Competition Style! Get a Great Cheerleader!


Competition Style! Get a Great Cheerleader!

The Red Team is VERY lucky to have Carducci on their team.  BEAST MODE!

6 Rounds
1 Minute – Max Rep Deadlifts
1 Minute – Row for Calories

–  Two Scores will be – Max Reps & Total Calories
–  Competition Style!!!
–  No transition rest break, so switch QUICKLY!
–  Use your “Diane” weight

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
–  Buddha

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  1. EJ


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    Please bring all food in a disposable container and serving utensils! Drinks are always welcome!

    Hope to see you there!

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  2. Jared

    57 calories rowing
    64 deadlifts at 225

    Not sure if my calorie count is right, but this was a killer workout.

  3. Adam Van Auken

    Row – 62 (19,12,9,7,8,7)
    DL – 83 (16,16,16,14,10,11)

    My Strategy: Sandbag the row, baby! As for deads, my goal was to do two sets each round to manage muscle fatigue and minimize what I like to call 241 reps. 241 reps are the reps that require twice as much effort but still are only worth one rep and therefore one point. Trademark that baby!

    Vikram and I lost a good 10 seconds each round writing our scores down. This was a good rest, but it would be better to immediately grab the row handles and just do an active rest. Next time I’ll bring something to write my splits next to the rower.

  4. mcohen

    Row:70 cal.
    Deads: 52 reps @225 lbs.

    This is just such a crossfit-esq workout. Pulls together endurance and power so nicely.

    A nasty 12 minutes, but a lot of fun.

  5. Paige

    Row: 71.4 cal.
    DL: about 60 reps @135#

    Back was feeling it from DLs on Sunday.

    Lost time (about 5-10 seconds) getting back onto the rower since it was set to automaticcaly start after the minute.

  6. AllisonNYC

    Aw Glad you liked it, Mike! 😀

    V & Adam, Why didn’t you just have your partner write it down for you??

  7. Vikram

    We bagged the competition style, that’s why. Flew solo. No wingman to write down my scores.

    Can you tell the Top Gun music has been affecting me in the mornings?

    AVA = The Iceman

  8. Adam Van Auken

    Yes, competition style made perfect sense because of the scoring. We will never doubt you again, Allison!

  9. AllisonNYC

    You AMers didn’t get to do your 5 Minute Plank Hold yesterday either!

    Don’t worry though, we’ll do it tomorrow morning 😉

    Someday my darling Brenny will realize and accept that I know Everything! 😛 Don’t tell him I said that!

  10. Amylynne

    this was my version of a perfect storm. ugh

    rowing: 69.5 (damper set to 6)
    DL at 133: 36

    when i grow up i want to row and DL like a normal person

  11. kpo17

    Re: things to improve the gym

    Some boxes offer a document that details each day’s programming a month ahead of time. I would like this because I would like to add specific strength training to my normally scheduled WODload. However I don’t want to inadvertently double up on specific movements, e.g. planning to do heavy deadlifts on the same day we do Diane. Can a document like this be made and distributed at the beginning of each month?



    PS – “Rest Day.”

  12. Adam Van Auken

    I want to chime in here in support of kpo’s post. I hate programming which is one of the reason’s I love CrossFit. I trust our excellent coaches as I have acheived great results following their programming. However, it would be nice to have some advanced notice for a few reasons:
    1. You want to supplement (as KPO mentions). If you are training for a competition, this would especially be helpful.
    2. You are traveling and can’t workout at our box. You may want to workout at another box.
    3. You want to bring in equipment: jump rope, shin guard for rope climbing, olympic lifting shoes, etc.
    4. You want to prepare for the WOD in advance. You may want to strategize for hours on the best way to beat Jared. Or, you may want to watch some videos on the movement. I did not get muscle-ups until I watched several you-tube videos.
    5. You have an injury and may need to think about scaling or how to tape up for the injury.
    6. You want to search the blog for how you performed on the previous WOD so you can beat your score/time!

    I know the workout “surprise” is part of the CrossFit culture, but I have yet to hear any good explanation for it. I know we are training for the unknown and unknowable. That is good. But the there is know reason that the training itself should be unknown or unknowable.

  13. ERIC S.

    Worked up to a 1 rep max on squat clean
    225, 235, 240, 245, then
    250 lbs new p.r.
    Then dead lift -row wod
    Deads (20, 14, 12, 12, 10, 10)= 78
    Row (14, 14, 11, 11, 11, 13)=74

  14. Lightbody

    82 calories and 58 reps @ 175#. Honestly cruel to make people do deads after max rowing. Just cruel. But i love it!

  15. TC

    Row – 81 (17,15,12,13,12,12)
    DL 225 lbs – 67 (15,12,10,10,10,10)

    Awesome workout. Felt this was a great combo of strength and cardio conditioning.

  16. phillipc

    Row: 101
    DL: 51 @ 175#
    Total 152

    Plank 4mins 5 seconds. You folks that did 5mins are legends.

    A coat rack would be good for the gym, especially now that it’s getting wetter & colder out.

    Also, a dedicated playlist of music rather than listening to Pandora (the ads kill my mojo ;-))

  17. BrookeHCooper

    I can’t quite remember but I think it was:

    Row: 68 calories, damper at 7 or 8

    47 deadlifts at 125 lbs

  18. PJ

    Could not make it to mothership. First workout in a while
    Back squats up to 135 deep x5
    Press up to 95 x5
    Flight simulator w t2b interspersed x5

  19. Nico

    Calories: 77
    Deadlifts @225lbs: 63 reps

    Should have been able to do a few more reps on the deadlift and should have picked up the pace earlier on the rower.

    Not super happy with that performance…