Thursday, April 14th


Thursday, April 14th


Happy birthday Cap’n!


6 rounds:
5 back squat
As many unbroken pull-ups as possible

Go as heavy as possible for all 5 sets of squats. Rest as much as needed.

Heads up!
Ada is running the NYC Tri on 7/24 to raise money for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes!
Please support her!

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  1. dtm

    6 Rounds:
    15 Thrusters 75#
    Unbroken Pull-ups

    74 Pull-ups

    I needed to get the blood flowing in my legs without totally trashing them.

  2. Jason

    BS: 225-230-230-235-240-245
    PU: 20(PR)-14-11-10-10-10

    Avg BS: 234#s (up from 227 last time)
    Total Pullups: 75

  3. Melanie

    110-115-120-125-130-135 same weight as last time but felt SO much better!
    superset with KB rows at 12kg

  4. Somewhere in california,
    20 minute AMRAP of:
    5 Muscle ups
    10 Thrusters, 95
    20 Toes to bar
    – 5+2
    MUs feelin rusty, like a trombone

    1. dtm

      I was going to post the urban dictionary definition of a RT but for those who don’t know it’s better that way.

  5. skinny bro l8ly

    First time blogger, long time skinny.

    I came to my first 10am class today with some other brofessors to get beefy. It did not disappoint. 10am lived up to the word on the street…. It was da bomb.

    Back Squats: many pounds
    Pull Ups: Yes

    Hope to meet more peeps on Sat am.

  6. BAston

    Drop in @ CF Union Sq with Sally & work peeps

    10 minute emom of 3-5 pistols (each leg): did 3 for most rounds, 2 for others

    Wod: 18 minute amrap
    45 DU / 15 T2B / 15 KB
    Got 5 rounds