Paleo Challenge and Rope Climbing badass!  JEN!!!  <3



Join us in representing CFM!!  

This is the first nationwide Paleo Challenge – represent yourself and CFM!!  Challenge runs for 9 weeks, 9/17-11/18.  The scoring is based on 3 components: WOD performance, diet, and body improvements. Portions of every registration are donated to charity.  It’s a win for everyone!!  And, as always, we will be providing support,  information, and FUN for you throughout the challenge.

Get more details and SIGN UP here: 
 Email Jen at [email protected] with any questions


Back Squat
5 x 3

Click HERE for our Last Heavy Back Squat Day

Cash Out:
3 x Run 400m, Rest 1 Minute

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  1. Jared

    Wanted to check in to say that going to other cf gyms makes appreciate our coaches. I went to a gym here in california and the ROM and basic knowledge of the lifts wasn’t there. They all went heavier than they should and did the lifts wrong. See you all on Tuesday!

  2. PJ

    165#, ROM felt ok, knee ok. Wading, wading…

    400m row: 1:23, 1:??, F. kpo17 is an awesome rower. Have a nice weekend everyone

  3. Adam Van Auken

    BS – 215-235-235-235-240 (all 3). 240 is deep 3-rep PR (up 5 pounds from 6/30/12. 240 felt solid so I’ll go for that next time or work toward a 245 PR if were doing 3-3-3-3-3. I need to work on being more explosive at the bottom like Ambrose.

    Runs – I could not keep up with Amysdottir.

  4. jen

    Just 3 more sign ups needed!

    Come on people!! I know there are more of you that have talked to me about doing the challenge… Do it!!

  5. GusFerg

    OK Jen, i’m in. I’m keen to sign up fr the Paleo Challenge. Although never done a diet before so could be interesting…do we do it via the internet?
    195lbs all 5 rounds
    1:18;1:24:1:30 Total 6:12
    See you all tomorrow – great class this morning EJ and Lauren!

  6. mcohen

    205 lbs. for squats.

    That was crazy. I was my usual stiff old self, EJ did this mobility thing for the hips and boom-pow-bam, those suckers opened up.

    Felt good and deep on every rep.

    Kevin, that boy can row.

  7. Ambrose

    AVA basically would not partner with me because he said I sand bag it with him which is 100% true. Speaking of being lazy, being explosive is my way of making sure I have less time in the squat and less time with the weight on my back. 275lbs felt fine, did some extra punishmnet sets at 225 to make sure I was gettin low.

  8. jen

    I also need emails for the following people ASAP: post or email me. tx!

    Alexey Chentsov
    Brooke Cooper
    Jason Castro
    Sally Slater
    Sarah Paladino

  9. AllisonNYC

    Got woken up by a coughing Boo at 5am so I decided to drag myself out of bed and go to the gym UG. I don’t know how your morning people do it.. and with all that energy!!! Pretty amazing.

    Warm-Ups: 33×8, 123×6, 153×5
    Work Sets: 183, 193, 203, 213, 218, 223 (tried for a 4th since I knew I was done and had to throw it off my back)
    **(think 203 was the sucky set.. 1st one was wobbly and 2nd was sketchy so I called it quits and refocused for the next set)

    I think I would have had a better workout and been able to push it heavier if I had my Brenny to spot me. I don’t like squatting without a spot.
    Only 30lbs off my best 3.. UG. Work to do :/

  10. dcasey


    1:19, something less than 1:30, something less than 1:30 for 6:22 total

    We need an hour long EJ “Ninja Mobility” session on the weekends

  11. Melanie

    BS @ 110lbs – weight felt good but very last one didn’t feel so great..

    This was my 3RM back in June. Happy to know that I’ve gotten stronger and could do this weight for all 5 sets 🙂

  12. mikey.bialos

    i know the last thing i should be missing is a heavy squat day, but, it’s soooo nice outside i think i might have to go for a run.

  13. BAston

    Rest day.

    Excited for the nutrition challenge. Jen has been doing a great job and I hope we can get 20 people.

    I want to say sorry now if I am a pain in the ass next week…. Going straight edge for 2 months is never easy. But once that first week is over, I’m absolutely adorable.

  14. PJ

    All this paleo talk got me hungry. Hill Country BBQ beef shoulder & jalapeno sausage as RX. Oh and a side of cucumbers – cavemen loved sliced cucumbers. Enjoy the weekend.

  15. jmiz

    You guys still need people for the paleo challenge thing? I know you’ve already posted it a million times, but could you do it once more? Thanks.

  16. Amylynne

    BS 5×3 at 133.

    felt fine but i am not sure if this is an improvement or not, as my 3 RM is 140 and i think the last time i did 5×5 was at 125, but not sure i have ever done 5×3. oh well.

    had to bail on the run because i had to get to work. ;o)

  17. BAston

    Sweet merciful crap I missed a letter on my iPhone…. I can’t win lately.

    The amazing lady that drives you nuts on this blog with a histerical dog who hasn’t stopped barking since Woodstock has an E at the end of her name. She also yells “Get Deeper!!” in a non sexual way all the time.

  18. EJ

    ENDURANCE WOD – Sunday, September 16 –

    Endurance WOD (with Eroc) Meeting @ 86th st and Lexington @ 9am sharp.

    Everyone is welcome. Email Eric ([email protected]) if you’d like to join or have any questions.

  19. nicola

    BS: 130
    Could have gone heavier.
    I always forget that as long as I warm up really well, I shouldn’t be afraid to go heavier. 4th set actually felt the best.

    1:45, 1:40, 1:38

    Thanks EJ and Eroc for amazing coaching, as always!

  20. Kim

    Back squat: 115Lbs. Hamstrings were shot from deads earlier this week so I felt a bit wobbly on all sets. Gotta focus on keeping the head in a neutral position.

    Bailed on the run in lieu of foam rolling.