February Newsletter


February Newsletter

Metropolis Newsletter
February 2018

The open is coming…

It’s our annual test and celebration of fitness, so sign-up!¬†Here are some reasons you should sign up for the CrossFit Open! The first three are my personal reasons for signing up.

  1. The whole thing is just fun. Watching the announcements, strategizing, encouraging others, proving yourself. It’s different than regular training. It’s a test. It’s about showing off all the hard work you’ve put in the year prior.
  2. You get to see your worldwide rank improve over time. Here’s mine (2018 is just a projection):
  3. It is fun to try and out-do your friends on the leaderboard.
  4. It pushes you harder. The atmosphere and structure helps a surprising number of people perform their first muscle-ups, PR their lifts, and so on…
  5. You can bond with other CrossFitters all over the world, people you used to train with, athletes at boxes you visit while traveling. Pretty much every CrossFitter will be doing the open.
  6. You might qualify for Regionals.
  7. I am telling you, as your coach to sign up for the Open. Testing season is here. It will be good for you.

Sign up for the open here. 

Upcoming Events

CrossFit Games – begins February 22nd.

This Month’s Focus: Metabolic Conditioning



Let’s make it hurt. For fancy conditioning workouts with a lot of numbers and magic, check out aerobiccapacity.com, Instagram, and your online fitness periodical of choice.

For simple, effective hard work, just come to the gym and give it everything you’ve got. We’ll throw an extra dash of fitness in their just for you.

Great reads from the web

Work to control your mind, not your environment. – must-read from Catalyst Athletics

Breathing Air Before Fire – all about breathing from the Journal

One more thing…

During the CrossFit Open, our schedule will be as follows:

Monday to Wednesday – Hard workouts as usual

Thursday – Hard workouts at 6, 7, 10am, and 5, 6, 7pm. The Open workout announcement is at 8pm, and as such 8pm will be open gym. Come for the announcement and bring snacks!

FridayAM classes: Perhaps some open prep, perhaps something totally different. PM classes: Friday night lights. All classes will be the CrossFit Open workout for that weekend.

Saturday – CrossFit Open workout during class times. Same schedule as usual.

Sunday – Hard workout during class times. Not the open workout. Open gym is from 12:30 to 2:00. Same schedule as usual.

Note that we are devoting both Friday PM and Saturday AM to the CrossFit Open, as it is our focus for 5 weeks. If you would like to work out on both Friday and Saturday, either come Friday AM and Saturday AM, or utilize Saturday’s Open Gym time.

If you are unable to participate in the open on Friday or Saturday or during open gym times, you may perform the open workout during class time on Monday as well, although please be respectful of the class going on, and bring a judge with you.

Happy Training!


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