Coolest Guy on the Planet! Our Mountain Man!


Coolest Guy on the Planet! Our Mountain Man!

Proof our fearless leader is alive and WELL!  Looks like the trip of the century!

We LOVE & MISS you, Eric Love!  😀

Warm-Up of the Week (2)
(Back to Dip Practice!)
1.  2 x Up to Lex down to 3rd & Back
2.  8 Minutes to Complete the Following:
(  Do everything properly and with control)
–  10 Shoulder Shoulder Circles
–  10 Walking Spidermans with Squat Hold & Stretch
–  10 Back Rolls to Split & Reach
–  10 Active Adductor Stretch
–  10 Wall Squats
–  20 GHD Sit-Ups   (Go back as far as you can doing them correctly.  There won’t be any dangerous reps.)
3.  Spend 3 Minutes working on Ring Dips:
Supports will be first.  Once they’re solid, we’ll move on to dips – Jumping, Negatives, Strict –  Max Sets and / or Max CLEAN, SAFE Reps.

**  If you show up early, Foam Roll!!!  **

Work up to a 1RM Split Jerk

If you’ve never done Split Jerks or Push Presses,
Sub in Push Presses for a 1RM
Your Coach will help you decide what’s best for you.

Paleo Challenge Starts today.  Hopefully you’ve got your fridges stocked.
If you have any questions along the way, E-Mail Jen @ – [email protected]

Alexey Chentsov, Ed Gevinsky, Roy Ferguson, Sally Slater  –  E-mail Jen so she has your contact info!

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  1. Vikram

    Nice picture. Miss you ELove – wherever you are.

    Happy New Year to all our Jewish family and good luck to our Paleo team!

    Underwhelming return to 6 AM after work travel last week. No Big Mike, Jared and the ladies. But we had AVA pumping “St. Elmo’s Fire” and Kenny Loggins.

    SJ: 135

    Have gone higher, but worked on form. 145 got too sloppy.

  2. Adam Van Auken

    SJ: 215(PR from 205 on 8/27/12). I’m working my way up to Dale’s strict press.

    Great to have you back, Vikram! Those jerks looked good.

    I love the 80s.

  3. jen

    Day 1! Good luck everyone!!
    They have extended the deadline to sign up for the Paleo Challenge until 9/19 at 5pm for you procrastinators out there… just got one more this am!!

    Be sure to email me if you do sign up…(I can’t see the full list anymore)
    [email protected]

  4. EJ


    Grab a partner! WOD and support Steve’s Club! Steve’s Club’s mission is to provide a national network of programs through which at-risk or under served youth of any socioeconomic background can join in the CrossFit Community at a reduced, low or no cost structure

    When: 10am

    Where: Crossfit Virtuosity/The Brooklyn Barbell Club
    The Workout: It’s a Partner WOD.

    Check out the link or email EJ for more information ([email protected])

  5. mcohen

    Snuck into a hero WOD before Temple at Crossfit Westchester

    Danny- 30 box jumps 24′, 20 push press @ 115 lbs, 30 pullups.

    2 rounds and 63 reps Rx’d.

    They do not call them hero wods by accident.

    See you all tomorrow

  6. ERIC S.

    Nice old 1.0 Crossfit class
    Felt great and comfortable in all my reps. Fast and deep on the splits. Great coaching B-boy

  7. Amylynne

    113. not a PR but tiiiired today and bottom of feet are hurting for some reason?! need to work on getting down lower and faster at the bottom and making sure my chest doesn’t tilt forward

  8. Adam Van Auken

    Yo 6 AM Crew,

    I have Spotify and would be happy to prepare a playlist of your favorite songs (if they are available) if you email them to me at adamvanauken at yahoo dot com. Peace.

  9. Charles

    Worked up to 138×1. I def have more in me, but I’m still being a bit conservative given my landing needs some work. Shout out to Brendan for improving my jump quite a bit today! It felt better than it’s felt to date. One of the blocking factors for me right now is the tightness of my hip flexors…they’re keeping me from getting that bottom position super solid and comfortable.

  10. sassypants

    Worked up to 105 starting to feel better getting faster under but still need work. I think it’s a confidence thing. Not over thinking things is not part of my normal repertoire.

  11. Nico

    WOD at the box in Cannes, France

    Warm up:
    100m run
    10 walk out
    100m run
    10 clap push ups
    100m run
    10 wall squats
    100m run
    100m sprint

    W/ a partner (cap at 30 min)
    Cash in:
    2 rounds of 400m run and 25 OHS with PVC pipe

    WOD at 35kg (77 lbs):
    55/40/25 Thrusters
    55/40/25 Clap push-ups
    55/40/25 Clean press
    55/40/25 Knees to elbow

    Cash out:
    2 rounds of 400m run and 25 OHS with PVC pipe

    We did 340 between the two of us (1st round with 55 reps completed and completed up to the knees to elbow on the 2 round with 40 reps)

    That was a fun workout but missing the CFM crew!

  12. TC

    No time to make it to CFM today so I did some work in my apartment.

    Not for time…
    50 ring push ups w/ 40lb weight vest
    100 air squats w/ 40lb weight vest
    50 pull ups
    100 sit ups
    50 ring dips

  13. BAston

    Got 1 at 195#, but it was ugly. Went down to 190# and it felt fine, so went back to 195#, and failed miserably. Need to be faster on the dip speed.

    Bikini challenge: 25 GHD’s and 25 T2B’s. Feeling those plank holds from the ERoc wod yesterday.

  14. Alicia

    120 PR up 5 from 9/15
    Was shooting for 100 but then remembered I did 115 on Saturday. 120 was a little wobbly, but felt good. Putting marks on the floor helped me be consistent

  15. Melanie

    Split Jerk: 83lbs up from 73lbs last time

    This felt good. Some lifts better than others. It’s a matter of gaining the confidence to dip and get down faster in order for me to go up in weight

  16. alexsnape

    95 (5) – 115 (3) – 135 (2) – 145 (1) – 155 (1) – 165 (1) – 155 (1)

    165 is a PR but I still feel like I can go heavier!!

  17. martin.lopez

    135×1 (PR, felt easy)

    Felt like I could’ve kept going heavier, I think I started too light on this

  18. sallys

    108# (PR, up from 95#)

    Didn’t feel too bad, except I bruised the crap out of my collar bone on the way down. I think I had a few more in me, although I still am jumping forward instead of up.

    Made it through Day 1 of the challenge! Craving Mountain Dew.

  19. AllisonNYC


    Small PR but it felt fabulous! The whole workout was unexpected because I was so sick for the last couple of days and I haven’t jerked heavy in so long.. with any real success anyways. I was thinking I would just see what I could manage and stay light and then BAM!
    Love how the days where you expect the least turn out so well.

    I should have went for the 198 but by the time I unloaded the bar, racked it and loaded it back up & let the class in, I was wiped and didn’t go for it.

    133 x 4, 143 x 3, 153 x 2
    x1 – 163, 173, 183, 188, 193
    Brought all of them back down to my shoulders except for the last one which I bumped on the ground.