7 Rounds For Time of:
7 Thrusters
7 Knees to Elbows
2 Rope Climbs
**  Every Minute on the Minute, Stop and do 3 Burpees

If you struggle with rope climbs but you can make it up the rope you can scale to 1 Rope Climb Each Round.
OR if you can kind of get up but are afraid to go up all the way, do 2 half rope climbs so you can get down easier.. Just work on using your legs properly.

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.
–  Michael Jordan

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  1. Vikram

    Amazing 6 AM vibe! Love that krew!

    -Lara’s first time rope climbing…killed it…
    -Rolf “the Kaiser” Edelman Rxing beast…
    -Larger-than-Life Mike leading the charge…
    -Each and every one of you!

    20:06 @ 65 (shoulder feeling better, but don’t want to push it)

    Thanks, EJ & Lauren! Happy Fry-day. This one is a killer.

  2. mcohen

    20:52 Rx’d.

    Just when you think that Metropolis sit up ass burn is the worst thing that can happen to you along comes rope climbs. I may not wear a dress sock for a while.

    Heavy V you hit it on the head. Great vibe this morning. Rolf, thanks for pushing so hard, you made that one a blast.

    Off for a week. Enjoy everyone.

  3. Vikram

    …man, that burn is NO JOKE. Caught me by surprise. Calves and inner thighs. I let out a Rick James ‘ooowww’ in the shower. My wife thought I was singing.

    PM classes, bring heavy/long socks. Might want to wear tights under your shorts. You’ll need ’em for the rope.

    God speed Big Mike. 6 AM won’t be the same without you.

  4. amy edelman

    Great workout…it was brutal

    22:55 but really struggled on the rope climbed. Failed on a few & had to do only 1 on pretty much all.
    53# thruster

    Have a good vacation @mcohen & happy bday on the 26th!!!

  5. Rolf

    A rare morning appearance for me. Great way to start the day. Vikram might be the happiest person i have ever met at 6am. its contagious.

    19:48 RX’d. thanks for pushing me mike. Have good vaca.

    Nice work on the Rope ladies (@Paige-much improved technique from last time haha)

  6. Paige

    What a WOD!
    That’s all I got!
    Great energy everyone.
    @Mike- have a great week!
    @Rolf- convert to am’s!

  7. Melanie

    – 58lb thrusters… I really lose my form – need to focus on knees out and not letting bar slide down
    – last 3 rounds I scaled down to 1 rope climb

    This was terrible and felt like it took me 45 minutes.. I would also like to point out that we all did an average of 60 burpees in addition to everything else! On happier note ……Happy Friday!

  8. Benjammin

    Skinny V has got it right! 6 am is the cat’s pajamas! Love the vibe! Was 1 rope climb shy of the time cap. but on the bright side I did do 75 burpees! See you guys next week!

  9. EJ

    Strong work this AM guys! Great energy this morning.

    PM session- take V’s advice and wear long socks/pants. Everyone from the AM sessions got up the rope today! So proud of you all 🙂

  10. Katie

    DNF 4 rounds + K2E
    65# thrusters
    Got stuck each round at the ropes. Made it all the way up for the first time the first few rounds thanks to EJ’s coaching, encouragement and support. Thank you EJ!

  11. AllisonNYC

    Congrats, Katie! So cool!

    Shout out to EJ for cleaning out the scary front storage closet, getting rid of the broken GHD & changing the lightbulb in the shower! Not only is she a great coach, but she can organize with the best of them, too.

    Go, girl!

  12. sassypants

    WOD1 of the day:
    500m row, 10pullup, 30 du’s
    400m row, 10 pullup, 30 du’s
    300m row, 10 pullup, 30 du’s
    200m row, 10 pullup, 30 du’s
    19minutes and change

    Going to attempt WOD2 tonight. Never climbed the rope before and am a klutz so the combination of those should make for an interesting sight.

  13. esantos

    19:04 Rx’d

    Back from a week break – was able to get the first 3 rounds in 3 minutes or so, then died…DIED.

    Bring a bandage for the rope burn.

  14. Jared

    CrossFit Shoreside in Evanston Il

    50 135 lbs back squats w no rack
    450m run
    5 muscle ups


    Back squats unbroken. Muscle ups in set of 2, 1 and 2.

  15. Adam Van Auken

    23:00 @ 95# thrusters. Rope climbs were better this time with bare hands. I need to get to the top in two pulls. I can do this as long as I remember to shake out the rope (thanks EJ). Still need to work on getting down.

    The best tutorials I’ve seen on rope climbing:
    And this eight part series beginning here:

    @Jared – you did 50 135# back squats unbroken? That’s insane.

  16. vicnord

    brutal WOD!

    completed 5 rds.+ thrusters & 2 K2E. Scaled: 58# thrusters & only one rope climb per round.

    red faced and nauseous

  17. Nico

    Completed 6 rounds + 7 knees-to-elbow & 2 rope climb but did not manage to get the last 7 thrusters…

    The rope climbs and the K2Es were fine but the burpees and thrusters literally killed me!!!

    It was a great workout and thank you Ej and Adam for the words of encouragement.

  18. BAston

    I hereby rename this wod “Frankelstein”…. Doing this with Amylynne, while she lapped me twice, was insane. Since it was only us two, and a little bit of EJ peppered in, I stopped after 5 rounds. I didn’t want to do 2 rounds by myself. Did thrusters at 85#, I have zero explosiveness, need to work on those this Sunday. The burpees were such a nuisance.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend, I’ll be missing KHour tomorrow for my Fantasy Football draft. Nothing like a bunch of adults yelling at each other for 3 hours.

  19. sassypants

    WOD2 of the day:
    DNF with 1 rope climb left
    rx’d thrusters and k2e, 1 rope climb per round

    lessons of the day:
    1. more nutrition is needed to multi-wod
    2. i can climb a rope
    3. rope burns are worse than hand rips
    4. i can scream like a girl
    5. my little friend stephanie dominated that rope!

  20. bfarrel

    25 minutes of work.

    Thrusters: bitching around weight in the form of a thruster is just fun.
    Knees 2 Elbows: ain’t happening yet, 2:1 ratio on the abmats. Badass.
    Rope Climbs: these suck, all arms, no legs. We can’t all have rope climbs like stephmill… well maybe we can but it will take a lot of freaking work.

    The only done today as rx’d: Dos Toros post WOD. Can someone say habanero hot sauce on three?

  21. MikeM

    DNF @ 25 min.
    6 rds + 7 + 7. Thrusters @ 95#, but only 1 rope climb per round (first time on the rope, surprisingly).


    @Brad: Dos Toros is a minimum of once a week cash out.

  22. Jason Castro

    6 rounds + 7 thrusters at 95 lbs, and 1 rope climb.
    Needed 1 more rope climb but my arms were dead.

  23. AllisonV

    DNF: 3 rounds + 4 thrusters
    Thrusters @ 43#

    Thanks to EJ and Eroc for coaching me on the rope climbs! And for being patient as I stubbornly insisted on doing 2 each round. Never thought I would be able to climb a rope!

    Burpees. Ew.

  24. phillipc

    Either 5+7 or 6+7, I lost count. Burpees killed me

    Shower + double date at Sfoglia…pretty decent:I recco