12 Rounds:
3 Thrusters On the Minute

** Pick your own heavy weight.  Just be sure you can make it through the whole workout without dropping.
** Hit the bottom of the squat for the rep to count.

Cash Out:
2 Rounds NFT
25 Back Extensions
40 Partner AbMat Sit-Ups with MedBall Toss (20 Each)
1 Minute Plank

** Sit-Ups **

–  The guys in the video are rockin’ it out!…  They are throwing the ball a bit prematurely though.  Aim to keep the ball straight overhead and delay the toss as long as possible:
–  If that’s too challenging, sit toes to toes and pass it to your partner instead of throwing it.

“The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities and to compete against yourself.”
– Billy Mills

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  1. Vikram

    3 months in and my first partner WOD WITH BIG MIKE! How’s that for intimidating…?

    So grateful to him for his humility, patience and advice. Good luck tomorrow!

    Thrusters @ 85. Worked on form. Letting the weight fall back down on the negatives instead of trying to catch it…

    Gracias to Coach LoLo, as always. Special thanks to PJ for turning up the playlist playaaaa…!

    Happy Friday. Off to save the euro.

  2. kpo17


    100 lbs. Great vneck friday energy errrbody!

    Yo WOD pic – what’s tighter? Brad’s rectus abdominis or Ej’s gluteus maximus?

  3. PJ

    (1) 105#; maybe another 5-10# is doable.
    (2) I really like Not for Time stuff & think planks, hip extensions & hollow rocks are why my back doesn’t hurt anymore.

    Have a great weekend everyone and good luck to our Master’s competitors!

  4. mcohen

    What a great morning.

    Thanks to Perfectly Sized V for letting me partner up. That was fun, and you are awesome. I love the energy you bring every day and the effort you put in is infectious.

    85 lbs. Thrusters. This was a perfect weight for the mobility work that I wanted to get in this morning.

    Lastly, thank you to everyone for your support and well wishes for this weekend. The Metropolis community is awesome.

  5. Melanie

    Thrusters: first 5 rounds were @ 70 then dropped down to 65 for the remaining. Really need to focus on using my hips more. Thanks Steph and Lauren for the push!

    Good luck at Master’s this weekend!

  6. Ben

    145# Front Squat.

    I think I’ve been trying to rush back the shoulder recovery and that’s why it’s been taking so long. It’s almost there but I am going to really hold off on overhead work for awhile.

  7. stephmil

    first ever 6 am WOD – loved it! & sported my deepest V because word on the street is that V-neck Friday is taken pretty seriously with the AMers.

    80# on the thrusters.

    Good luck Mike & Brad!!

  8. MacIntyre

    Starting to love the 6am class. Great coaching!
    57# on the thrusters.
    deep Vs and partner WOD-ing is always fun

  9. yasmin.carlos

    75 lbs; cleaned from ground

    mike and brad — just saw the WODs. looks like a full day of WODs you will crush. can’t wait to hear about it.

  10. dlede

    post AM sessions with lauren:

    135# thrusters, very lighter than I wanted but I am wrecked from week so wanted to make sure I never failed, and felt great about form, 145+ next time

    accessory work with gym belle was fun, some extra ab work from laughing when the ball dominated gym belle

    back extensions feeling MUCH better and controlled after only 1 week of trying them out!

    awesome job both 6am and 7am, was a great time coaching you guys!

  11. sara

    55# thrusters; heavier than I’ve done before, but think I probably could’ve done 60.

    Rock it Mike & Brad!

  12. lauren

    Happy Friday, all!

    70 lb thrusters.

    Rnd 1: Davey beat me up with a 20lb med ball, 25 back extensions, elbow plank.

    Rnd 2: Davey beat me up with a 14 lb ball, 25 back extenions, plank with arms extended.

    DJ V – send me your 6am playlist! Good luck, master men!

  13. dlede

    haha, lets just say these sit ups require the ability to catch a ball!


    one of the 10 general physical skills!

    Have fun PM crews

  14. mjansen

    @dlede…good thing it wasn’t a football…if I remember correctly you had a difficult time catching oblong shaped balls…forehead took a beating…haha

    Don’t make me pull out the video…

  15. plugpilot

    I went and saw Dr. Mike, the ART doctor. I have never felt more comfortable with somebody trying to help “fix” me in my life. Probably because his office and work table was sitting out in the sun, outside a Crossfit gym. That being said, he asked great questions about what’s ailing me, spent a long time explaining what was most likely causing my pain and inflexibility, and then got to work.

    One thing he said that jumped out at me was “I want you to feel better walking out of here today…not getting better sometime down the road, but today. I want that to happen every time I see you, because it gives us both great feedback that I’m doing something right.”

    I won’t kid you, Active Release Therapy has “Active” in the first part of the description for a reason. And what Dr. Mike put me through didn’t feel like a massage – at times it was all I could do not to have him stop. But, in the end…

    I felt better. Really, in one session.
    I had a larger range of motion.
    But best of all, I have hope that I can get back to normal.

    Go see him if you have a problem.

  16. Amylynne

    on my way to LV for a conference. ugh, the heat.

    quick run on tmill before the long flight: 3 mi @ 21:51. not my best. feeling tired after a good hard week at CFM.

  17. mikey.bialos

    gonna boulder and toprope at MPHC again this afternoon/early evening if anyone wants to hang.. even convinced the wifey to show up.

  18. Karin

    Crossfit San Fran

    Ring dips 3-3-2-1 with red band

    4 rounds for time
    8 Front squats @65lbs
    Jack London sprint (400m)
    2 minute rest


  19. sassypants

    “The Goats”
    Strict press, ring dip, weighted situp
    *started with 65#, quickly moved to 60# after 6 reps
    *weiner band
    *45# situp

    10 and 14# med ball toss situps
    3 rounds of 20

    Vicky’s little Asian man is about to rub me down…

  20. phillipc

    105#…should have gone heavier. Love thrusting the $hit out of that barbell.

    P.s. my flexibility stinks. I think I managed about 15 back extensions

    Hope everyone is watching Euro 2012…great games today. I’m off to watch Brazil vs. Argentina tmrw – whoop whoop!

  21. ERIC S.

    Thrusters @ 160
    Fun small class tonight, great job everyone!
    Good luck to my old timers in this weekends competition. Wish I were there, but I’ll be at the usaw oly cert.

  22. vicnord

    @sassypants haha – remember, it will not be Swedish!

    65# thrusters

    Somehow I managed to add a minute to my logged time here yesterday – my time was 17:44 not 18:44 and I’m still chuffed about unbroken deadlifts!

    Great weekend all!! Best of strength speed & endurance tomorrow Mike & Brad!!

  23. EJ

    Deadlift (perform sets unbroken), 30 sec rest btw

    #130 @ 6:37

    Compared to 1/24 #125 @ 7:03; broke sets up

    holy crap that was hard

    Then managed 15 back extensions. They need serious help.

    Nice job to the PM crew. Form is looking good after squeezing in some mobility work 🙂

  24. cat

    went to Dr Fidler at xfit south brooklyn today…sounds like a similar set up to Dr Mike.

    Good stuff did some work today, will go back on sunday. should also be ok to start doing some overhead work! woohoo

  25. jmiz

    Thrusters @ 115#

    2 rounds: Sub partner med ball pegs with 20x 45# overhead bumper situps.


  26. Carmen

    55# thrusters. Just right considering hip issues. Loving the mobility work up front. Thanks to Laura (a.k.a. Emma, a.k.a. Liz – had manjor lame-name-brain tonight) for sticking around for the second set of med-ball sit-ups. That was fun. First time at back extensions. Exhausting. EJ and Eric, you looked like you were having a great time out there, loved your choreography, costumes were top notch – I give them a 95. #dancefeverjokes #superoldlikeme