Bring in a LuLu Bag for Your Shoes!


Bring in a LuLu Bag for Your Shoes!

Thank you again to Allison for the incredible pictures of our Throwdown!
If you haven’t seen her write up and photos yet, Click Here for the link.

Buy In:
20 Turkish Get-Ups (10 on Each Side)
You can alternate as much as you choose.

Old Skool Sectionals Workout:
3 Rounds:
10 Deadlifts 185/275
50 Double Unders

Cash Out:
100 Partner Med Ball Toss Sit-Ups

It’s getting chilly outside!  So not only do you need a cozy-o-zie sweatshirt (wink wink) but we need to reserve the Cubby Space for warm clothes and such.  Because of that, we need to have everyone bring in a LuLu bag to store the Oly shoes.. and bring your sneakers home.  We simply do not have the space to store them.. plus they stink!   The LuLu bags need to be organized neatly on the bottom three shelves and on the very top where Derek keeps his.
ALSO, EROC had a great idea to write his name on the bottom of the bag for easy access.  I wrote Sandy, Amylynnes and Allisons names on their bags so you girls are set!

If you have an Extra LULULEMON bag laying around your house – you know you do! – bring them in for yourself and to share with your friends!! THANKS!!!  😀

My BFF has done it again!
Great advice from one of the coolest women I’ve ever known and the best weightlifter girl EVA, Aimee Anaya Everett!  <3 <3 <3:
10 Things New Women Weightlifters Need To Know

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  1. Lightbody

    Hola y buena manana. Paleo WOD 5 min of DUs from Barcelona. 187.

    Burpees suck, per usual. They really zap the energy out of you (me). Sounds like the team challenge saturday was awesome. Sorry i missed it.

  2. BAston

    6:22 @ 175# (not going to kill myself doing DL’s until after the marathon is over).

    Loved the med ball cash out, would love to try that with GHD’s.

    Brendan F’ing with AVA’s warm up tactics was pretty funny too.

  3. EJ


    *Saturday, October 6 @ 7PM – MOVIE NIGHT

    If you’ve done the Hero WOD Murph, come out and learn more about this heroic man

    MURPH: The Protector is a feature-length documentary based on LT Murphy’s entire life of honor, courage and commitment, as told by his friends, family and teammates. Email me ([email protected]) if you’d like to attend. Tickets must be bought in advance.

    *Sunday, October 14 @ 11:30AM-12PM Double Under Clinic

    Still trying to get your double unders? Come out to our clinic to learn some tips and techniques to turn you into a double under pro. The session will be led by myself and Eric Salvador. Send me an email if you’d like to attend.

    *Friday, October 19th – Paleo Potluck

    All are welcome! The potluck will be held next door to the gym, by our gracious host, Julie! Brooke will be providing more information soon

    *Saturday, October 27 – Trick or Treat Throwdown at CrossFit Virtuosity @ 1pm

    Teams of three athletes (two men and one woman) will compete in three brutal events. Prizes will be given for top finishing team and best team costume!

    All athletes are welcome to participate — scaling options will be provided. Costumes are Rx’d! Each team must field a non-competing judge.

    Workouts will be released mid-October for your planning purposes.


  4. Brooke

    Password for paleo potluck is with a lowercase p!

    My body definitely rejects moving before 9 am but good to get my first morning wod at metrop 2.0.

    Deads at 145 ( wasn’t feeling it today)
    Did 30,30,40 du’s.


    I liked the ab/medball thing too although I may not be able to laugh tomorrow.

  5. nicola

    Ladies: who’s got a foolproof hairdo for doubleunders? I would really like to avoid scratching my cornea with my hair.

    And I’m not so keen on the last suggestion from the boys of wearing a “head condom”…

  6. sassypants

    hahhahaha i’d like to see you wearing a head condom Nicola. I have tried numerous hair management techniques for double unders since my hair is soon going to be waist-length….the only one that works for me is french braiding it. give it a shot.

  7. jen

    While I’m with Sass and would love to see this…. I just do ponytail tucked under and headband…never had a problem.

  8. Nico

    Time – 🙂 at 275# (had only 15 DUs at 17:30…)

    Still having lots of issues with DUs. I really need to work on these every day until I get them!

    Enjoyed the ab/medball thing!

  9. Amylynne

    6:50 with 143#s

    first round of 10 DL unbroken, which i think is real progress in terms of my crappy DLs. DUBs not coming today. ugh

  10. Joe

    @EJ….Tulum Mexico not NEW Mexico. 🙂 Get your passports ready!! That looks like fun though. I’m interested to find out more.

  11. EJ

    4:57 rx’d

    *Pretty surprised at myself because DLs are the one lift I absolutely despise
    *DUs unbroken

    This is an Eroc WOD. Easily a sub-3 if your DLs are awesome and you have flawless DUs

  12. Brett

    Today I got to experience what it must feel like to be Eroc or Amylynne doing Wod’s. For the cashout, Shane and I were launching medicine ball cannons at each other, and got to take a 20 minute nap before the other teams finished. The abmat works great as a pilliow.

    But on to more important things….

    Our 16th annual Octoberfest party is set for this Saturday, October 6th. The party is outside of my friends Vinny/Joann Spera’s and Dr. Bill’s homes in Westfield, NJ (1010 Boynton Ave, Westfield, NJ) I assist them in organizing this event. And why would an Italian, a Greek, and a Jewtheist bother throwing an Octoberfest party, you ask? Because sometimes it is just good to let loose and enjoy your life with friends! They seem to have a great time doing it in Germany, so why not here?

    Last year close to 1,000 happy adults (party is adults only) attended the event. The festivities begin at about 3:00 PM and end at 11:00-ish, giving you ample time to do your WOD, take a shower, and prepare yourselves for the fun. And in case you are concerned that you won’t know anybody or feel funny around strangers, or wonder if I have friends that are human, ask Eroc. The first time he met Vinny was 5 years ago at a Giants tailgate I couldn’t attend because I was out of town. Eroc bonded with the crew quickly, and tailgates with them at least once/year.

    The highlights of the party are as follows:

    Beer Truck with 30 kegs of german beer (It’s Octoberfest, isn’t it?)
    Bratwurst, Hot Dogs, Spetzl, Pretzels, Burgers, salads, and tons of other food (there will be plenty of things for paleo, and if you want, bring your own)
    Ice Block/Luge for shots (large selection of spirits)
    2 Bands, including Bruce Jacques, 1 man band of Mt. Snow fame performing for 6 hours
    DJ for 9 hours
    Huge area to dance
    Fresh-squeezed OJ Bomb stand for great Screwdrivers
    Red Bull/Vodka stand
    Official Octoberfest Shot girls serving drinks

    And the best part? The party is free! Simply bring either an appetizer or a bottle of vodka/liquor between a few of you. Email me at [email protected] if you want to attend. And if you want to bring friends from outside the box, that is fine also. The more the merrier.

    Below is a link for pictures from the 2010 event. My friend Brandon snapped away for hours capturing the best and worst images from the event. Yes, that is me, Vinny, and Dr. Bill in the Lederhosen in pictures 101-107. I intend to wear them again this year. I have worn the same pair for the last 11 years. As this is the only time I break the outfit out, it gives me a great gauge of my exercise regimen from the previous year. There was 1 year where I had a 10 hour wedgy I kept trying to adjust, and swore that would never happen again. Not many people are dressed like this, making us easy to find. But if dressing up is your thing, I’m guessing Rolf must have a few spare sets of Lederhosen in his closet should anybody want to borrow them. And our hosts’ wives throw on Dirndl’s, so feel free to make a similar fashion statement

    The best way to go is taking a train from Penn Station to Westfield. They leave at 14 minutes after the hour (except for 3:00 where you need to take the 3:08) and you transfer in Newark to the Raritan line (track 5). Total train time is only 45 minutes. Trains heading back to the city are at 50 minutes after the hour until 10:50 PM, and then the last is at 12:11 AM. The station is only a mile from the party, and I will have transportation arranged to/from the station. It should be easy for us to coordinate travelling together to make it easier.

    I will have my cell on me and fully anticipate having to help direct and navigate people. My # is 973-698-5621.

  13. TC

    4:27 rx’d

    Rd 1 – DL unbroken/ DU unbroken
    Rd 2 – DL unbroken/ DU 35+15
    Rd 3 – DL 5+5/ DU 25+25

    Tried to keep my rests as short as possible.

    Core is already sore from med balls

  14. nicola

    7:44 @135#

    Woohoo!! I finally found my DUs!

    @Sass, thanks for keeping track of the situps, I was just struggling to keep up with you, let alone count

  15. Joe

    8:35 @205#

    Doubles were basically 25 then one or 2 more sets. I felt good with these.

    still need to work my strength and stamina back up.

    100 med ball throws with Big Jim Larkin.

  16. Alicia

    7:17 rx’d
    1st rnd DL’s unbroken, PR’d DUs with 32…DUs fell apart in rnds 2 & 3

    Still unsure how I feel about having J Lo ass…thanks Allie for that one 🙂

  17. cat

    125 lbs
    50 DU’s

    love the turkish get ups. im supposed to be doing these more often for my shoulder, so it was good to get them in during class.

  18. sallys

    9:54, 155#, 30 DU attempts

    Have to remember to keep my back flat on the way up AND the way down. Looking forward to our DU clinic. I need help. Also, I need to wear my ponytail lower. Got some serious interference.

    For some reason, running up the hill today in the warm-up felt good for once. It’s either an aberration or this paleo thing is actually working.

  19. AllisonNYC

    hahahhah!! Adam thanks!

    All I know is that I’m going back to blonde tomorrow.. and Brendan is Banned from the hair dye.

    I remember that day like it was yesterday 🙂 We were in the pool 15 seconds after that.

    LOVE the Blauers.. <3 <3 <3 Fam