Bye Andrew!!! :( Good Luck on the West Coast!!!


Bye Andrew!!! :( Good Luck on the West Coast!!!

Andrew, we’re so bummed to see you go back to Cali.  But I’m happy we had you for as long as we did.  We’ll all be rooting for you on your new adventure.  The West Coast will be lucky to have you!!!
Come back and visit soon!!

For Time:
50-40-30-20-10  Double Unders
5-4-3-2-1  Rope Climbs
10-10-10-10-10  Deadlift  185/225

This Friday Night, Brian will be guest Bartending for Standing Tall:  Let’s show some support for him and his cause!

When & Where:  Swig, 2nd Avenue between 84th & 85th, Friday night Sept 7th, 2012
WHY:  Come out and support Standing Tall, an amazing school that helps children with MS. The children learn all subjects like literature, history, science, and math. It is truly insprational.

If you cannot make it, please make a donation directly to my fundraising link:

All donations go to some amazing kids!! Every donation is appreciated!

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  1. Alicia

    3+21ish in 20 mins @ 185#

    Scaled rope climbs to 2 max efforts per round. Made it all the way up once in rnd 2 & 3…finally figuring out how to get my feet working with my arms. Deads felt horrible

  2. EJ


    If you’d like to place an order for a rope please email me [email protected]

    There are a few at the gym, but it’s always good to have your own that’s the correct length for your height

  3. Vikram

    Work imposed rest day for me. Jealous. Today looks super tough.

    Hope you wore those long socks. I still have scars!

  4. Adam Van Auken

    16:30 with 245# deads.
    Dubs – Mostly unbroken. I had several false starts on the last 10 which cost me.
    Rope climbs – I kept climbing the same piece of rope. Brendan yelled at me and then helped me. Good times.
    Deads – Grip failed last round.

  5. Joe

    Hey Coaches….I’m in at 6:30 tonight and need a good substitue for ropeclimbs because I still can’t do anything with my arms overhead.

    Any suggesstions?

  6. BAston

    Rest day…. 3 wod’s in 2 days (1 of which being Fran) has wrecked me. Planning my triumphant return to 6am tomorrow. I’m coming after you, Cohen!!

  7. SoCalAndrew

    Allison – Thanks for the shoutout on the WOD!

    Finished just over time at 20:50 @ 245. First 6 rope climbs were from a seated position without legs and that crushed me a little bit. I’m glad my last day kicked my butt.

    I did want to share a few links before I left. The first is my YouTube page. Nothing too special there, except that all the training videos are literally from the backyard of my house. Just shield your eyes from any above parallel squatting. The quality and applicability of information will vary, of course, but the last 3 are resources to up your fitness IQ. None of them endorse CrossFit, but that just means they will give you a different perspective on training.

    I will try not to get 6am-emotional-love-fest on you all, but is has been great training with everyone at CFM for the last few months. I’m glad I found a group of people who are nuts about training like I am. Both coaches and athletes inspired me to work harder and reminded me of the importance of the less exciting things like flexibility, recovery and skills practice. I don’t agree with all things CrossFit, but you guys have a good thing going here and I dig it.

    I hope to make it back for 2-3 days around Thanksgiving. My challenge to myself is to return in ~80 days in better shape than I’m in today and whoop everyone’s butt in 2-3 WODs. So, my challenge to you is can you beat me come mid-november?

  8. Brett

    Forget about WOD times today. I have something far more important to share. Today, I saved someones life.

    Allison was moving the tire today during the 10:00 class, and it fell on her, pinning her against a GHD machine. She shrieked in pain, yelling for help. Today, my friends, she was in luck, and a hero was born.

    With a burst of speed that Usain Bolt could not match, I sprang to her side and used superhuman strength to yank that tire off of her as if it were a 2.5 lb. plate. I don’t know what came over me, just this altruistic desire to positively affect the world and put my life at risk to save someone. Sure, there was fear; but I overcame it and changed the life of a very special coach.

    Thankfully, Allison was not crushed by the tire, and sustained no permanent injuries. I needed to share this story so that she will never forget how important I am. And while I did this act with no expectation of a reward, I will gladly accept a free 1 year membership and private training sessions 3 times/week as a token of her appreciation.

    Crossfit Metropolis – where heroes are born, and legends are made.

  9. jmiz

    @Joe – ESal and EJ also showed me a good sub which is pulling yourself up on the rope from the floor. Gets that pulling action / torque going.

    The torque thing hurt my shoulders so I’ve just been doing 3:1 ring rows for rope climbs.

  10. Sam B

    @ Brett it was an honor to workout with such a hero! 🙂

    But seriously, quick response time, and Alison was pinned & in pain. Great job!

    20:55 @ 165 lbs – formed & tore a blister on each index finger

    DUs were unbroken for the first 3 rounds.

  11. mcohen

    14:56 Rx’d

    Brian im psyched to have you join us for some 6 a.m. love fest. But don’t write a check you can’t cash my brother. We don’t only do overhead press at 6 am.

  12. B-boy

    Thank you Brett. Your Heroic display of strength, speed, agility, and just pure fearlessness today saved the love of my life from a catastrophic death and for that I am ever indebted to you.

  13. Amylynne

    “The seven”
    7 rds of:
    7 hspus
    7 thrusters (73lbs)
    7 k2e
    7 deads (133lbs)
    7 burpees
    7 kb swings (1.5 pood)
    7 pus

    32 min of hell! Love it!

  14. ERIC S.

    The Seven
    7 rounds of:
    7 hspus
    7 thrusters (135lbs)
    7 k2e
    7 deads (245lbs)
    7 burpees
    7 kb swings (2 pood)
    7 pull ups

    34:41 wanted to quit but couldn’t leave my girl Amylynne alone on this one.

  15. ashleigh

    I was 6 deads short of finishing…

    I mostly just got half way up the rope a couple times each round EXCEPT for the fourth round when I finally made it to the top! Thank you EJ 🙂

    Double unders were easy, deads at 125 not so much…

  16. sassypants

    wow, that was a lot harder than i expected. steph, did i ever tell you you’re my hero?

    DNF rx’d @ 165#
    (1 dead into the 4th round)

  17. Laura

    3+16DU Rx (but only 115 on the DL)

    My forearms were screaming and I have a pretty awesome rope burn.

    First time ever getting consecutive double unders with 17 in a row.

  18. Jason Castro

    17:06 RX’d
    Those DL’s at 225lbs started to get hard at the end. DU’s were pretty good. The 3rd and 4th rounds were broken up. Rope climbs were easy.

  19. jen

    103# DL
    1 rope climb per round

    First time doing rope climbs. Amazing cueing EJ. Thanks for the assist Ash. Wasn’t looking like I was going to make it up at all in the beginning, but by the end they were feeling good. But holy rope burn! Lesson learned. When Sass says wear pants, Wear pants!

  20. stephmil

    19:25 rx’d @165
    sassy, it’s truly an honor….but may i remind you, you kicked my butt with Fran so let’s call it even 🙂

  21. PJ

    18:30 ish, 165# first time rope climbin’. Wading back in slow. Nice to be back in the mothership. Tommy made my night saying I looked 29. Joy burger as Rx. W avocado.

  22. Joe

    [email protected]#, 1 rope climb per round. Doubles were great, rope climbs right hand dominant were fun, added GHD’s to finish the set and Deads were lighter but fine for what i could do.

    Didn’t want to be a mess for Dr. Mike tomorrow!

    Make it Happen Dr. MIYAGI!!!! Give me some tea, rub your hands together and fix my sh*t!!!!! Sweep the leg!!!!!

  23. Sarah P.

    Was a total spaz at the DUs (hopefully is was the rope length?) but made it up the rope 4 times! Was pretty proud of myself since it was my first time. Thanks for helping and pushing me EJ! DL at 55.

  24. marilina

    Subbed deads with 10 65#good mornings and 10 hip extensions with 15# plate. First rope climb WOD.
    Looking forward to coming in more consistently.

  25. EJ

    So attempted Seven and ended up with four rounds. Threw in the towel early because I felt like I was runnin on empty..

    BUT..The silver lining. I am so proud of all the stellar performances today! Great job to everyone who first rope climbed today!!

    And to make up for my Four of Seven.. I’ve finally joined the MUSCLE UP club!! Thank the Lord! Didn’t have any witnesses for the first, but I have Dave to vouch for my strict Muscle Up!!! Yayy

  26. Ang

    DNF finished four rounds

    practice DUs
    those rope climbs are for serious-third one on the third round was a bit weak.

    Way to go, EJ!

  27. sallys

    DNF, 4 rds
    115# deadlifts – will go significantly heavier on these next time
    First time at DUs – yet to get more than 2 in a row.

    Rope climbs are AWFUL. I’m apparently as bad at these as I was in elementary school (which is bad). I made it up halfway a couple times when EJ or Dave stabilized the rope for me. Wearing tights to work tmrw – gotta cover up those rope burns.

  28. Nico

    3 rounds @ 225# – I still suck at DUs and really need to practice these…

    Andrew it was awesome to meet you and you have been an inspiration during the 7am workouts. Keep in touch and see you around Thanksgiving!