CFM Posture Challenge!!!


CFM Posture Challenge!!!

One of the strongest and nicest guys in the gym.  Derek is always willing to help out his fellow CFMers and definitely motivates everyone with his words and by his example!

Strength / Technique WOD:

Snatch Grip Push Press + Snatch Balance  (or 3 OHS depending on your needs)
(3 + 1) x 5

**  For a select few of you, if your PP weight is easy for SBs, do 2 Snatch Balances.  But if you’re form is suspect or you struggled on the 1st, stick with 1!

Conditioning / Partner WOD:
One Partner Runs 400m
While the other Partner does AMRAP of:
10 Jump Squats
10 AbMat Sit-Ups
10 KBS  16 / 24

**  Team up with someone using the same KB weight as you, if possible.  **
**  Pick up where your partner left off  **
**  Score is total number of rounds completed between both partners in the AMRAP.  **

CFM Challenge!:
Stand and Sit Up STRAIGHT All Day Long!!!
Each time you catch yourself slouching, tally up one burpee..  We’ll do them all on Tuesday before the WOD as a group!

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    Worked up to 125 on snatch balance. However, the reps started getting progressively worse with every weight increase until pretty soon I was barely getting down at all. I need to learn to open up my hips without doing a KB swing.

  2. Melanie

    Snatch balances: worked at 43 for all 5 sets.. I still get nervous jumping down quickly into a squat with weight overhead. But I’m happy I stayed at this weight to help build up my confidence and I still found it challenging.

    Partner WOD with the one and only AVA: 6 + 14

  3. Brooke

    Good morning CFMers!

    Our meat eating adventure is just 6 days away. There is still time to join in the fun and RSVP by this wednesday, August 22nd.

    The details are:

    Sunday, August 26th
    3 – 5 p.m.
    Dinosaur BBQ (on 125th st all the way on the west side)
    Family style 3 meats and 3 sides
    Less than $30
    Alcohol will be ala carte

    So RSVP via email to [email protected]

    Sig others and friends are welcome to attend.

    p.s. we have almost 20 poeple so far, but there is plenty of room for more!

  4. EJ


    Friday, September 14 @ Atlantic City’s Tropicana, one of our very own members, Ariel will be fighting (MMA) ! Come out to support Ariel! Email me for information about tickets ([email protected]).

    Could be a fun Metropolis Road Trip!! Hit those slots, watch a Metropolis member kick some ass…good people…fun times!

  5. Kim

    Worked up to 43Lbs for Snatch Balance. The weight didn’t feel terribly heavy but it was still challenging to get under the bar quickly.

    Partner WOD with Sara – 6rounds +

  6. Paige

    3 + 4-5 OHS @48#
    Working on OHS before I get up to snatch balance.

    Partner WOD with Ron- 6 rounds

    thanks for the help this morning Brendan and Mel

  7. Vikram

    Have the day off so I slept in! Missed my 6 am family, but got the chance to come in late and see Dlede, Ed, Brett and Katie!

    Was feeling so strong after Cindy this weekend and them wham! OHS – the worst of my worst. That’s actually what I love about Xfit. Humbling…

    6 PP + 3 OHS x 5 @ just 53
    Metcon partner workout with the AWESOME Katie: 100 reps

    Great morning. Go CFM go!

  8. Katie

    6PP + 3 OHS x 5 @ 47#

    Partner Metcon with Vikram 100 reps each. Great partner Vikram! Good to see you other than in passing!

  9. Amylynne

    Wod 1: in spirit of crossfit (as Mikey always says), tried something new:
    Tactical performance training: not too impressed (slide thingies, step ups with leg raise, pull ups on rings, rope slams, some weird press shit and some situp crap with weight…blah blah.) I will stick with cf!

    Then did OHS work and did 90 for 3.

    Could have gone heavier but am going to cf ocean state at 4:30 and didn’t want to blow it all out before then. Don’t want them thinking Mike Cohen is the only beast from cfm!!

  10. mcohen

    Nothing better than walking into a new box and seeing snatch on the board. Tried to channel my inner Brendan and work on being explosive and fast.

    1 mile run after. 7:05.

    Amylynne. Go show those rhode islanders a thing or two.

  11. Ben

    Great to be back at CFM. Did a drop in at 12 with Brendan. After 7 weeks almost entirely outside of a gym (though still following the blog, of course), it was good to be under a barbell. Missed the 7 AM crew, but now that I’m staying in BK, unlikely I’ll make it in for any morning sessions.

    6 PP + 3 OHS @ 75 for 4 and 65 for the last.

    103 reps (203 total) with Charlie in the Metcon.

    I’ll be in and out over the next couple weeks. Hope to see most of you around then!

  12. Amylynne

    Wod 2: cf oveanstate

    Clean and Jerk, 1 RM 110 (PR)

    1 min each x2
    C&J @ 65
    Wall Ball (14)
    Row (Cal)
    1 min rest

    Didn’t count reps

    Represented well, mike. I asked them to pick apart my c+j and they told me they were going to use me as model. Then I got in car and noticed a huge tomato in teethe! Aaack

  13. Jason Castro

    (5+2)x 5 snatch grip PP + snatch balance @ 75lbs
    Partner wod: w/ Justin & ariel. 2 lowest score combined. 157 total reps.

  14. whit

    95lbs on the snatch balance… felt fairly solid.

    Partner wod w/ Alex: 78 reps.

    Important side note: If anyone happened to grab a black iphone in a black case and later realized it wasn’t theirs, I’ll be around tomorrow evening and wouldn’t mind having that back. Thank you!

  15. phillipc

    75#…need to get down quicker but ok I think form wise

    168 reps between Haas and I…seems few but we were like Usain Bolt out there on the run

  16. sassypants

    worked up to 68# but 63 and 68 were not as explosive as they should have been.

    225 w.some 6 foot tall lady from texas


  17. sassypants

    (i say this because those of us who have been afraid of catching our foot on the lip of the metal box have now been justified.)

  18. Alicia

    63 rnd 1, dropped to 53 for the rest. Wide grip scares me.

    Jeanine (90) + Alicia (110) = 200 solid!
    Nice wodding with Jeanine again 🙂

  19. jasenS

    75lbs on the Snatch Push Press and Snatch Balance

    Cat I am so dumb and don’t know how to add, I got 4 rnds…so 120!

  20. cat

    37 lbs – 3 snatch push press 2 snatch balance
    1 poor on metcon

    @jasen- that makes 221 for us!

    Shoulder is feeling good.

  21. ledbelly

    Squat Snatch – 75 pounds. Focused on Speed and getting underneath the bar in the proper position. I probably didn’t achieve it, but…..whatevas

    Metcon: I don’t know what my partner did because Fantasy Football is more important than Crossfit scores, but I did 5 rounds even while he was on the run

  22. Nico

    Forgot to post yesterday as well:

    WOD @ 75 lbs
    Worked on OHS and was finally getting it at the end of my last set. Really like the feeling from my last set so need to practice these on thr weekend. -> need to keep my core tight at all times

    AMRAP: 9 rounds + 5 squats with Carlo