Competition Style WOD


Competition Style WOD

Marilina and Mikey get the coolest couple award.
Here they are being awesome in Alaska

AMRAP in 12 Minutes
5 Deadlifts  205/315
10 Burpees
20 KBS  16/24

**  The first person will finish their whole workout.  Then we’ll set up again and the next person will complete their workout.  The times won’t be combined..  But everyone will have a cheerleader/repcounter/ form checker!  **

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  1. TC

    4rds + 8(5DL,3burps)

    Deadlifts – 275lbs.

    I had Adam in my face pushing me from start to finish…Exactly what I needed for a 6am deadlift wod. Thanks bud.

    This workout was tough.

  2. BAston

    This was a mess for me. 2 rounds, 5 DL’s, 10 burpees, 15 KB’s.

    I started round 1 with 185…. I asked Tisa to grab 2 10’s for each side so I could go down in weight. He grabbed me 2 15’s for each side, so did 195 for round 2 and it felt awful. 175 in round 3. Shit show.

  3. sara

    4+ 32 So close to 5 rounds but just couldn’t swing that KB any faster despite Katie’s fantastic cheering.

    Deads @ 115#; 16kg KBs

  4. sassypants

    Allie, “watch” us? You’re on a team!
    (unfortunately not Team 2, which is clearly going to dominate the whole thing)

  5. BAston

    WOD #2: 5 Hill Sprints on 100th b/w Lex & 3rd (needed to get some running in, and didn’t think my back would have held up for 6 miles or so after DL’s).


  6. francesco

    Angela was in beast mode and rocked it. Thanks for the motivation!
    4 rds + 10 burpees. 2nd week back into crossfit and i just keep thinking why oh why did i ever stop…

  7. mikey.bialos

    nice to be back after a long climbing hiatus!

    rocked the ladies weight today. KBs felt so nice and light. i’m honestly not sure how many rounds i knocked out. pretty dizzy after that wod!

  8. AllisonV

    Minimal time for a workout today, so opted to run home from work: 3.35 miles in 30:23. Oomph. Knees and ankles gave out after mile 2, at which point ELove’s tirade against runners starting playing on loop in my head.

  9. EJ

    yay to francesco for his first post!! For those of you newbies – don’t forget to register and post up your WOD!

    Blogging is the best way to keep a record of your WODs, get you accountable, and familiarize yourself with all the other athletes at the gym 🙂

    Oh and of course the smack talking for the competition j/k

  10. Jeremy B

    After stalking the blog for the past 1 1/2 months this is my first post! Enjoy.

    4 rounds + 9 (165 deads and 24 kg KBS)

    6 mile run in CP afterwards:
    (7:45 pace)

  11. mcohen

    Once a week until my October 20th Comp I will do 2 wods a day. Today was my day.

    Hot Yoga this morning. I keep saying it, that shit is rough.

    Made the 5:30 class:

    4 rounds and 1 deadlift Rx’d.

    AVA set the bar for me at 4 rounds and 8 burpees, so epic fail.

  12. wingsteroosky

    4 rounds & 5 DLs
    165#, 16kg

    thanks, rachel, for keeping the counts.

    3 days away is no bueno. love the new notes in the bathroom, allison. “if you sprinkle while you tinkle…” *chuckles*

  13. Alicia

    3+8 rx’d, a far cry from the 5 rnds I was hoping for…next time. Pure lack of discipline

    “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

  14. PJ

    Good times w the 7:30 crew and thanks phillipc for awesome partnering. Wading back continues: 4 rounds + 21 @ 215.

    Nice to be back mixing AM and PM classes. Trying to build some community before Jared finally calls his AM v PM Thunderdome. That said, shooting for Friday 6. Tall Brian, bfarrel, come on and show these V neckin fools what’s up. old school on 3…

  15. dlede

    4 + 8 rx’ed
    felt good and jason is an awesome partner

    warmup: 5-4-3=12 strict hspu with little rest, making progress, going to keep doing hspu everyday … feeling better and better not relying on my kip to get me there

  16. Nico

    4 rounds at 275 lbs and 24 kg KBS

    Did a couple warm ups at 315 lbs – felt heavy but not too bad.
    Still need to practice HSPUs

    Fun times and good to be back after three days of hell at work.

  17. MikeM

    3 rds + 5 + 6

    DLs at 275# — haven’t done heavy deads in a long while, didn’t think the form or focus was there to attempt 315.