Strength WOD:

5 x 5 Front Squats

* Use around 85% of your 5rm for all sets
*See May 20 for reference.

“The Exorcist”

Buy in:
30 GHD situps

followed immediately by this 10 min amrap:
10 Weighted Sit-Ups
12 Toes 2 Bar
15 Weighted Hip Extensions

*For “The Exorcist” use the heaviest weight you can manage for the weighted exercises.  Post both rounds and weight used to comments. See April 19 for reference


“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”
  —  Vince Lombardi

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  1. EJ

    -If you guys are interested in TShirts and hoodies, Eroc and I will be selling them before and after the PM Classes

    -TShirts 2 styles (Unisex XS-XL) $25/Each
    -Hoodies (Unisex S-L) $45/each

    *please bring exact change. Cash monies only.

    Come say good bye to our awesome coach Mark before he heads to Cali.

    Saturday, June 23
    5pm – 8pm (officially)

    Boat Basin (79th Street / Riverside Drive — On the Hudson)

    We will have our own area / bar! Hope everyone can come!

  2. early workout at home
    death by pushups and situps
    1 on 1st minute; 2 on 2nd minute, etc.

    14:00 – pushups plus 10 situps
    105 pushups
    101 situps

  3. jhenry

    Crossfit Marriot Courtyard in Jersey somewhere.

    “Annie” 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 of double unders and situps. 11:11. Still bad, but I didn’t finish in 12 minutes last time we did this and got 30 dubs in a row, which is good for me.

    2 sets of 10 pistols.
    Hand stand holds

  4. Vikram


    AWESOME 5 x 5 FS today with the illest KPO. Kept it light (tired and it’s Fry-day), but really, really got low and worked on form.

    85 on FS; metcon 3 rounds even Rxed (45/25)

    Thanks again to KPO and Tommy-Gunn for the advice and support.

    KPO AND LIZ HAVE THEIR LAST MED SCHOOL EXAMS TODAY! Proud of those two. Bright kids…

  5. Adam Van Auken

    185 X 5. Big improvement over 5/21 when we did 5-5-5-5-5 and I worked up to 180 on the last set. Trying to keep up with my partner Joe who looked like he could do this for 30 reps.

    “The Exorcist” – I lost count but I did about 3 more rounds than Jared. I used 35s for weighted sit-ups and put the weight as close to my hips as possible. That’s physics people!

  6. Jared

    Front Squats: 195# (235# 5rm)

    Exorcist: 2 + 5 situps (45/25)

    Adam, I will not get into it with you about the last WOD. I saw your weighted situps…enough said.

    *all while wearing a V-neck

  7. BAston

    Did 6 miles in the park with a friend last night (trying dodge the corporate challenge shenanigans), so ran all over the park. Basically my legs are shot as this was my first 6 miles in 2 months.

    Push Press 5×5: 135#

    Exorcist: 3 rounds + 17 (while listening to O.A.R., nice change of pace).

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  8. BAston

    *If anyone wants to know how to get away with murder on the weighted sit ups, please email AvA directly.

  9. kpo17


    85 lbs. 2 + 22 reps at 45/25. My t2b are just pathetic.

    Couple points here people:

    1) Vikram and I chatted a bit about my approach to getting stronger on the squats. Moving a ton of weight improperly will not aid that pursuit. So for now, the name of the game is quality ROM.

    2) The Vneck 6am Friday tradition is alive and burning with the fire of a thousand thrusters. Such great, positive energy from everyone who shows up. The vibe is unbeatable, and you all (with help from the deep V) make it happen every week. It’s a pleasure to share this experience with you.

    3) Skinny V – you’re the man.

  10. Ben


    This felt good, but not great. There were a couple reps with a slight forward lean.

    2 Rounds + 12 (45/25)

  11. Melanie

    75×5.. Felt light but trying not to fatigue my legs out too much so that I can do some good endurance training this weekend for the tri. Form felt really good.

    Metcon: 2+18 – 25lb situp/15lb HE… If anyone wants some morning entertainment just watch me do weighted situps

  12. Jared

    No sandbagging by me at all! I did around 84% of my 5 rep max. The idea was to work on speed, which will then make me stronger!

    Cohen, hope you’re ok. We missed you, your v neck and your intensity today.

  13. brandy.pearson

    After this week’s WODs…..I almost started crying when I sneezed this morning. Abs on FIRE. Tonight will be awful, and I can’t wait. LOVE IT 🙂

  14. Vikram

    6 AM vibe always awesome – but never quite the same without BIG SHIRTLESS MIKE C bringing the competition heat.

    Where is that guy?

  15. mcohen

    You have to live the 6 am accountability. My peeps making sure that all is okay. Love it.

    Sorry to have missed this. I look forward all week to my v neck. Even though I rip it off. And you did my favorite lift.

    Unwanted rest day. Egoscue clinic this afternoon. And then a swim if I’m lucky. Have a great day

  16. DT

    Today was a 1st at Vneck6- not the first time the WOD wasn’t posted, but the first time mcohen did not appear. VNECKSSSS

    questionable effort on my own part this am. Don’t think I counted on the metcon. On the bright side, I kipped k2e for the first time in a hot minute.

    I have diseased hips. #sitallday #fuckthis #timetobailcube

  17. sara

    FS: 85#, which thanks to Ben’s math skills, I know was just a smidge over 85% of my 5-rep max. Felt pretty heavy, but doable.

    Metcon: 3 rounds + 7
    25# sit-ups; K2E; unweighted hip extensions

  18. dlede

    Missed you Mike!

    awesome / large AM sessions! great way to get the weekend started

    FS: 200#, felt good, could have gone higher but focused on back looking nice

    Cash out: 30 GHDs

  19. dlede

    I might have missed this way back when, but just to make sure everyone really understands how crazy the V-Neck Crew is………

    below is a link from the PM folks that “just dont get it”

    Ben Stiller (Jared) vs.
    Andy Sandberg (Kevin)

  20. vicnord

    Hi, just wanted to alert everyone to an excellent burger place – all organic – meats include elk, bison, ostrich & wild boar as well as the usual. For all of you paleo eaters, you can get your burger in an iceberg lettuce wrap – messy but delicious nonetheless. Great beer selection available in standard pints & 25oz. Oktoberfest steins – not that I’m advocating the ingestion of fermented grain products. They are at 73rd & First & there are a few other locations around the city.

  21. MacIntyre

    last day for a while- SO not happy about that.
    Glad I ended on a Vneck friday 🙂
    75 on FS.
    Metcon- 3 or 4 rounds? Little early to keep my math straight.
    25lb on sit up, 15 on HE. K2E- think my knees touched on one!

  22. BrookeHCooper

    85 lbs

    3 rounds + 4
    15 lbs situps / 25 lbs hip ext
    Toes a long way away from the bar

    Great stretching warmup!

  23. Brett

    115 lbs. I think all reps would have counted even if Head Trainer and James Bond villain Dr. No was running class today.

    30 GHD

    2 round + situps + 4 t2b. 45lbs for both. Situps and hip extensions. T2B became k2E halfway through each set.

    Just looked at tomorrows WOD and decided I’ll be going to the 3:30 class.

  24. vicnord

    75# ass to the ground

    30 GHD situps – really starting to like these!

    3 rounds 25#situps & HE
    ERoc showed me a more efficient way to do T2B – TY!!
    Re: Saturday’s workout – watched one of the regionals where the 1st place woman completed this in less than 16 min.

  25. PJ

    Away game: FS 155# x5, very low for me. However deload w the bar proved even lower is possible. 5pm and humid much better ROM.

    made up Monday metcon: 10 min amrap sprint to what looks as far as 3rd ave from CFM, 15 k2e. 4 rounds as Rx.

    Missed my brothers and sisters at 6am at the mothership. Have a nice weekend peeps.