Saturday Schedule Reminder:

There won’t be any classes at the gym.
Instead, meet at the Pinetum in Central Park at 10am for the WOD.
Bring food for yourself and some to share if you’d like, for a Picnic at 11am.

You all did a fantastic job yesterday.  You kept the standard high!
As we start into the Olympic Lifting cycle, slowly but surely, start to switch your mind frame from the main goal being to go as heavy as possible to doing things as perfectly as possible.  In Olympic Lifting, technique is everything.  Flaws in your technique can hold you back just the same as really tight shoulders or hips… You become limited not by your strength, but by the kink in your armor.  For that reason, we can’t move on until the technique is right.  Doing that would only reinforce poor habits which lead to injury or simply not moving maximal weights.
So if you want to ultimately lift closer to your potential, pour all of your energy into moving properly.  It will get you to where you want to be way faster…  We want to see you lifting heavy and FAST and getting all the benefits the Olympic Lifts provide when done right.
Keep going like you did yesterday and it’s going to be an awesome, successful cycle!!  😀
-Allie  <3

4 Rounds for Time of:
Bear Crawl Down & Back the Gym
10 Ring Dips
30 Seconds Total in a Freestanding Handstand  (modifications below)
20 Alternating Jumping Lunges  (10 Each Leg)

** Jumping Lunge Demo Video: **

**  If you can’t kick into a handstand safely you have two options today.  Pick the most appropriate one for your skill level:
1.  Walk your feet up the wall until you’re completely straight against the wall.  Do this variation only if you’re able to keep your body completely stiff and able to get to and out of the position safely and with control.
2.  Pike with your feet on a box.  Tuck your head as much as possible, keep the back flat and make sure the feet are in the middle of the box.  Hold there for 30 seconds or 30 seconds total.
**  If you can kick into a handstand against the wall but can’t safely do it without the wall:
Kick up against the wall.  Kick for feet lightly away from the wall over and over so you’re hovering slightly away from it and then coming back to tap again. Try to stay away from the wall freely as long as possible without coming down.


“The one thing I think the CrossFit community should be reminded of is that CrossFit is not the games. CrossFit is not competition. What fuels, inspires and drives people, is the people who will never go to Regionals or will never go to the Games. They may participate in the Open because they’re passionate, but CrossFit is about changing peoples lives: picking up your grand kids without hurting your back, living more independently, or even feeling stronger when you play the sports you like to play. As the sport is growing, I want to remind the community, its not about the Games. There’s far more people that will never step foot in the Home Depot center than vice versa. I think those are the people we need to be inspired by, more so than the people that are in competitions.”
-Chris Spealler

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  1. mikey.bialos

    climbing again instead of wodding.. don’t forget Glassman’s 9th commandment: “regularly learn and suck at new sports”

  2. BAston

    13:22, ring dips fell apart fast. Thanks ERoc for the hand stand help. Thanks Lauren for harassing me about my bear crawls!

  3. Jared

    10:18 with eroc/wall assisted hand stands

    It was tough to balance on my hands because I don’t know the feeling of balancing on my hands. Active shoulders!

  4. jen

    Thank you for the awesome Spealler quote, from those of us who are like myself; just trying to be the fittest, strongest me I can be!

  5. Markcon

    12:27 likewise with hand stand practice on wall
    some great coaching knowledge conveyed by ERoc and Lauren

  6. I missed most of June with some travel and some family emergency needs. I am traveling all of July, so I am taking a crossfit metropolis break. Just want to say I miss the box and the friends I have made there; I appreciate the coaching I have received there from Eric and the rest, and hope to make it back in the near future. Stay gold.

  7. Adam Van Auken

    11:18. I agree with Jared that balancing on your hands is a unique feeling that I’m not used to. Even having your feet just slightly graze the wall is totally different. I had a few moments where I was freestanding but it was mostly touching the wall lightly. I also had trouble counting. I doubt I erred on holding longer than 30 seconds.

    Interesting video from Rob Orlando on form vs. intensity:

  8. Brooke

    @Gus – If you are on the east side, enter th park just above the Met at about 83rd St. Walk up the walkway, cross the east drive (where all the bikers and runners are) and walk into the center of the park. You’ll see the Great lawn ahead. The pinetum is in the northwest corner of the oval (you’ll see some pullup bars and swings)

    Let me know if this isn’t that clear.


  9. Tommy

    11:45…For the first two rounds of hands stands eroc helped me balance, the second two were against the wall.

    Cash Out:
    GHD Sit ups + Hip ext.

  10. GusFerg

    @Brooke, thanks a million. If I get lost with those directions I’m an idiot! See you guys there tomorrow!

  11. AllisonNYC

    Awww!! Ohmygosh! I’m not Brendan anymore 😀
    Thank you so much, E. Best surprise ever! <3

  12. EJ

    – jump and support in place of ring dips
    – still struggling to find that sweet spot with the freestanding HS

    PM people – bring a towel and hydrate.

  13. warmup – 800m, 3 rounds of cindy
    wod – front squats, 75#, 5 x 10
    metcon – wall balls, kbs, negatives with band 15/6/15, 12 min.
    …and some ab work

  14. Amylynne


    Mostly RX’D (2/3-3/4 hand stand holds against wall…but def spent some time in free stand after kicking up! Progress!!)

  15. rafael

    Calf still tore up but mobility is improving

    Freestanding Handstand off the wall, held for 5 reps each time. Figured I was getting at least 6 secs each time.

    Modified Jumping Lunges with regular lunges plus 24kg on each hands

  16. Joe

    13:00 ish – lost count and thought i maybe did 3 rounds but Angela convinced me that i had indeed finished the 4 rounds.

    Did kicking up againsdt the wall and pulling feet away…definitely held myself out there in space for a few sconds at a time.

    Cashout: Muscleup practice. 5 sets of 1 🙂 too tired to try and string any together.

  17. nicola


    negative ring dips
    kicked up against the wall and attempted some free standing. Questionable success on that.

  18. PJ

    Hi boys and girls
    Been having patella issues. Today had a breakthrough realizing that in my quest to get deeper and deeper I was letting knees track out in front of ankles, which needless to say is not what they are designed to do. Watch little kids playing – they drop into perfect, full squats without thinking. And knees are always safely in line w ankles.

    1) 5×5 front squat 135-145-155-165-135. Globo gym bar had the most aggressive knurling I’ve ever seen, but nice to get 165 again. Knee felt ok.

    2) push press and t2b: 95, 115, 135 all 3 and 5 reps. The. 100 DUs as fast as possible.

    Anyone else w creaky knees, please advise. Elove I’m looking at you… Fish oil and tequila shooters on 3.

  19. AllisonV

    Great photo!

    Buy In: 1.4 mile run to gym, 20 GHDs, 20 hip extensions

    WOD = 16:41
    Ring dips with slow negative

    Kicked-up against the wall to hold handstand for 30 seconds (kicked-up all by myself 3x! Finally got over that mental block!)

    Jumping lunges were tough! Had to quickly pause in the middle on most of them to regain balance.

    Cash out = 10 GHDs, 10 hip extensions

  20. cat

    went back to dr fidler today.

    turkish get ups and wall climbs have been added to my rehab.