Baby Junior!


Baby Junior!

Junior’s Boss & Future CrossFitter!
Look at that FACE!!  <3!
I’d like to be considered for all future babysitting jobs, please!  She’s just the cutest little pumpkin and there’s no question who her daddy is, that’s for sure!

Skill of the Week:

5 Rounds for Time OR 20 Minutes:
4 reps Barbell Complex
(1 rep BB complex = lunge right leg forward, left leg forward, right leg back, left leg back + 3 shoulder to overhead)
100 Double Unders

**  Use the same barbell for the Weighted Lunges and the Shoulder to Overheads  **
**  Weighted Lunges and Shoulder to Overheads are all with the barbell behind the neck  **

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  1. Vikram

    4 rounds + 3 barbell reps @ 75#

    Scaled DUs, but I finally felt these coming! 20-25 in a row!

    Great having Big Mike back after his comp. He’s really pumping us all up and making us try harder.

  2. BAston

    Altered workout due to the marathon (saving the legs and stamina).

    4 rounds:

    4 T2B, 3 75# press, 4 pull ups, 4 75# press, then 50 DU’s.


    Thanks B for letting me alter the wod, I would have loved to do it as it was written out, but trying to be smart for once.

  3. mcohen

    Cash in: Overhead squat practice
    3 x 10 @ 15 lbs.
    3 x 10 @ 23 lbs.

    20 seconds, 15 seconds, 3rd round no bueno

    4 rounds, 2 reps doing 100 doubles and 75 lbs.

    Cash out:
    1 minute of Thrusters at 95 lbs. 18 reps.

    Abbot’s utter disgust with my mobility issues was awesome. Love that guy.

  4. 21:57 @ 38#

    Thanks B for letting us go over the 20 min cap! Probably could have finished within the 20 minutes if I’d realized I was actually kind of close. Also – I don’t think I will lift my arms for the next 5 days. Great workout.

  5. EJ

    *Halloween Throwdown at CF Virtuosity

    We have the:
    -Ref with players
    -German wearing, german speaking lederhosen people; and the
    -Superman family

    competing this weekend! If you’re interested in competing, let Lauren know! lauren dot emerson @

    All are welcome to compete or come join us for a good time!

    **Anniversary Party/Marathon Party Money -extension til WEDNESDAY to turn in your contribution

    Don’t forget to bring your $20. Evite info is here. Be sure to RSVP if you plan on attending so we get enough food/drinks


    Help brian meet his fundraising goals! Link below:

    We just got a new shipment of jump ropes. they’re $15. Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing


    Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, be sure you’re writing down your workouts and posting on the blog! Please email me if you have any issues doing so.


    I’ve heard a lot of talk about yoga around CFM lately, and I wanted to throw in a quick plug for my absolute favorite yoga instructor in NYC – Marco Rojas.

    If you’ve ever traveled and done a WOD at another Crossfit (or even if you haven’t), you’ve likely realized just how good we have it here at CFM when it comes to quality coaches. If you’re looking for that same quality in a yoga instructor, you need to take a class with Marco. He will kick your ass, make you laugh, and teach you A LOT. You will learn to control muscles you didn’t know you had, you will gain mobility, you might even get taller!

    He teaches on the UES, UWS, and downtown, so you can probably find a class that will work for you. Kim and I will be at the UWS classes this Thursday night and Saturday morning if anybody wants to join us!

    Check out his website –

    Namaste 🙂

  7. Ron

    Today was sneaky tough (at least for me)
    4+20 DUs @ 75

    L sit – couldnt get legs straight, 15, 15, 10

    Big Mike with the cashout of thrusters. Lunacy!

  8. Adam Van Auken

    3 Rounds 42 dubs @ 95#. I liked this WOD but would have like it more with 50 dubs for each round! I did kind of a muted push jerk on the S2Os because I thought that was easiest. Next time, I would like to try 105 for the weight since 95 wasn’t an issue. Dubs were flowing but I could only do about 25ish at a time. I feel like it’s just fatigue not form but maybe I’m wrong.
    L-sit hold: 48 seconds.

    Need some motivation? Boom:

  9. AllisonNYC

    I can’t get over this little baby. She is REALLLLY cute. That pretty little face and little feet!! ahhhh!!!

  10. Kim

    4 rounds – 43lbs and 50DU’s each round.

    Lunges felt great. Presses were really tough especially after round 2. DU’s are coming along. I could string together 10-15 at the beginning of each round and then it was downhill from there. Had to alternate DU with singles to get to 50.

  11. Jon

    4 rounds, with just the 45lbs bar. I did 50 burpees each round. Frustrating workout for me. The weight seemed light, but I was having a lot of trouble staying balanced and keeping good form. Slowly getting better at the DUs.

  12. amy edelman

    3 rounds & got through about 20 double unders

    Still working on doubly unders but strung 8 together this morning.

  13. ERIC S.

    5 rounds barely !
    135# 21:53
    That was tough, legs are going to feel it. Doing reverse lunges is great. Big fan of multidirectional training.
    Great seeing E love back @ noon.
    Congrats to Melissa , Steph Mill and Amylynne for completing the level 1 cert this weekend.
    And Rolf first muscle up, nice job !

  14. Amylynne

    4 rounds in 20:19.

    started with 83#. after round 1, dropped to 73#. after round 3, dropped to 63#. humbling, as always. the lunges were easy. it was the press and the dubs that got me!

    congrats to Rolf on first MU! i predict you will be stringing them together in no time!

  15. Rolf

    Did 3 rounds in a little over 12 min than quit due to a hamstring issue.
    105# and strung 80 du’s together at one point.

    Thanks for the muscle up coaching Amylynne and Melissa!!!

    Off work today so got to do the noon class… Amy, I could really get used to this…

  16. Lightbody

    21:05 @ 75lbs

    Key to this is getting the DU done so you have time for the painful other part. My shoulders are burning still fron holding that bar for so long. Think i can go heavier for the lunges but the press is a big weakness.

  17. Brett

    I worked out at 12:00 today, and am reading the comments from my classmates today. Rolf got a muscle up… Big deal! Eroc did the WOD at 135 lbs… Who cares? Amylynne, Melissa, and Steph Miller got level 1 certification…So?

    Let’s talk about what was really important today…..


    Dude, I know you asked me to oversee the place on the QT to protect your interests, but I’m not sure how much longer I could take it. This was a well-oiled machine when you left, and now it is a total shit-show. The inmates are running the asylum!

    I put together a full detailed report of what has occurred in your absence, but thought maybe a few tidbits would help…

    I had to save Allison’s life a few months ago. Do you have any idea what that insurance claim would have cost you? I blogged at the time that I did it due to bravery, but truth be told, it was all about the dollar signs.

    Dale is supposed to be a beast. Mr tough guy. I saw him on Saturday dressed in salmon colored pants and a herringbone sports jacket. Who dressed him? That never would have been acceptable when you were in charge.

    Jared tracks Brian Aston’s bowel movements. And nobody has even attempted an intervention.

    Giacomo has been missing for months. How could your staff let an integral member like him pull a Houdini?

    There are now tank top tuesdays to go along with v-neck fridays. Elove, are you ready to vomit yet?

    Brendan walks around like he is a movie star now that he paid Sara $50,000 that he “borrowed” from the membership fees to get this silly magazine article about male hottie trainers to write about him. Get a forensic accountant in pronto. They must be cooking the books to hide this. I mean, did they see that picture Allison posted on his birthday? And Eroc is all pissed off because he could only find a way to embezzle $25,000 and Sara shot him down. It is outrageous.

    There was a secret meeting at the gym last week where 12 CFM’ers on the paleo-challenge ordered 6 pepperoni pies and 3 trays of penne ala vodka, and none of them bothered to subtract the points. Can you believe we are harboring cheaters?

    And someone must have warned KPO and DT you were coming back because I didn’t see the king sized mattresses in the back room this morning. I mean, can’t they take girls back to their own apartments? You would never have allowed this.

    I could go on forever, but this works for now. The kids need to know the regular teacher has returned from vacation, and the substitute teachers are no longer in charge. I think we need to get together next week and put together a tiered membership program. There are some members we need to raise to $1,000/month for it to be worthwhile to put up with them every day. And others who should have their fine service to you rewarded with reduced, or free membership.

    You can thank me in person for all my help, although a shout out on the blog never hurts!

  18. Haha! Good to see you too Brett, thank-you for all you’re help! I’m glad you brought up new tiered membership system; we’re thinking of the following; those that can’t touch their toes or get arms locked out overhead have to come dressed in team colors and v-necks to every WOD!

  19. BrookeHCooper

    53 lbs
    4 rounds + 1 set of lunges on round 5
    DU practice until I switched to singles after whipping myself too many times.
    Weird workout because the weight was too light for the lunges to really do much work but was quite heavy for all those presses.

  20. mikey.bialos

    first day back after 3 weeks of being sick.. and.. i somehow have a shoulder injury now? coming up on 40 is starting to suck!
    anyhoo- got back at it super light- 45 DUs short of finishing at 65#.. maybe the shoulder will magically feel better tomorrow. nice to see everyone again.

  21. Jason Castro

    4 rounds + 4 lunges at 95 lbs
    really tough. Presses and DU’s started to get hard after the 3rd round.
    Tommy awesome video lol. Ladies of CFM better watch out, I am going to try this.

  22. jen

    21:10 Rx’d @ 42#
    Could have gone significantly heavier for the lunges but the presses got really heavy for me, so maybe 5# heavier, but that’s it.
    Um, 500 double unders?! My calves were sore on round 4! I’m a little worried about the walking situation tomorrow…

  23. jmiz

    P.S. Enormous class and yet I still feel we had a great warmup…and finished more than five minutes early. Kudos EJ.

  24. AllisonV

    3+1:30 DU practice

    First time stringing 2-3 together at a time! Just need to remember to jump like Tigger!

    Junior: Congrats! She is adorable and so cozy!

    ELove: Welcome back! We missed you!

  25. dlede

    damn cute baby!

    23:05 at 95 pounds ( like 4+2 reps at 20)
    could have gone heavier but kept it in check pre marathon and went light.. helps to do the muted push jerk, my shoulders feel fine

    DU helped stretch my calves

  26. Rachel

    4 Rounds + 1 Round Barbell Complex @ 52 lbs
    Modified b/c of shoulder pain – Cut out overhead press
    Still working on DU’s – Did 3 mins of attempts: 50, 45, 40, 33

  27. MikeM

    3 rds + complex + 90s of “DUs”
    @ 85#
    The cable jump rope mauled my legs. I deserve it for having crap DUs for this long.

  28. Joe

    Worked in Long ISland so stopped in my old box – Crossfit Merrick!

    100 Meter Row – 3:58

    3 minutes max DU’s – 174

    Fran – 7:48 @65#’s. Still playin it smart and slowly ramping up the weight and pullups but happy the shoulder felt good.

    See you kids on Thursday!

  29. EJ

    18:03 #73

    Nice job tonight guys! Hope you all post your WOD times – pretty please 🙂

    Be sure you roll out your calves if you haven’t done so yet. Your body will thank you

  30. sallys

    4 + 1C @ 43#, 3 minutes trying to get DU.

    Strung 3 together a couple of times. DUs still need a ton of work.

  31. PJ

    4 rounds plus 1 set w/ 65#. Knee was fine; DUs not terrible.

    elove, an official welcome back brother. Can you please post a pic of your beard. That is all.

  32. zompetti

    4 rounds with 15# bar(didn’t trust myself with the lunges just yet) and 3 min hacking on the DU.

    Was happy to get 5 DU where i was able to complete the DU and keep jumping (and not whip myself in the process-i have some welts im covering up with a long sleeve shirt today…)