Nevermind… It’s Raining!!


Nevermind… It’s Raining!!

It’s a Tiny little Core.. But it’s ROCK solid!!

Front Squat

Unless it’s your last rep of your last set and it’s because your legs died and you couldn’t stand it up… Not because you collapsed in the middle and the bar ditched forward!


Our office and CFM GEAR is now all organized and perfect..
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Think about how nice and COZY you’d be if you had a soft, warm CFM Sweatshirt to throw on right now on this rainy morning.  You’d be SO cozy!
And you’d look like a total Badass walking down the NYC streets representing for CFM!

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  1. BAston

    Got to 140, but everything was ugly. Hips couldn’t warm up today, couldn’t get on heels to save my life, and my foot felt like shit. Ready to bring the green tomorrow.

  2. PJ

    135-145-155-165-165. Sneaking back toward old 195 PR. Knee generally cooperating.

    Shoulders, thanks for playing Godsmack today. Hope your foot resolves soon.

  3. mcohen


    Not my best week but still alot of good work.

    I am going to listen to my body and shut is down for this weekend. I am just plain tired.

    Good luck to the Weiners this weekend.

  4. phillipc


    Re-did 5th set as 4th wasn’t great.

    Will represent CFM tomorrow at Crossfit Nasti (Cincinnati Strength & Conditioning). Go team Green Weiner!

  5. Adam Van Auken

    185-205-210-215(Deep PR)-220(Deep PR). I felt amazing this morning! 220 felt so light and I felt like I had so much pop. Not sure why I felt so good but one of these may be the factor:
    1. Slept 2 hours later than normal.
    2. Didn’t wake up every hour like normal.
    3. Great front squat tricep band stretch (band is tied at the bottom of pull-up bars). I must remember this.
    4. “Great Awakening” coffee drink

    Sorry, 6 AM crew. Missed you guys. Go team GREEN!!!!

  6. Nico

    135-135-155-155-155 (PR)

    Make sure to keep the right form at the bottom!

    The sixth set at 155 was to work on form and find the right depth.

  7. Melanie

    – failed on 3rd rep of 110… 105 was (and still is) my 3RM

    Tabata DUs… 🙂 was able to string together 8 at one point! But there was at least one round where I got zero

  8. Adam Van Auken

    Thanks, Eroc! You are a beast.

    Allison – can you please email me at adamvanauken at yahoo dot com? I’m doing a score sheet form for the throwdown and I need to know how scores are going to be reported (time, reps, rounds, etc.) Thanks.

  9. Brett

    Let me preface this by saying that I appreciate the efforts and attempt to try something different, and I mean no disrespect to CFM management. In other words, I’m about to speak (type) my mind and you probably aren’t going to love everything I say. But you won’t take offense because I did save Allison’s life, I’m a pleasure to be around, and part of this diatribe will make you laugh anyway.


    Drum roll…

    I don’t want to rain on the parade for tomorrow, but I would rather get a root canal than do this team throwdown tomorrow. As such, I guess I’ll have to do my own WOD outdoors. I have to say, I feel like CFM just “jumped the shark”.

    I can see this throwdown working for Ashleigh at CFM-kids. Balloons, costumes, team uniforms, mascots, etc… Winning team gets to go to Chuck E Cheese or Dave and Busters. The kids would love it.

    But I’m not 10 (ok, maybe sometimes I act 16). And I could care less whether or not Jared beats AVA in the WOD tomorrow. No offense intended, but I have no idea why in the world anyone except the 2 of them should care.

    And I know I don’t want to go to the box and see a bunch of cheering mascots carrying green dildos, or in catwoman outfits, or with a pair of sagging blue water balloons on (or in) their shorts. And I have about 30 emails from people I barely know with the subject line “Re: CFM Throwdown, 9/29 during all Khours – TEAM ONE” that I could not stomach reading after opening the first 3. If I was not a member yet and came in to watch a class that had people in matching shirts and team mascots like I imagine tomorrows fiasco, there is no way I would ever have joined CFM.

    And while I’m at it, I have no interest in v-neck Fridays, mutual admiration Mondays, wifebeater wednesdays, or ass-kiss your trainer Tuesdays (“oh Allison kiss kiss kiss, you were so motivating today”…”Brendan, smooch smooch smooch your training inspired me today. You complete me. slobber slobber slobber”) Thankfully, all this excitement is generally limited to one specific serial blogging class time and is therefore not an issue for those of us who haven’t chugged the kool-aid.

    All kidding aside, I know that some people at CFM aspire to become competitors in the games and therefore live and breathe this. I get that, and mean no disrespect to any, including the class I teased above. But I joined to simply get some tough workouts from knowledgeable trainers so that I could improve my level of fitness while maintaining my lifestyle. And I was hoping to meet some like minded people who I might want to spend a Sunday with watching football games at a bar. None of this included CFM “color war” (those who attended summer camp will understand the reference)

    If we do team WOD’s during some classes (we did 1 a few saturdays ago where the team of 4 had to do 300 pullups, 400 pushups, 500 situps, and 600 squats) I think that is great. Or if we did an outdoor WOD on a random Saturday at a specific time, and divided into teams in some sort of relay format, that works also. But I don’t do uniforms unless I sign up to play in a league, and I certainly don’t do mascots, or any other “cult-like” activities. I joined crossfit, not Zog Sports.

    So if this Throwdown is going to become a regular thing on Saturday’s, I’d appreciate it if we could set aside 1 class time for people like me who have no interest in participating.

  10. EJ

    Just my 2 cents,

    this is a fun event that’s new for the gym, done in competition style. Who’s to say you won’t like it if you’ve never attended an event like this. Wearing the team shirt color is at your discretion, but Saturday is still a regular WOD. Nothing changes except people will be more competitive. And the CrossFit Open is in 5 months.

    Sure people will be competitive and yes people will be supporting their team (overzealous..maybe? cheesy? so what). Keep in mind, one component of CrossFit is the community. The community and the coaching are part of what brought you here, right? Events like this are a celebration of hard work and a way for people to enjoy themselves. But like you said, different strokes for different folks.

    Feedback is always appreciated 🙂

    For those of you that are participating tomorrow, I look forward to seeing you all.

  11. Jared

    Brett – it’s all about having some fun. Most of us have serious day jobs, so it’s really good to let loose sometimes. I know for myself, even if I have having a shitty day, I know that I probably had a great time from 6-7 wearing a v-neck or tank top or beating adam or losing to adam or not getting deep enough on a squat or whatever else happened.

    For some reason, I think you are screwing around, but just in case you aren’t, that is my response.

  12. Brooke

    I’m just going to quickly reiterate what EJ said.

    This is just something fun and new for CFM. ON top of the fact that it has been mentioned that it’s just a regular Khour WOD on Saturday with the same times as usual, just show up and do your WOD and go home.

    The only difference is the competition style, which we do from time to time anyway. It’s a great atmosphere and brings a different feel to the WOD to have someone count and cheer for you and you get to do the same for someone else. Keeps us honest and motivated!

    So Brett, i encourage you to attend Saturday’s Khour as you normally would.

  13. AllisonNYC

    First of all.. Kiss you trainers ass Tuesdays?! I think we have a Winner with that one!

    Brett, I can relate because that’s my general feeling about the CrossFit Games fanaticism. And the first thing I did when that e-mail went out was pull myself off of the chain because reply-all e-mails make me wacko.

    BUT the reality is, occasional community events and team scoring things are a huge component of what makes CrossFit what it is.
    In fact, when I give my “What Is CrossFit” speeches to newbies, I give them the standard definition, “Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, Executed at High Intensity, Across Broad Time & Modal Domains” and then tack on “Community” to the end of that definition.

    I’m not the rah-rah type either. Which is why I don’t think anyone is running around saying, “Oh Allison, you were so motivating this morning!”, like you said. BUT I do enjoy seeing the people who DO get their kicks off of it enjoy themselves, have fun and encourage each other. In this crazy, stressful world, sometimes it’s fun to let loose a little and be goofy. Even if that just means wearing a different color tank top and telling your friend you’re going to do air squats faster than him.

    Either way, don’t fret. Tomorrow is going to be pretty damn close to business as usual. Classes will run exactly the same – standard warm-up, movement standards and explanations, a workout, and collecting scores. The only difference is that there will be some major color blocking action going on and we’ll be doing the workouts competition style. And there may be some green dildos flying around.. if we’re lucky.

    You don’t even have to wear your team colors! But you SHOULD get yourself an awesome CFM t-shirt to strut around in. 😉

    I’m stoked about the competitions because it’s the PERFECT way to enforce movement/quality standards!!! I’m pretty pumped up about that.. No shallow squats or chin reaching pull-ups. Wahoo!!!

    Come tomorrow, Brett. You won’t be disappointed. It will be a tough little workout and you can be a tough judge for me. 🙂

  14. Amylynne

    tiiiired today so no PR

    118-123-128-128-128 (previous pr for 3 on 9/10 was 130)

    felt form going on third rep at 128 which is why i chose to stay

    sad to miss the comp tomorrow. hope everyone has a lot of fun!

  15. mcohen

    I thought long and hard about writting a response to Brett’s post. How much it offended me and how much I disagree with every single thing he said. But then I thought about it more, and the real point to be brought up should be one of gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful amazing people who have put this event together and who have made our community such a great place.

    Eric, EJ, Brendan and Allison, thank you guys so much.

    From making us introduce ourselves, to making us know each others names, to never making even the worst of us feel small or belittled, to putting together events, to supporting those who compete, you four have been tremendous.

    Please do not let one person’s negativity make you feel any less appreciated by the many of us who truly love what you have created.

    I will not be able to support my team tomorrow, but I will wear a green shirt in your honor and be rooting for you to kick some ass.

  16. jmiz

    Since everyone else is venting, you know what really grinds my gears?

    – Close-talkers.
    – Tourists.
    – Ultra-marathoners. Like, come on, my people walked through the desert for 40 years and no one is bragging about that.
    – Cats. All of them. No, yours is not the exception. They all suck.
    – The movie Julie and Julia. This should really be #1.
    – Gary Bettman. I couldn’t care less about the NHL, but the fact that this guy still has a job is beyond me.
    – IT people.
    – Building supers.

    That’s all. See you later this afternoon.

  17. Lightbody

    Paleo Randy Rx. 8:31. My forarms dont exist anymore and i am typing this with my feet. That was killer.

    EJ – thank you so much for staying late and letting me get that in. Cant tell you how much I appreciate it. Not to mention the support from you and E Roc to help me get thru that wod. Thx guys.

  18. Vikram

    DT – you are one funny dude. Get better and get your ass back into the box.

    Skinny V – 3 posts! Boom! I’m out before Brooke issues me a demerit.

  19. Rolf

    I for one am looking forward to tomorrow… Ill be there at 830 to cheer the wife on and make sure @BAaston gets no rep’d. 930 WOD with my team. Team brunch at chuck e cheese after. They serve beer there right?

  20. TC

    FS: 215-225-230-235(PR)-185

    I would of failed if there was one more pound on the bar for my set of 235. This is my true 3 rep max.

    DU: 22

    Great Friday class! Go Green team Woop Woop 🙂

  21. nprofita

    225(3), 235(3), 245(3), 255(2), 235(2).

    DU: 17

    Lets not forget, at the end of the day we’re just exercising. On that note, let’s go cougars!

  22. Alicia

    warmup: 45(10)-75(6)-95(4)
    wod: 115-145-150-155(new PR)-125
    previous PR 150 from 9/10/12

    tabata: 9, had 15 rounds 2-6!

    Paleo Randy: 75 snatches @ 55# in 8:40

    I’m pooped

  23. Brooke

    Great 5:30 old school sesh today!

    115-120-125-130 (tied PR but almost lost the last rep) then dropped 115.

    Tabata DU: I doubled my PR from last time from 2 to 4! Next time I’m aiming for 6!

  24. jmiz

    Question: what happens when you filled your diet thing out for the paleo challenge…and then proceed to have three more glasses of wine?

    Answer: if I’m Lurong, I don’t wanna be right

  25. sallys

    Got stuck in the office and missed the 630. Rats. Went to nysc and naturally someone was curling in the squat rack so I had to clean my FS through 100 lbs before it opened up.
    Maxed my FS at 3×115

  26. kpo17


    Chest Press: 5-5-5-5-5 165-170-175(PR)-180(f at 5) – 175 (f at 5).
    FSQ 3-3-3-3-3 95-115-125-135-115.

    Paleo WOD: Randy at 75 lbs (RX): 7:20

    Christine (9-22-12) Rx: 14:54
    Lurong Wod (9-19-12) Rx: 10:52
    Cumulative: 33:06

  27. Carmen

    There were a lot of things that I thought about saying but they didn’t really add much to the discussion.

    Alls I’m saying is that CFM throwdown is the only thing that’s getting my winter-cold having, 10 lbs heavier than summer fighting weight, carbohydrate-addicted, haven’t been to the gym in over a week, larger than ever ass out of bed tomorrow.

    Go team.

  28. dlede

    205-215-225-230 ties pr and at 5 pounds lighter I will take it! Form was solid throughout.

    215 to end it and 185-195 to warm up

    24 du. F-Ed up early