Alex, the super stud with the most perfect squat in the world.

100 – 75 – 50  Double Unders
30 – 20 – 10 Toes to Bar
30 – 20 – 10 KBS  16/24

Cash Out:
Not For Tie or Speed or Score.. So do these slowly and correctly!
3 Sets of:
Mex Set of: BACK Extensions  (or 15 Minimum)
8 – 12 Bent over DB Rows

Last chance for Dino BBQ…

Dinosaur BBQ
Sunday, August 26th
3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
~$30 per person
3 meats, 3 sides, yum…

Email Brooke NOW if you want to join
[email protected]

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  1. EJ


    1) Date Auction –>DT and Brad

    Hey all – DT and Brad are being auctioned for charity. Come out to the event and support the cause and get one of these studs on an evening out


    Hey everyone! It’s time for another nutrition challenge here at Metropolis. This time we are doing things a little bit differently. Lurongliving is having a Paleo Challenge and we are going to participate. It is open to ALL CrossFit affilitates, so you are competing against CrossFitters from all over the country – and we all know how this group loves a little competition!! The challenge runs from 9/17-11/18.
    Buy in is $50

    3) ***SAVE THE DATE: Nutrition Seminar from Brendan, as well as a brief informational meeting, will be on Sunday 9/9. Time TBD.

    “This is the first Nationwide Paleo Challenge that gives people of all experience levels a chance to win. The comprehensive scoring is based on 3 major components: WOD performance, diet and improvements. Compete both as an individual and for your Affiliate Team.”

    Check out the website for more information and SIGN UP under CF Metropolis!!! Once we have 20 people, we qualify for a grand prize!!

    Stay tuned….More details to come…….If you have any questions so far, email me at [email protected]

    4) FUNDRAISER – Brian Aston is running the NYC marathon for Frank’s charity. On September 7th from 7pm-10pm he will be guest bartending (specifically, Standing Tall). Hope everyone can come out, and have a few drinks, and help him raise money for a great cause. Hope to see everyone there!

    LOCATION: Swig, 2nd Ave between 84th & 85th.

  2. Jared

    16:30 rx’d of a pure s-show

    If you are interested in watching me represent CFM at CF Virtuosity tomorrow, my heat is at 10:13! I will attempt my first bar muscle up.

  3. Vikram

    15:18 – ibid on the s-show. Scaled DUs (one minute DUs, rest double single unders). The rest Rx. This week was tough…


    Happy Fry-day y’all. Won’t make the meat-fest this weekend, but still hope to make my workouts.

  4. Jared

    vikram – does CFM test for performance enhancing drugs? I think 6am may be investing in some soon to pad our lead on the PM classes.

  5. Lara F


    1 min practice DU’s, Think I got 8 in there, but with a single in between.
    198, 142, 84 singles.

    Toes to Bar: Knees to elbows, hard enough.
    Def need help here!

    KBS 12kgs, think I can go heavier

    Back extensions should be called hamstring stingers!

    Good luck tmrw Jared!

    Happy Friday everyone! 😉

  6. Vikram

    The closest I got to ‘juicing’ was the protein shakes. And those just made me chubby…But I think you may be on to something, Jared. 6 am is going to have to step it up to take on the PM classes.

  7. Adam Van Auken

    14:40 rx’d. I’m pretty happy about this one and felt “in the zone” on dubs. Each DU round took 3 tries which I’m fine with since I failed from fatigue not lack of form. Toes to bar took forever as I was doing second and third rounds in sets of 5. KBs unbroken second and third round. I’m not sure that doing the 30 unbroken would have been beneficial.

  8. BAston

    16:12 rx’d. DU’s were better than they have been lately. T2B’s felt good, KB’s were brutal. I rested too much on those.

    But the best news of the day…. I got a new job at Bank of New York! The summer of Brian is over! Yay structure! See u soon 6am crew!

  9. Vikram

    Congrats, Bri! 6 am can’t wait to have you back…

    You all are posting some awesome times today. I was flat on my back after a scaled 15:18. EJ blows my mind…

    Scared to see what happens if Amylynne and Eroc make it in today.

  10. Charles

    First post on CFM wordpress due to popular request this morning at the 9 AM.

    19:10 with 24 KB. For the DUs, I followed the suggestion of doing as many as I could for 1 min, then follow them up with singles. I’m getting the hang of stringing the DUs together, but I’ve only gotten about 5 in a row. Those need some work… as do my T2B!

    I’m finding it very hard to get a rhythm going on T2B actually. Kipping doesn’t seem to help, and when I do it strict, my body naturally starts to sway irregularly. Sigh.


  11. Amylynne

    Lol, V- Ej crushed me. Would blame it on ripped hands but…she is just a beast! Gotta have someone to chase, I guess!!!

    11:28 RX’D
    Sweaty mess- could barely hold on to kb and bar!

  12. lauren

    ***Prices for the CMC Urban Assault go up TONIGHT at midnight***

    So if you’re thinking about signing up, now’s a good time. We’ve got a decent number of CFMers signed up – it’s going to be a fun one.

    Send any questions/thoughts my way!

    Gym Belle

  13. Rolf

    @BAston congrats neighbor. Fun class, the intensity always up a notch with Adam there! 18:30 did it rx but couldn’t putter than 5-6 du’s together at a time. Ugh.

  14. Alicia

    struggled on DU’s, got 1st & 3rd rnd. Did 25 dus in 2nd followed by 100 singles
    T2B went after the warmup – knees up for the wod

  15. sassypants

    When the double unders flow, they flow. The trick was to keep the hands low by your sides, so you are just flicking the wrists and not using your grip strength to turn the rope.
    Fun wod!

  16. mikey.bialos

    12:43 rx- fun wod!

    i’m betting on Eroc doing this in about 8:45… fucking manimal.
    and thanks EJ and Eroc for the inspiring coaching, and, thank god, the stretching. sorry will be missing y’all next few days- i’m focusing on climbing a lot right now, and also torturing my wife.

  17. PJ

    @ danjohn @95 mostly
    3×8 power clean
    3×8 back squat
    3×8 press 75#
    5 min amrap: 5 t2b, 10 push ups, 10 kb swings 1.25 pood, 4 or 5 rounds. knee slowly getting better.

  18. Nico


    Sub 1 minute DU practice + 2x remainder (getting better at single unders but still a lot of practice needed in order to get the DUs)

    24# KBS