Brooke! Super Duper Event Planner!

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  1. Brooke


    he anniversary and marathon party is going to be a good time with some good meat, good friends, amazing runners, and some beer!

    P.s. go team black!!

  2. sassypants

    clean&jerk practice, did 95# until i felt more comfortable with the split.

    10min AMRAP w.Eroc
    8 swing (1.5pood), 12 T2B, 24 DU

    5 rounds+swings and 4T2B

    practice ring dips and terrible L-sit hold on paralletes

  3. kpo17


    Previous PR was 135 on 7-29-12. I’m pleased to be in that area having not done this lift in 3 months.

    Open Gym
    6 Power Cleans / minute for 5 minutes at 135.

    Midline Stability work with Francesco – great workout bro!

  4. amy edelman

    Endurance WOD with Eric & Lauren:
    10x 200m sprints

    Open gym:
    3 rounds
    500m row
    10 pullups
    15 GHD pullups

    Attempted the amrap with Eroc but relaxed I was exhausted!: completed only a few rounds then bailed for double under clinic

    Oh yea…I GOT A DOUBLE UNDER. what?!!! Thanks EJ & Eroc!

  5. sallys

    Did today’s WOD in open gym.
    105# x 3 (PR)

    DU clinic I managed to string 3 together and then lost it. Really helpful though and now I know what I need to work on. goal for end of the month is 7 DU in a row.

    3 mile run around the reservoir, not timed (under a half hour)

  6. marilina

    Made up Thursday’s wod. I’ve lost the ability to work out on my own. Took the opportunity to chat with Sandy and KPO when I should have been sticking to the workout.

    Strict dips (OK, on a few at the beginning my feet couldn’t help but do a little wiggle on the way up)

  7. Rolf

    Endurance wod 10 200m sprints. Last 4 were 36 sec, 37, 31, 32.
    Nft 10 push ups, 10 T2b 3 rounds

    Open gym with carducci. Worked on clean and press. Got up to 135# than worked on keeping technique right.
    Bench press: worked up to 3 rep max: 185, 215, 235, 250#. Failed 275-too big a jump.

    Double under clinic. Thanks Eroc and EJ!! Started to string them together.

    D/U goal: put 50 togehter in 4 weeks. Amy’ s is 10. She finally did some today!!! Finally!!!!!!!!

  8. Nico

    WOD at the gym:
    Push press – 65 lbs; 95 lbs; 135 lbs; 155 lbs; 160 lbs; 170 lbs (fail – 2 attempts) -> PR
    Front squats – 135 lbs ( 5 sets of 5 reps)
    Split Jerk – 45 lbs; 65 lbs ; 115 lbs; 135 lbs; 155 lbs; 170 lbs; 170 lbs -> PR
    Dead lifts – 135 lbs (10 reps); 225 lbs (5 reps); 275 lbs (5 reps); 325 lbs (1st attempt – fail but 2nd attempt cleared!!!) -> PR – my legs were shaking all over the place on that lift but happy I cleared it

  9. EJ


    Snatch Pull 3×5 (#75)

    Squat 5(105)-5(125)-5(147.5)-5(147.5)-5(147.5)

    Press 5(45)-5(55)-5(62.5)-5(62.5)-5(62.5)

  10. Sarah P.

    Went to the DU clinic…need to focus on keeping my legs straight when I jump. Goal for the end of the month is 10!