Awesome split jerks must run in the family… Lookin’ Good, Mama B!

5 rounds of:
1 Push Press
1 Dead Hang Pull-Up
3 Push Presses
3 Dead Hang Pull-Ups
Max Push Presses
Max Dead Hang Pull-Ups
Rest 90 sec between rounds

**  110 / 175  **
**  Score yourself on the total number of Push Presses and Dead Hang Pull-Ups from all 5 rounds.  **
**  Refer to the link for the last time we did this workout:  **
**  Or to the last time we did Push Presses:  **

–  During the Push Presses
–  The dip must be on the HEELS with the knees pushed apart. 
–  The overhead position needs to have a neutral spine.  Avoid Hyper-extension!  Brace your belly like you’re about to get punched in the gut.  🙂  Drive your head under the bar and achieve full lock out immediately without a press out.   That means really rely on your HIPS to drive the bar up all the way.
–  For the Pull-Ups:
–  Chin over the bar is the standard, but try to reach your chest. 
–  Chin means Chin AND whole head.  Reaching with the chin with a kinked neck is bad for the neck and a shortchanged ROM. 
–  If you can’t do Pull-Ups, use Ring Rows and emphasize the pause at the VERY TOP of the Pull-Up.  Lead with the Boobies, Not with the Face!  🙂

“The best way to keep fit is humping and pumping.”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    51 at 155. Up from last time in weight and reps. The weight was perfect (2 reps on round 5) so I’ll keep it the same next time.

  2. mcohen

    There are times when we must leave our ego at the door. Then there are days when we have to man up and gut check.

    Today, I walked in on an empty, tired tank, and wanted to mail it in. Then VNeck Friday happened. Kevin started to spin the toons, Jared started throwing around the Rx weight, and my juices just started to flow.

    135 lbs on the bar and 82 total reps. That is up 26 reps from last time with the same weight.

    Thanks to all my fellow VNeck’ers for a great morning.

  3. Vikram

    Extra sleep was good. Alas, it came at the expense of the V-neck.

    Sorry I missed it (and KPO’s tunes).

    Welcome back, Ash!

  4. Ben

    On 4/26, this was my first CFM workout.


    Push Press 115#: 7, 3, 2, 2, 2
    Pull-Ups: 8, 4, 4, 3, 3
    Total: 38


    Push Press 115#: 8, 5, 6, 5, 5
    Pull-Ups: 9, 7, 5, 5, 6
    Total: 61

    It has really been a great 3 months and I’m glad to see there has been so much improvement, especially since I barely did any shoulder work over the last 7 weeks (only pressed once).

    Hope to see you all in August!

  5. kpo17


    115 lbs. 64 Reps. Loved the weight, starting to dial in the explosion to make this movement happen. This my 106th workout at the box, this shit takes time!

    Intermezzo: 4 min squat hold listening to a remix of “call me maybe” with Abbott, AVA and mcohen. Just a couple of dudes grabbing a deep squat to Carly Rae, nothing to see here ladies, so call me, maybe. Then after a hiccup with scheduling yesterday:

    20 Dl’s at 175 lbs. 20 lb PR up from 4-12. Felt like the perfect weight.
    2k Row 7:21

    I had a thought on my walk home today. The V neck is not just a good looking shirt. It’s a window, and it opens up to the most important muscle in your body, which is cool, because everyone can see it.

    Bring your A game to every aspect of your life, and let everyone around you share in the feeling of wearing a V neck, crushing a workout where by making yourself a better athlete, you’ve also helped someone else become a better person too.

    Wear a vneck in your life, and wear it deep.

    PS – PR on my playlist:
    “Kevin started to spin the toons…and my juices just started to flow.” – mcohen, up from “Sorry to shut down Kpo’s playlist, but that noise had to go.” on 6-1.

  6. EJ


    It’s going to be a hot box. Be sure you hydrate and bring a towel today.

    – 60 DAY GOAL CHALLENGE: 1 day left! get on the track and see if you can meet them.

    -House of Love
    Show a little love to the gym. Be sure to put away and wipe up your equipment after you’ve used it since we’re all sweaty messes on days like today

    *** EVENTS

    WOD-NIC – SATURDAY, JULY 7th @ 10am
    Instead of KHour, we’ll be hitting a WOD in Central Park followed by a picnic. Bring your sunscreen, snacks, and drinks.

    LOCATION: Central Park Pinetum
    TIME: 10AM

  7. stephmil

    85# presses
    43 total

    last time had to do jumping pull ups – did the real thing this time.
    awesome start to a friday!

  8. Vikram

    What life is all about:

    KPO: “Bring your A game to every aspect of your life, and let everyone around you share in the feeling of wearing a V neck, crushing a workout where by making yourself a better athlete, you’ve also helped someone else become a better person too.”

  9. Kim

    75lbs for Push Press. I think my form is improving
    68 total. Dead hangs for sets of 1 and the 1st of the set of 3. Ring rows for the rest.

    Major accomplishment: First dead hangs in a WOD. Woot, woot! Next up stringing a few together.

  10. I’m not really sure what the backstory is on the V-neck Friday thing, but apparently V-necks inspire deep thoughts in the 6am crew.

    Loved this workout as it was the perfect chance for me to debut my single dead-hang pullups! I got all 5 sets of 1 dead hangs, which was a big accomplishment 🙂 Ring rows for the other sets.

    Total Reps: 67
    Push Press: 5-4-4-4-4
    Pullups (Ring Rows): 10-8-8-10-10

    Had considered doing my 2K after the WOD, but had nothing left – nice work kpo for stringing two WODs back-to-back!

    We’re off to escape the heat…see you in a week. Happy V-Neck Friday everyone!

  11. kabset

    115lbs on the bar and 80 total reps. Followed Lauren’s advice on focusing on form and not going crazy with the weight. As always, great class today. Thanks Lauren and Eric.

  12. EJ

    If you were around during Metropolis 1.0, you probably remember KB and Brian.

    They’re a little MIA these days, but big congrats to them on their recent engagement. The first couple to meet at CFM to get engaged. Ahh the “House of Love”.

  13. ERIC S.

    83 reps @175
    up from 71 reps on March 26th

    Nice coming back to the morning shift with gym belle!

  14. bfarrel

    CFM Family,

    On the advice of our amazing coach EJ (who coaches more than Crossfit), I saw the famous Dr. Mike today. Akin to many of you, I was hesitant to meet Mike because I’m so engrained in the traditional thinking of going to a clinic when you’re injured because clinics heal people. Right? Wrong. What happened two weeks ago when I had an adjustment was simply a temporary solution to fix my problem. What happened today was a step in the direction to reverse years of damage. It’s not about putting lipstick on a pig and calling her Miss Piggy, it’s about turning that fucking pig into a princess. And that’s what we did today.

    One of the great things about Dr. Mike is his “I don’t give a shit if you got an MRI or not” mentality. His approach is consistent with every patient: let’s get results. Today we got results. I could hardly bend over when I came in. I left touching my toes. BOOM.

    The other positive note here is his actual desire to get his patients healthy. It’s not about billing or clientele, it’s about getting people back to doing what they love. I love Crossfit. Mike understands that I love Crossfit. Mike does everything he can to get me back into Crossfit. Simple math done really well.

    To sum it up, if you hurt, go see him. Where else can you listen to Jay-Z when you’re getting worked over?

    Cheers Family, I love you all and I’m confident I’ll be back to owning your faces on the WOD in no time.

  15. phillipc

    47 @ 115#, up from 45.

    p.s Had lunch with Dan T and his two colleagues today, which leads me to 3 conclusions;

    – Dan is a great guy for affording me the opportunity to network
    – Opportunities are manifold
    – This is a community; not only for camaraderie, friendship, health but perhaps even for wealth.

    Have a great weekend all! DT – good luck tmrw.

  16. Vikram

    Brad! You’re a monster, champion, dude, friend and CFM compatriot with a heart of gold. Get well and come back soon. You’re missed.

    Phillipe and football friends – the data is in and Spain has proven to be one of the best teams of the modern era. It’s going to be a brutal grind on Sunday (always dirty play with Italia), but I count on CFM’s prayers and support Sunday at 2:45 PM. WATCH IT!

  17. mcohen

    Evening track speed work

    6 x 200 meter sprints. Rest on the walk back to start
    6 x 40 yd dash. Rest 30 seconds

  18. Carlos

    Good call Vikram, and The Wall Street Journal goes two steps further and makes the convincing case that Spain is THE BEST TEAM IN HISTORY IN ANY SPORT if they win on Sunday. ( Meanwhile, Phillip’s team is watching the last two rounds on TV, and his pick to win the final is watching it on TV as well, so clearly Phillip should spend more time reading the Journal and less time putting down Spain in this forum, talking about teams that he’d bet would beat Spain, including one from before his Daddy met his Mum. (

  19. phillipc

    Vikram and Carlos – Italy are going to win. C, I’m laying money on it. Spain are eminently beatable…so long as Italy keep getting away with their blatant shirt-holding, they shouldn’t concede.

    Forza Azzurri!

  20. Xan

    Currently lying completely immobile on my couch.

    Started the day with some easy swimming. 500m CSS, few laps w/ fins, and then 3 minutes treading w/ fins w/ hands out of the water. Feet are definitely still getting used to the weight/stiffness of the fins.

    Pre-WOD: 6×30 Push Ups and Sit Ups and 3×10 pull ups

    WOD: @135 totaled 68 reps.

    Post-WOD: 3 mile run through the park on my way home. Was not gazelle-like.

  21. AllisonV

    Cash-in: 20 GHDs, 20 hip extensions

    (1) 3 PP + 6 RR = 9
    (2) 5 PP + 7 RR = 12
    (3) 3 PP + 6 RR = 9
    (4) 4 PP + 6 RR = 10
    (5) 3 PP + 7 RR = 10

    65#: total of 50 max reps (18 max PP + 32 RR)
    -1 rep + 28# from 3/25/12 (my first WOD ever!)

    Weight felt perfect for this WOD: heavy enough that I considered taking 5# off, light enough to work towards perfect form on each rep. Worked on forcing shoulder blades together at top of ring rows. Need to work on pulling bar straight down from lockout position.

    Cash-out: 15 minutes on foam roller (at home, in the AC)

  22. Amylynne

    45 at 95#

    Don’t know if it’s the cold I have or the heat I’m for forced to live with, but 95lbs was rough today and all but 5 pts were made on pullups