Just a bunch of Crazy, Good Lookin’ Kids at their Prom.

Dynamic Strength WOD:
3 Deadlifts
On the Minute Every Minute for 12 Minutes

Click here for our last 5 x 5 Deadlift day
Click here for the last time we did this workout on May 2nd

Conditioning WOD:
Tabata Double Unders
Tabata Toes to Bar
… Finish with …
50 Burpees for time

Suggested Accessory Work:
Foam Rolling / Stretching
Get loose, stay injury free!Β  πŸ˜€

The 6th Year of the CrossFit Games is underway.Β  Check out this video of the Triathalon inspired first workout.. INTENSE!:

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
–Β  Colin Powell

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  1. EJ


    1) TODAY – FRIDAY, JULY 13 -CFM Sendoff for PlugPilot Happy Hour (after the WODs).

    Brad Russell is leaving us for his real family. Come say goodbye and tell him how awesome he is.

    Location Kinsale (94th and 3rd)


    Come get inspired as we start to get further into the oly lifting cycle.
    Email me with questions ([email protected])


    If anyone is interested in wrist wraps, let me know. Got a new shipment of Strength Wraps. They’re meant to give your wrists extra support when overhead. Email me and I can bring them into the gym the following day.

    4. CF GAMES

    CF Virtuosity is also hosting a CF Games viewing party. I’m sure we can scrounge up an invite.

    …and finally… a public service announcement

    Stay thirsty (and bring water, a towel, and a book to write your progress down in to the gym)! Remember, when it’s humid/hot in the box, be mindful about how you feel. We want you to train hard, but never at the expense of your well being. The heat/humidity definitely affect your performance, so take care of yourself πŸ™‚

  2. jen

    Yes, it’s me posting at 7 am.

    CrossFit MTM (canton, OH) 5:45 AM WOD!

    500m row repeats
    2:19, 2:17, 2:16

    200 burpees for time (2 people)

    Now, Spa day πŸ™‚

  3. Benjammin

    @EJ- Put me down for a pair of wrist wraps.

    “If you feel like you are going to pass out, hehe, then stop” – Coach Laura

    Love ending my week with V-neck Fridays!!

  4. BAston

    175# DL’s
    Tabata DU’s: 13
    Tabata T2B: 4
    50 F’ing burpees: 3:21

    Nice job 6am crew, nice coaching Lauren.

    Refuse to wear v neck Friday continues.

  5. Jared

    295# DLs
    DUs: 18
    T2B: 3
    Burpees: 2:32
    V-neck: rx’d

    See you all tonight at Brad’s going away party

  6. Vikram

    That photo looks like a magazine shoot! Guys looks great!

    6 AM pretty damn sexy too…I love that crew. Such an amazing vibe. Great seeing KPO, shit-talking with Jared, and listening to Big Mike (cough and) wax philosophical…Mel is our very own den mother.

    155# DLs (first time I crossed my body weight, but form still an issue)
    DUs: 7
    T2B: 5
    Burpees: 3:36
    Burnt orange V-neck: rx’d

    Hope to make it for a cold, cold beer tonight!

  7. kpo17



    AVA: I brought a protein shake for you so we could compare flavors. Since you didn’t come, I had to drink double. Which is cool by me man, just don’t ask me how I got so strong without you.

  8. Tommy

    Deadlift: 255 lbs for 12×3…these got heavy quick.

    Double Unders: 20
    T2B: 4

    50 Burps for time: 2:44

    AWESOME Friday 6am class with the boys and Mel πŸ™‚

    Lauren, great coaching as always

  9. Amylynne

    133 for deads

    On tabata DUs I didn’t count after the first round because I got 42 in a row (PR)
    Tabata T2B: 6

    50 burpees: 2:12
    (Jason doesnt post so i told him i would post for him: 2:29!)

    Awesome 7am

  10. GusFerg

    The 6am class is a keeper! Great vibe coupled with good hard old fashioned work out.
    DL’s 115 lbs (Form and technique)
    Double Unders 5
    T2B 2 (Needs work)
    50 Burpees – 3:20
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. Vikram

    Two more things:

    1. Great coaching by Coach LoLo, as always. Thank you. Promise to work on arching my back.

    2. I was behind Tommy on the DLs. That kid is so damn strong. Amazing to watch him progress.

    OK. Back to work (streaming the games later).

  12. Melanie

    Always nice working out with the guys πŸ™‚ And happy to keep Lauren company.. Great coaching as always..

    DL: 105.. I did heavier (115) last time we did this but I haven’t done these in awhile and my whole body was hurting today.. Sadly this still felt pretty heavy. I need to work on this lift.

    DU:4; K2E:4; burpees – 3:16 woof

  13. mcohen

    I will continue to wear a V Neck but Fridays will now be called Gymbelle Fridays going forward. Amazing coaching job. Reigning in the Trash talking bravado laden tirades and keeping us focused on the work at hand.

    We chopped a lot of wood this morning.

    Deads. 275 lbs
    Tabata doubles. 20
    Tabata T2B 4

    Burpees. Which I really tried to get out of. 3:14

    Brad. You are so missed already. You just inspire me every day.

  14. Vikram

    Skinny doesn’t own a tank top. Not sure how I would explain that to my wife. Had enough trouble explaining the V-neck purchase. Having said that, I’m a team playa…

    Thinking of introducing the bandana look – both for style and the fact that even my corneas have been sweating in that box.

  15. BAston

    I will pass on Tuesday’s if they become tank top driven. The only one I own is a Hulk Hogan one from ’93, and thats not getting worn…… Unless his theme song is played for the whole wod

  16. dlede

    DU: 30, felt good, that one is just about not f-ing up rope
    T2B: 6, strict
    DL: 305# +10, felt good, can go up

    Clean Ladder to dial in cleans for the oly cycle
    135-205, failed at 215, was hosed

  17. jhenry

    Rough week of work and travel. First workout in a week in my hotel. 50,40,30,20,10 double unders and pushups.

  18. cindy warmup and lots of active stretching

    DL – 135# (PR Baybay wooohooo!)
    K2E – 4
    Burpees – 3:50
    DU – πŸ™‚

    see you tomorrow…maybe with an extra Schiavone sister πŸ™‚

  19. BrookeHCooper

    115 lb deadlifts. Could go a fair bit heavier next time.

    DUs: 6
    T2Bs: 5 but toes don’t reach bar

    Burpees: 5:19

  20. ERIC S.

    315 deads
    32 doubles
    5 T2B
    2:40 for 50 Burpees

    Great job to everyone that came in on this hot humid night!

  21. jaymeson

    Is anyone interested in hiking breakneck ridge in coldspring early Sunday am? It’s about an hour drive….I have room for 3 in car. Google it…’s a great steep scramble to killer views of the Hudson.
    My# 347-385-0424

  22. Brooke

    DL: 155 (+10 lbs from last time)
    DU: 2 (f’ed up on the first round so was f’ed from the start)
    T2B: πŸ™‚
    Burpees subbed 50 WBs: 2:36

    Nice friday night.

    Bye Brad! We’ll miss you. You are an awesome dude to have as a gym-mate and friend.

  23. marilina

    Awesome mobility work per-WOD.
    DL: opted for talking about Rchard Scarry
    DU: 20
    T2B: 2
    Burpees: 2:53

  24. EJ

    -Warm up 500M row (x2) = 2:07, 1:55
    -DL: #165 (meant to do 170, but math in the AM is not my strong suit, lol)
    -DU: 26 (forgot my rope at home and had to use a beaten up one)
    -T2B: 6

    Then Master’s WOD
    1K Row
    30 Cleans #95
    50 Burpees

    -This could have been way faster. I anticipate this could be done in 9-10 minutes
    -Need to get better endurance doing cleans

  25. plugpilot

    DL: 185
    DU: 13
    T2B: 5
    Burpees: 2:59

    It’s truly been a pleasure being associated with all of you!