“Barbara – ish”
5 Rounds
10 Dead Hang Pull-Ups
15 Push-Ups
20 AbMat Sit-Ups
25 PERFECT Air Squats
Rest 90 Seconds

If the heat is getting to you, try a few of these simple tricks:

Wet a towel with cold water and putting on the back of your neck.

Wear a bandanna with water soaked on it and put it on your head.  Or you can relive the 80’s and wear a wet terrycloth headband on your forehead.

Soak a t-shirt in the sink, wring it out and put it on. Sit in front of a fan. Re-wet as it dries. Use lukewarm water for this so you don’t “shock” your system with cold water.

COOL YOUR PULSE. Apply cold, wet paper towels to pulse points—wrists, behind the knees and inside elbows.

Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine, as both of these substances can act as diuretics and promote dehydration.

HYDRATE!!! BEFORE you get to the gym & after your workout.

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  1. zahra

    Dear Metropolis Family,

    WOWZA – I’m turning 28!!! GULP!

    A lot of you know that one of my biggest passions (aside from crossfit  ), is public health – especially fighting HIV/AIDS in the developing world, and even more specifically, the children orphaned due to AIDS.

    Perhaps I live in a world of fantasy, but I keep imagining our planet where everyone has access to clean water, basic medications, and that no child will be dying because they are hungry…..

    A few years ago, I was asked to join the board of Isaka Memorial Foundation; Nyamila Community center located in Kenya, within the Siaya District (which is where I was born and raised).

    The Nyamila Community Center has come such a long way since its inception in August 2006. Currently, all 187 children have access to clean drinking water (so scarce in Africa), medical services (pretty much unheard of), food and even tuition for schooling. In the past year, we have electricity installed, bought a van, conducted a medical camp, and held several walkathons in the US in order to raise money.

    So this year, I would like to ask all of you to help me; I turn 28 on Monday June 25th, and, am reaching out to you to donate money to this amazing center. I am asking for you to give $28 to my cause. If not, then just a $1. A $1 goes a long way in Kenya.

    Please go to Read about us, learn about what we do, and help us.
    You can donate on the website directly.

    Lets create change!
    I love you all

  2. Adam Van Auken

    17:17. I was surprised that sit-ups were my limiting factor and took forever. Smoked by mcohen and Jared. I’m challenging Tommy this morning!

  3. patrick

    17:01 w/ RingRows due to my shoulder. 2 weeks until I get this thing fixed..

    Bring lots of water. I went through mine and still had 2 rounds left to go.

  4. mcohen

    14:15 Rx’d

    I am officially suspending my participation in VNeck Friday unless and until we have the return of Heavy V. It is not the same without the V Monster.

  5. kpo17



    Such a great Vneck Friday. Heavy V you are missed, especially since this workout is absolutely in your wheelhouse and you could have given Cohen a run for his money.

    Mike – thanks for the tips on the MU and 6am crew – you guys are so f*cking $. Mark – you are a gentleman athlete! See you tomorrow AM.

  6. PJ

    16:35; pull ups were my limiting factor.

    I rise to join with Senator Cohen in calling for the return of Heavy V. And his EuroPop dance mix. We will listen to nothing but Scorpions until he shows.

    And as a Friday treat:

    Skip the ad, turn up the volume in your place of work and enjoy (music video particularly). *** n.b. for younger members like kpo, DT: don’t be confused / discouraged by the lack of a rap overlay – this is from 1982 before we had great musical innovators like Drizzy and sampling.

  7. Tommy

    17:46….Adam I thought for sure I had you beat but hit a major wall with pull ups in round 5. I did 3 reps and then I had to break them up in to singles. Next time your going down punk!!! Haha good times, always love a challenge

  8. lauren

    Mike Cohen – you are my hero.

    Dead-hangs dropped off so quickly!


    Water, people. Lots of water.

  9. Kim


    Jumping pull-ups and some knee pushups when the others fell off.

    It was a hot one. I’m pretty sure it was cooler outside than inside.

  10. DT

    not sure the time, prob 25secs after KPO. Pullups obviously sucked ass for yours truly.. big props to mcohen and ja-rod who were beasting this WOD.

    Very happy to share my pole with you this morning KPO

    @PJ- GirlTalk, Period.

  11. Vikram

    Nothing but love for the 6 am family! Took some time off this week to give my body a rest. Really feeling the effects of the strength cycle. Plus, after years of running and endurance training, I think my body is only now beginning to adapt to Xfit after my first three months…

    I’m away this weekend, but will be in full effect Monday! Sad I’ll miss the Janitor’s last clean! Mark – let me take this chance to thank you for your guidance and inspiration over these past months. Even more, thank you for your service to this great country. You’re a class act and CFM will miss you. See you soon…! -Skinz

  12. Vikram

    Oh…and as co-chair of the CFM Committee on Ethnic Diversity, rest assured that I’ll be back with a updated, banging playlist on lunes (that’s Monday for you English speakers!).

  13. Julia

    Loved the 6am energy this morning! Maybe enough to convince me to stop going splitsies on 6am/6:30pm!


    Dead hang pullups (need to bend my knees on the way down) and knee pushups.

  14. kpo17

    New idea for a Friday blog post: What the hell is B-Boy talking about? Today’s topic: coffee and dehydration.

    Brendan said in his post today that caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics and so they will dehydrate you. WTF does that mean? Why can’t you just chug an ice coffee and then a glass of ice water, duh? This sounded reasonable to me until med school hit me in the face.

    The kidney is like a tube with holes that act like filters. Initially, water is filtered out of your blood and into the kidney tube. At the end of the tube there are several holes with a special purpose – they can let water back into your body or let it leave the kidney as urine. They are controlled by your brain through a hormone called Anti-diuretic hormone. If your brain senses your body is dehydrated, it sends the hormone to these filter holes and they bring water from the tube back into the body. If you are over-hydrated, it turns off the hormone and closes the specialized filter holes, so water leaves the kidney in your urine.

    Drum roll… caffeine and alcohol inhibit this hormone. So if you are dehydrated, your brain can’t send the message to your kidney to bring water back into the body. Instead, it sends this precious water to your bladder to be peed out like a fool. Said differently, caffeine tricks your brain into thinking its over-hydrated, so your kidney tries to remove water from your body, further dehydrating you.

    Now add it all up. Cup of joe, a cocktail at lunch (who are you people?), afternoon cup of joe, and you’re peeing your face off. Add in a hot box and pullups/pushups/situps/air squats and your body is straight up shriveled like a prune. And the bottom line is, prunes don’t look good naked.

    -V-Neck Science Friday coming at you live this week and every week.

    Next week: Are bones actually living organisms?

  15. DT

    O’Rourke just dropped fire.. totally thought you could just chug water & be cool. Now I know

    Also of note: pretty sure that’s Julia’s first ever post. ’bout time!

    Lauren’s exposed brick blog reminds me of cfm exposed brick. Way to be, LStar

  16. Jared

    Julia, I am glad you committed 100% to 6am. I was wondering what you were doing at 6:30.

    So when is the am/pm throw down?

  17. PJ

    @DT, you sadden me with this GirlTalk. I am sorry you guys missed the last years of the music industry.

    Some good material on the blog today. #wolverinerules

  18. vicnord

    @kpo17 Sincere thank you for your detailed explanation! I always figured I could just drink more water while drinking coffee or whatever & all would be good. Clearly not the case. I have just stopped drinking coffee (at least during the unbelievable heat) & drinking gallons of water.

    @zahra count me in! Clicking over to your link after this

    @Mark Jansen Best wishes for your new life in California! It’s been great working out w/you here. You’re an amazing athlete! Wish I could join the send off tomorrow but I’ll be taking my oldest son to sleep away camp for the first time. Another rite of passage! All the Best!!

  19. sassypants

    24:14 rx’d

    Had a lot of tequila last night and an iced coffee right before the wod. Whoops.

  20. Amylynne

    “Barbara-ish”-ish (did this in apartment because i could not make it in today)

    10 strict HSPUs
    15 pushups
    20 ab mat situps
    25 air squats

    16:48 RX’d

  21. Brent

    28:00 with last two sets of pullups on rings. Endurance just isn’t there yet. Still, I was seriously considering quitting after 4 rounds, so I’m proud to have finished at least.

  22. Ben

    17:16 rxed.

    Pullups evaporated after round 2.

    And as much as I hate missing the morning class, the extra 12 hours of rest makes a big difference.

  23. Markcon

    17:40; used 10# plate on squats to help with form. Fri 6am always fun times

    @kpo – good stuff. appreciate you sharing the knowledge.

  24. Jared

    Ben, thanks for the comment. Proves that AM times would be increased by 20% if we went in the afternoon!

  25. nicola


    total 7 dead hangs, rest negatives
    all but last 12 were regular pushups

    thunders shower => extra time to work on stuff post wod

  26. Carmen

    Subs: Jumping pull-ups, knee push-ups for all but about 5 per round, DUs instead of squats. Hip still effed.