Get it, Get it, Get it!

4 Rounds for Time:
8 L-Pull-Ups
12 Touch & Release Push-Ups
Sprint (Up to Lex, down to 99th & back)
30 Double Unders
12 Touch & Release Push-Ups
Sprint (Down to 3rd & Back)

** Keep your body tight during the push-ups.  No worming up.  If you need to, go down on your toes & up on your knees.  **

**  If you really struggle with double unders, do 30 Double Under attempts.  Count both missed and good reps.  **

**  If you can’t do solid L-Pull-Ups, sub in 12 Strict Pull-Ups, or whichever variation is toughest for you. **

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  1. EJ



    If you purchased one from me or are interested in having your own please e-mail me, [email protected]. Ropes are $15 and are from Rogue Fitness

    2) SUNDAY – Injury Prevention Seminar with Dr. Mike 12:30-2PM

    Come hear Dr. Mike talk about CrossFit, common injuries, and ways to continue to work out safely. Dr. Mike has treated many of our athletes. We will have a sign up for 10 minute consultations after the session. Sign up for the consult will be available that morning, so be sure to get in a little early to get on the list.


    There’s a collection of notebooks, shirts/waterbottles and wrist wraps in the lost and found bin. Please check it out before Sunday or the items will be donated or thrown out.

    4) Team Throwdown 9/29

    Team rosters are listed here

    If you cannot make it, please highlight your name in red.

    If I don’t have your email address, send me a message([email protected])

    Each team is responsible for electing a team captain,mascot, team color to wear for the event! Team 3 is wearing green!

    5) 10% Discount @ LexCare Pharmacy (100th and Lex)

    Cheaper than CVS – mention you go to CF Metropolis and receive a discount

  2. Vikram

    AWESOME Coach LoLo Deep V-neck Fry-day. AVA playlist jamming, KPO sleeping, Jared and Big Mike crushing. The world is as it should be.

    17:58 – but with some form issues. Special thanks to Coach EJ for her help. Have the heart – need the form.

    Thinking about getting a 6 AM tattoo…that’s how much I love those guys.

  3. Jared

    Keep the morning class times the same! 6am forever!

    17:49 – this was rough. A real burner.

    Great morning class. Makes waking up at 5:20 every morning completely worth it. So inspiring.

  4. BAston

    18:48 rx’d

    L-sits felt amazing. Doing 25 T2B’s and ring pull ups everyday really helped with these. DU’s were working, push ups felt fine until the end, shoulder was killing me.

    Throwing on the stupid v neck for the group photo showed why I don’t like v necks….. #mancleavage.

  5. mcohen

    16:56 Rx’d

    It was nice to just turn off the mind this morning and go-go-go. All the OLY lifting and the form problems that I have gets in your head. Its nice to just do movements some times that you don’t have to think about.

    To all of you who are competing tomorrow, good luck and enjoy the experience. And, if your not, sign up for something, anything, its an awwesome experience and makes all this hard work we do worth while.

  6. Vikram

    Special apologies to Gus for getting tripped up on the run. Who knew Skinny V could take out a South African rugby beast?

    Gus – you’re a great sport and a very welcome addition to the morning!

  7. dcasey

    honored to participate in my first true Vneck friday. thank you, jared.

    In addition to Vnecks, playlists,knocking each other over,complaining about schedule changes, and gossiping, we also had time work out this morning. which was nice

    20:40 RXish – L pull ups questionable – chasing KPO the whole time was helpful / frustrating

  8. Paige


    That was a tough one.
    Did pull ups for the first round and went to ring rows for the others.

    Love the 6AM crew.You motivate me to get up every morning! Great coaching Lolo and EJ!!!

  9. Katie

    Made up Wednesday’s KBS/ burpee Paleo challenge WOD – 16:14 RX’d. Tough to do alone but I really appreciate Z, Brett, EJ & Steph cheering for me and pushing me while you were in the middle of your own WOD!

    Sara just dragged me into joining her work team for CMC tomorrow. A little afraid I am going to be in over my head!

  10. nprofita

    25:50 rxd. Went a little extra distance on the 2nd leg of the sprint accidentally, which was fine bc I’m a shit runner.

  11. nicola

    2rds with pull ups, rest ring rows; all regular pushups.

    I love/hate 6:30 for making me finish this crap. Whoever came up with thiswod needs to be beaten with a stick, it was just awful. I think I was staring down pukey from the 3rd sprint onward.