And the Results are In


And the Results are In

For time
1.2 Mile Swim
56 Mile Bike
13.1 Mile Run

Elove Result:  5hrs 37 min
P-diddy Result : 5hrs 18 min

General Physical Preparedness (GPP).  A ready State.  Prepared for the Unknown and Unknowable.  All aims of CrossFit.  I hope my results today provide some evidence that verify the efficacy of CrossFit in achieving these aims.  With no sport specific training, and following only CrossFit WODs I was able to complete today’s Half Ironman in a perfectly respectable time; not a world record by any stretch but damn good for a first timer on a rented bike.  I haven’t swam since I was a kid, or biked in who knows how long.  Much respect to my good buddy P-diddy (who I will continue to hound to try CrossFit) for setting a personal best of 5 hrs and 18 minutes.  I like to think all my CrossFit smack talking ahead of time helped motivate him to whoop my ass.   

My biggest weakness by far was the bike.  It is effing painful as all get out to sit leaning forward like that for over 3 hours.  My back was in serious pain the entire bike ride, and I got whooped on that section.  I bet I got passed by close to 200 people on the bike.  Humbling.  Some incredible athletes doing this long distance stuff, and I’ve got nothing but respect.  But just maybe CF Metropolis earned a bit ‘o respect today too.   See everybody this week!

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  1. dkiley

    Nice job – sick without any bike or swimming preparations! Congrats – great work.

    You going to do todays WOD?
    Five rounds for time of:
    75 pound Thrusters, 21 reps
    21 Double-unders

    Any WOD that involves Double Unders i feel like i can crush. Going to target under 9:30 minutes – especially aggressive after hurting my liver on saturday night.

  2. dkiley

    actually, on second thought, after looking at the comments section from the “mother site”, looks like 930 will be too aggressive. we will see..

  3. thanks man, appreciate it…taking a rest day today, let me know how you do…i will give it a try tmrw or wed and see if I can beat you

  4. dkiley

    Well, i was absolutely way off. The thrusters destroyed me. D/u’s were no problem, but i was pretty much stuck to doing sets of 7 on the thrusters. Time was 13:30. Your legs will be shaking after this WOD.

  5. always another humbling experience courtesy of CF..the biggest barrier for me was the metcon burn..i had no wind by the 5th round and was dangerously close to a little pukie…the DUs went pretty smooth except for some reason round 4 i couldnt get out of the ropes way…i had to do 7s on the thrusters as well except round 5, did 5s…have to remember to really drive through the ass and explode the hip to generate momentum on the bar..good stuff..and yes my legs are toast, hard to walk home