Event Announcement – Support Steve’s Club on Saturday!


Event Announcement – Support Steve’s Club on Saturday!

prepping for some Back Squats.

5 Rounds for Time of:
5 Cleansย  123/175
7 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups
10 Toes to Bar

Scaled Workout Options:
5 Rounds for Time:
5 Hang Cleans / Hang Power Cleans / Front Squats
7 Negative HSPUs,ย  7 Kick-Ups w/ Hold, 7 Pike HSPU on Box
10 Jumping Pull-Ups, Negatives or Ring Rows
10 Hanging Leg Raises

Support Steve’s Club at CrossFit Virtuosity this Saturday, September 22

Steveโ€™s Clubโ€™s mission is to provide a national network of programs through which at-risk or under served youth of any socioeconomic background can join in the CrossFit Community at a reduced, low or no cost structure.

The event starts at 10am and it will be a Partner WOD, so bring a friend!

Check out the link HERE, or email EJ for more information ([email protected])

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  1. ledbelly

    In2Crossfit Clapham

    Buy In: Tabata Skips (I said wtf is a skip when the trainer Sarah wrote this on the board)

    4 rounds – Singles
    4 rounds – Dubs

    WOD: 20 minute AMRAP
    2 Wall Climbs
    8 taters (24KG)
    16 wall balls (9KG)
    10 – burpee jump over the box, yes, over, not on

    5 rounds rx’d

    Cash Out: Tabata Pull-ups

    This was a fun and friendly gym, only downside is they didn’t have any t-shirts. I am not happy I had to wake up at 5:15am and I didn’t get a t-shirt as a souvenir

    Will try to check out Crossfit Central London manana – hope they have t-shirts


  2. BAston

    DNF with a 20 minute cap: 4 rounds (105#) + 2 cleans (but as Jared said, I’m happy with this because we tried hard). I had no clue there was a time cap until the 17th minute, so prob could have tried to rest less. HSPU’s were a disgrace, but at least my shoulder didn’t hurt. Thanks ERoc with the form help, made a huge difference.

    Happy to be back as a permanent fixture at 6am….. And starting the wod with Hulk Hogans theme song was great! Thanks AVA!

  3. Jared

    Not sure if I said that, but I agree, there was a great energy this morning with all the hard work.

    4 rounds + 3 cleans @ 155 lbs. I failed one clean in the 3rd round, but it overall felt good. Allison told me to loosen up my arms a bit, so I will remember that for next time.

  4. Vikram

    Really enjoyed the large class this AM. Helps to look around and see people trying so hard. Allison, thanks for your kind words about my cleans improving. Means so much. Still so far to go though…

    19:39 – only 85 lbs and subbed HSPUs with 10 box-assisted HSPUs per round. Need extra stimulus there.

    I really, really, really want to finish this winter with a SOLID MOVEMENT XFIT TOOLBOX. HSPUs, MUs, dips etc.

    So much work to do!!

  5. ERIC S.

    13:59 Rx’d
    Morning classes are fun but super packed. Some of you should try 7am. Anyway I’m glad I was around to assist Allison. Great energy and everyone moved well.
    Ava quit resting so much!

  6. BAston

    AVA that is great. Nothing better than the Ultimate Warrior coming down at the end of the match to beat up Psycho Sid and Papa Shango! Hulkster owed him one….. #dorkinjuniorhigh

  7. AllisonNYC

    Ask Bren about his Ultimate Warrior story and watch him get ALL FIRED UP! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good job this morning, everyone! And definitely try what Eric suggested.. Hit up a 7am if possible!

  8. mcohen


    125 lbs. cleans for first three rounds, then dropped to 95 lbs. to maintain form. Handstand holds after the first round.

    Allison, you are amazing. Keeping that organized and giving each of us a little technical assistance. That room was packed, and you kept it moving well. You rock

  9. Melanie

    4 + 2 cleans @ 68lbs

    Landings on the cleans felt solid but may have landed too wide on certain reps.

    Mostly negative HSPU’s with some assisted HSPU’s by E and Allison ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rings Rows

    Great coaching as always!

  10. Paige

    20 minutes

    Had to use ring rows for round 5 to finish in time

    68# cleans
    negative HSPU (thanks EROC for the assist)
    and AllisonNYC when I failed on P/Us

    great class this AM

  11. MacIntyre

    21:46…yes, over the cap, but wanted to finish the last round!
    Worked on cleans from half-way in order to work on the movement.
    Allison-assisted HSPUs (thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), rings, and T2B attempts.
    Such a great class this am, the assistance (and jokes) were very much appreciated!

  12. EJ


    1) Paleo Challenge has begun.

    It’s not too late to start! 5pm on 9/19 is the LAST DAY TO REGISTER
    Email Jen with any questions ([email protected])

    2) SATURDAY – Beat the Streets Fundraiser @ CF Virtuosity

    Grab a partner and support this great cause. Email me with questions, [email protected]

    3) SUNDAY – Injury Prevention Seminar with Dr. Mike 12:30-1:30

    Come in after open gym to hear Dr. Mike talk about CrossFit, common injuries, and ways to continue to work out safely. Dr. Mike has treated many of our athletes. We will have a sign up for 10 minute consultations after the session. Details soon

    4) CLASSES

    Fall has officially begun and everyone has returned from their awesome vacations! Just a note, our 6AM classes and 630PM sessions are our most popular. Come and check out our other sessions if you haven’t had a chance to yet. The schedule is pretty robust and it would help alleviate any traffic jams on equipment and maybe score you a few more seconds less on your WODs ๐Ÿ™‚


    There’s a collection of notebooks, shirts/waterbottles and wrist wraps in the lost and found bin. Please check it out before Sunday or the items will be donated or thrown out.

    6) BLOG

    Don’t forget to blog – this goes to all you newbies!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Any questions/concerns, please email me ([email protected])

  13. AllisonNYC

    Oohhh EJ, have I told you lately that I love you???
    PLUS.. pretty amazing stuff that went down today with you ad that workout. You even did a better job than the Olympian.. (Who was a JOY to watch.. and listen to.. might I add)

    Thank you, Mike! You guys make getting up BEFORE the crack of Dawn Enjoyable! You all delight me.

    BUT Seriously, BEST 10am class EVER of all time. Major ass kicking went down and Brett’s efforts were awe inspiring.
    LOVED IT!!!!

    PLUS it’s RAINING?!! This day couldn’t get better.

  14. EJ

    17:07 or 21:19

    hahah – lost track of where I was, so I did another round so not to short change myself. I think the initial time may be the correct one, since I was right behind Amylynne

    #125 (+2lbs) rx’d and S. HSPUs

    -Super happy to get S HSPUs, broke them into a sets of 4/3

  15. Brett

    If finishing WOD’s in ridiculously slow times, being too wimpy to kick up into a handstand, and using weights well below those proscribed for women, let alone men, is awe inspiring….then I’m your guy!

    So on to more important matters…

    In response to the proverb “All work(ing out) and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, I bring to you the following:


    1) Saturday, September 22 – The Boss, Bruce Springsteen at MetLife Stadium at 7:30 PM. About 40 of us will be tailgating beginning at 3:30. We will have an RV (we affectionately refer to it as the RSS – Rolling Sh-t Show) from which to operate. And with respect to the paleo challenge we will serve the following:

    6 oz portions of Australian Red Yellowtail
    Skinless, Boneless Gray Goose
    Free Range Wild Turkey
    Chilled Moosehead

    If you plan to go to the show that night, let me know and you can join our healthy tailgate. No need to bring anything, as we are supplying everything. Just pay for your concert tix (scalping at show will probably be easy)

    2) Sunday, September 30 – 9:00 AM – Tunnel to Towers 5K Run

    This is a Fundraising run through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the site of the Twin Towers in honor of those who served and died on 9/11. We have a team of about 40 runners called “Team Art and Soul”, in honor of my college buddy Art Jones who died that day. Dale will of course be joining as he is the only other Metropolis graduate of Hamilton College (I think he graduated about 2 years after me).

    Immediately following the run at 10:30 or so we will head to the Beekman Pub.


    It is on 15 Beekman St (4 blocks from the race end)and we booked the back room for post-run paleo and are supplying food and beverages similar to the Springsteen concert. All are welcome to join. The link to our race page is below.


    3) Saturday, October 6th – 2:00PM-11:00PM 20th annual Octoberfest party. About 1,000 attendees. Details to follow

    4) Saturday, October 20th – Far Hills Races (Also called The Hunt) – Details to follow, website info below. We have 2 spots and are catering them


    5) Sunday, November 4th – The 18th Annual Meat Bowl at Metlife Stadium (Giants-Steelers) – Details to follow. Just ask Eroc about it. This will be his 4th straight appearance.

    My email is [email protected] if you wish to contact me about attending any of these events.

  16. kpo17


    3 rds + 5 cleans at 95 lbs.

    Paleo Challenge Starting Stats

    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 192.6
    Neck: 15
    Waist at widest point in hips: 35.5
    Circumference at Naval: 35.5
    Hips: 35.5
    Arms: 12
    Thighs: 22

    Army Body Fat Calculator: 18%
    Fat Mass: 34.6 lbs
    Lean Mass: 161.6

    Zone Blocks / day to maintain lean mass but lose body fat: 20-22

    60 Day Goals:

    1) Do a muscle up
    2) Snatch 115 lbs. (Current PR 105 lbs)

  17. Karin

    I definitely like Brett’s calendar!

    4 rounds plus 5 green band pull-ups
    63lbs cleans
    Red box knee HSPU
    Green band pull-ups
    knees to elbows

  18. Brooke

    @brett – the reins are yours….i quit.

    this workout was a @hitshow from the start. I wanted a double sad face.

    THe only thing good was I wanted to do cleans at at least 65lbs and I did 68 lbs.

  19. Rolf

    95# Was hopping forward. The fix was sitting back in my heels more. Did 3 rds + 5. One of those days where everything hurt.

  20. Rolf

    Oh and sick line up Brett. Amy and I have some pretty awesome trips to bed bath an beyond and home depot (if there is time) coming up.. All welcome to join…

  21. TC

    3 rds + 2 cleans rx’d

    I didn’t finish in time but I was very happy with my progress.

    Was able to do cleans w/ 175lbs and felt my form was still solid.

    The HSPU practice is definitely working. I was able to do every round strict. I had to break them up into doubles and singles but was able to keep going without burning out.ย 

  22. jen

    3 rounds+17
    63# cleans
    Started with negatives to the floor. Got 5 total then didn’t press my luck any further. Went to gray box instead of abmat to work on full ROM
    Pullups and t2b Rx’d

    2 mile walk home in pouring rain Rx’d. Tired.

  23. Jason Castro

    DNF 4 Rounds + 10 reps
    145lbs cleans
    HSPU strict, first 2 rounds unbroken then broken up into 2 sets. Everything else was ok.

  24. dlede

    26:something rx’ed

    Im with Tommy, strict HSPU definitely a sticking point and took most of my time but getting way better with our new practice

    cleans felt good and hope we keep going this heavy, such a different feeling than going light and high reps and cant even remember the last time I did heavy cleans…:(

    thanks for the push guys!!

  25. nicola

    3 + 18
    Cleans @ 63
    Black box HSPU
    Pullup and t2b rx

    10 secs left, felt a callus starting to rip…had to call it quits. Bah.

  26. cat

    rough afternoon- i needed that. sorry i was late!!

    3 rds + 7

    73 lbs cleans- form wasnt perfect for all, but at least i could feel when i was off!
    HSPU- neg to ab mat, the neg was def faster as the wod went on
    5 assisted pull ups with B
    10 k2e/knees up

  27. sallys

    DNF, 3 rounds + 15 (5 cleans, 10 reg. push ups)

    83# cleans
    HSPU – first two rounds neg to ab mat, and then I started somersaulting and gave up. Switched to 10 regular pushups for half of round 3 and round 4.
    5 assisted pull ups (thanks Brendan!)
    10 knees up

    Paleo challenge day 2 was a success, but I have the shakes from lack of diet soda (maybe that’s why my HSPU sucked?). Usually do around 6 bottles a day.

  28. Ang

    4 rd + 5
    53# on cleans keeping light on the knee and focusing on form
    negative hspu with a few quick head to the floor
    jumping pu