And the Winners Are……


And the Winners Are……

For the second year in a row, Rich Froning & Annie Thorisdottir dominated the CrossFit Games.
All of the Athletes put on an amazing show from start to finish.
Did you have your money on these two?!

Strength WOD:

Back Squat
5 x 5
**  Click here for the last time we did this workout  **

Conditioning WOD:
30 – 20 – 10
( 10 Minute Cap )
Overhead Walking Lunge  25 / 45
GHD Sit-Up
** Click here for the last time we did this Workout  **

Kendrick Farris 205kg (451lbs) Clean & Squat Jerk Attempt and in Slow Motion
NOW I understand why people think Olympic Weightlifting makes Girls Bulky:

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”
 Gail Devers

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  1. Vikram

    Skinny is NOT afraid to proclaim his love for Annie Thorisdottir. Annie, if you’re looking for a skinny, married man with shoulder strength/mobility issues, you know where to find me – CFM or die, baby.

    5 x 5; 115
    Metcon: 12:46 w/ 25 – a full minute slower than last time

    Really working on my form though. Coaches B-boy & Allison – I know it doesn’t look like it, but I’m working on my shoulders every single night. I’ll get there…promise.

  2. mcohen

    There is nothing and I mean nothing more wrenching to your psyche than when Brendan makes you strip weight because your squat depth is not low enough. I felt like when I was in fifth grade and I struck out in little league and had to look at my dad.

    Started at 205 and went down to 185. The good news is that at 185 I was deep as shit and got a great stimulus.

    Metcon: got threw round of 20 at 12 minutes.

    Put this day in the “I didn’t have a lot, but I gave it everything I have column”.

  3. Ron

    Still sweating at 8:45 from 6am. See you all Thursday. Instead of the mercy 20 minutes, I got a smiley face on the board.

  4. Brooke

    Wait…how come we haven’t talked about how Annie T. and Froning have now made A HALF MILLION DOLLARS by exercising really well!??!?!?!?!?!?


    Oh and my hammies are sore from yesterday and Friday’s deads so I’m taking a rest day.

    One more discussion point. How many of you would be interested in a private wine tasting at a wine bar in the city? About $50 a head. Just say, “hey that sounds cool.” or “no, that’s a dumb idea” either on the blog or to my email [email protected].


  5. Vikram

    Love it, Brooke. Wine is always cool.

    Annie T and Froning ‘exercising really well’ is an understatement. Truly a super-human effort. Still thinking about it.

    Also amazing to see the top athletes’ humility and cheering each other on. The sportsmanship and camaraderie is so unique to Xfit.

  6. Kim

    Haven’t done 5×5 back squats so as per Brendan I used the sets to work up in weight.


    MetCon: 13:57. Ring Rows instead of Pull-ups. Although I did get 1!

    Great meeting Allison’s Mom and baby bro. Good times @ the 9am.

  7. Amylynne

    definitely exhausted today. dropped in BS weight and the METCON was much slower than the last time we did it.

    115 BS (think my hammy’s are so tight i was being thrown on my toes)

    METCON: 8:11 RX’d

    oh well; a bad day at CFM is still better than most!

  8. Brett

    125 lbs. which is lame except I at least got low enough for the Squat Nazi’s approval. Having problems getting hammies and glutes to fire and tend to move my knees forward when standing.

    Smiley face on yankeecom as I finished round of 20 in 15 minutes. Used 35 lbs but went down to 25 because I could not lock out overhead. I really can’t even lock out with any weight with my arms that narrow. I need a wider width to get shoulders pulled back.

  9. Diane

    Thank you, Kim! It was great to meet you! And everyone else, too! What amazing company to be in. Thank you, Allison for the encouragement and tips to improve my form. Thank you for helping me with modifications and pushing me to my limits at the same time. Thanks for understanding that I really do want to do a WOD Rx’d and one day I will!

  10. EJ


    *Movie Night – NEXT MONDAY, JULY 23 – STRONG!

    A bunch of CFM members are going out to watch this documentary on Oly Lifter Cheryl Haworth. If interested, information below. Everyone is invited! Come get inspired! E-mail me ([email protected]) with questions

    *Z, Jen, Gymbelle ,Kim ,Courtney ,Vicky, Kelly, Alicia, Angela, Melanie ,Nikki, Laura ,Dave and Jared

    Let me know if I missed anyone.

    For those of you who are new, I’ll be placing another order for jump ropes and wrist wraps if any of you are interested. email me ([email protected]) if you’d like more information

  11. esantos

    I really need to start recording my stuff on the blog again. I honestly forgot what my 5×5 was last time.

    200#, easy – could have done #205

    10:30-10:40? I completely forgot already 🙁

  12. Same as Kim – hadn’t done 5×5 BS before, so worked up to 5-rep max.


    Metcon – 13:35. If Amylynne’s 8:11 was “slow”, then I’m not sure how I feel about this. 🙁 Pullups/Ring Rows definitely slowed me down the most. The 30 overhead lunges was much harder than anticipated, but doable.

    Great work at the 9am! Loved the mobility work at the beginning Brendan.

  13. EJ

    Double Under Help – Sunday, 7/22 @ 12pm

    On Sunday, 7/22 Coach Eroc and I will be having an informal skills clinic on DUs. Just come prepared with your jump rope (if you have one) and we’ll break down some progressions to practice and give you some pointers on how to improve your DU skills.

    Group size will be limited. E-mail me ([email protected]) if you want a spot.

  14. Brett

    Not sure if anybody plans to go to central park tonight (great lawn) for the philharmonic, but I will be there with a group of people with wine, food (salmon, salad, hummus, fruit, shrimp), blankets, etc… If anyone wants to join, text me at 973-698-5621. I’ll have plates, cups, utensils, all covered so you just need to bring beverages and snacks (I will probably have plenty but just in case). I’m heading there at 6-ish, but it doesn’t start officially until 8, giving us time to sample all refreshments!

  15. ERIC S.

    Back Squat 265 5×5 up 10lbs,
    Bench press 205(3) 225(3) 235(3) 245(3) 255(3) 260(3)

    Metcon 3 rounds for time @ Global
    10 KB clean & press on each arm #24Kg
    20 T2B
    30 Dbl unders

    10:30 cutoff was 10min.

  16. BrookeHCooper

    5×5 at 95 lbs

    Finished round of 20 at 12 min cutoff
    15 lb OH lunges
    Jumping pullups

    Got 19 consecutive DUs during warmup which is a record by a lot

    Fun workout today
    Not bringing water = bad idea

  17. Katie

    BS 85# Getting better at putting knees out

    Finished 2 rounds + 5 lunges at 10 min cut off. 25# lunges + ring rows

  18. mikey.bialos

    pulled a hamstring a little bit

    metcon 9:41 rx

    sorry been missing y’all so much. spending most of my free time working on climbing more efficiently

  19. EdG

    Backwater: 135 lbs
    Good form, knees out whole time. Go up to 145lbs next time.

    Metcon: 1 round + 42 at 10 min cutoff with rx’d weight.

  20. brandy.pearson

    Nailed the lifts tonight! Felt really good at 98#. Joe–thanks for my own personal cheering section. And for telling me I don’t smell like hot dogs. Felt good to get props from Allison on my form 🙂

    Smiley face on the wod, but I’ll take 119 reps.

  21. sassypants

    Deads 5×5 @ 173#

    metcon: DNF @ 10min with 10pullup/10GHD to go

    need to get my diet and training back on track. sweaty, pudgy mess.

  22. GusFerg

    BS- 165lbs 5×5
    Metcon – modified pull ups 30,20+10 lunges and 10 ring rows in last round.
    Loving the fact that I’ve now been going for 2 full weeks and not one workout has been the same!
    Keep up the great programmes Eric, Brendon and Alli!

  23. dlede

    245# back squat, +5 from last time

    9:35 rx’ed
    like a minute slower but I will take it, that was awful after squats and in 95 degree gym.. holy f, I’m still breathing heavy now

  24. nicola

    BS: 110, up 5 from last time
    Maybe, just maybe could have gone heavier.

    Metcon: DNF @ 10 min cap – finished rd of 30, 20 lunges (25#), 12 pullups/ring rows.

    Watching the women finish Fran in under 4 mins was completely inspiring. Watching everyone cheer each other on, reminded me why I CrossFit.

  25. EJ

    #153 – paused at the bottom since my knee has on and off flare ups

    9:58 rx’d w/#45 OWL

    -had to adjust the GHD and foot rest, so probably could have shaved off a few more seconds. Up 45 secs from last time

  26. BS 125# – up 5 lbs since last time.
    Smile on the WOD

    – fun times with the 7:30pm class

    –Brooke, count me in for wine night 🙂

  27. jen

    83# back squats. I hate that it feels heavy.

    Metcon: DNF. Thru pullups of 20. Subbed abmat situps for GHD.

    @nicola: u definitely could have gone heavier. I was right behind you and u made it look way too easy 🙂

  28. marilina

    back squat 125
    metcon 11:54?
    ring rows subbing.

    According to the PT, ring-row-like actions, especially when pinching the scapulae is really good for those doing a lot of pushing (i.e. us with the push ups, presses, push press, etc.)

    @Allison: Sorry my husband is such a child.

  29. Michael.Halsey

    First ever Crossfit WOD with the 8.30 class tonight; absolutely loved it. Got up to 160 on the 5×5 and felt good; focused on keeping good form with Brendan’s help. The Metcon was tough, a big DNF there, but very happy to be on board!

  30. Mike T

    5X5 Squats @ 175lbs. Took 85% of my 5 rep max. Felt like I could go heavier. Might bump it up to 180 or 185 next time.

    Metcon: Big ol DNF! Got through the first round of 30’s, and up to 17 pull ups in the 2nd round of 20 reppers. Used a 35lb plate for the walking lunges. Pull ups were strict at the start, then kipping for the remainder.

    Wow was it hot and steamy in there tonight! Couldn’t even breath.

  31. AllisonV

    Strength WOD = 53#

    Conditioning WOD = DNF
    Completed only the 30 round; my body paying me back for the previous 3 days.