We Have A Star In Our Midst!


We Have A Star In Our Midst!

Ed, I had no idea you dated Jennifer Lopez!!

5 Rounds For Time:
5 Deadlifts
10 Burpees

** 185 / 275  **
Chose a weight you can move safely but still makes you want to run home and cry!

Cash Out:
3 Rounds:
15 GHD Sit-Ups
15 Strict Knees to Elbows

**  In the KTE, we’re looking to achieve a turnover of the body so that it’s parallel with the ground and for contact of the Knees & Elbows… Not just the knees coming up to the arms.
** Modification – Raising the knees to the chest as high as possible and holding there for a 1-2 second contraction.

~~~~  What is your FAVORITE thing about CFM???  ~~~~

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  1. Vikram

    WOD: 5:33 – form still an issue, but getting better (145 lbs)

    Cash out: 6:22

    Thanks to Angela! Great partner.

    We were all talking about getting together to watch some lifting at the Olympics. I don’t have cable TV…have to figure out the schedules too. It’s a nice excuse to drink beer…

  2. mcohen

    Great day at CFM. I did not realize how much I missed competition WOD’s. Brings another element to the table.

    Calling out some people. Where were you; Kevin, Brian A, DT(enough rest-get back to the gym), AVA (showing up at 7 does not count), Val (I don’t care if your in Minnesota, we miss you), and Big Brian (get that hip better and get your ass in the gym).

    4:42 Rx’d.

    Have a great Friday everyone. And go team USA. I love the Olympics

  3. Tommy

    4:18 rx’d. Deadlifts were HARD! Burpees were cake

    Awesome doing this WOD competition style. I was partnered with Jared and I was blown away. He literally did not rest once through the entire workout. I’d be very surprised if anyone can beat his time. Great job you animal!!

    I challennged Adam this morning. Bring it on punk! 🙂

  4. AllisonNYC

    Cash Out NFT, Jared. So looks like you did it right 🙂
    Sometimes it’s good to slow down and do things perfectly. Not EVERYTHING has to be for time! I’m sure the wives & girlfriends will agree with me on that one.
    CrossFit guys get very carried away 321ing!

  5. AllisonNYC

    P.S. My favorite thing about CFM is All Of You!
    I’ve worked out, run, been a member of and visited way more gyms than I could ever count.. and this gym, Metropolis Fitness, by far has some of the coolest, most interesting, friendliest, hard working people I’ve ever met in one place.
    That’s hard to find and hard to put together.. We can Thank Mr.Love for all of that.
    Thanks to Eric for working hard to make this gym happen and for all of the members for being so freakin’ awesome. <3!

  6. rafael

    Allison don’t go getting all sappy on us. I haven’t had a complaint yet…lol

    Lmao @ Mike – I’m sticking with the name. Don’t worry Jared/Allison (et tu), Adam and Lauren were judging b/c we knew someone from 6am…cough, cough… Was bound to question time and form. I’m proud to say 7am knows how to “accurately” count. I even did behind the head clap on each rep just for you.

    PS for everyone else this is fun jousting. I luv the 6am crew, it is my original home…ok, so I got sappy

  7. Jared

    rafael, I am still waiting for Adam and Lauren to confirm your reps!

    I believe you. I knew you had ridiculous strength when you nailed a 3 rep 400 lbs. deadlift when you first joined CFM.

    And to piggy back on Allison, Eric has always stuck to his original idea of keeping this place awesome. He never waivered and did a living social deal or groupon to get those jerks who will come 3 times and ruin the community that has been built.

    Phases of Eric:
    Nervous Eric-when we had about 10-15 members for 6 months.

    Relieved Eric-He paid the rent for the first time after the 6 months because we got about 25-30 members.

    Hippy Eric: He felt too business-like, so he grew his hair out and stopped showering.

    Eric In Love Eric: Debra hated his long hair and he decided to cut his hair.

    Business Eric: brought in Brendan (and Allison) to help the product that was offered. Also started getting competitive with people who got their fitness at other places (yoga). Started taking credit cards.

    Absent Eric: where has eric been?

  8. Adam Van Auken

    3:50 Rx’d. So much to say. I was stoked when I saw this in the middle of the night. I must admit this is totally in my wheelhouse and I still couldn’t beat Mr. Rooney. Jared, you continue to impress me. But not “After” (shortened alias) who crushed you. Rafael’s ROM was textbook and I think he even did a few snatch pulls for good measure.

    During the last round I was even more melodramatic than usual as I was yelling in pain. I really miss competition style.

    Tommy – nice work. Looking forward to partnering up with you.

    @mcohen – Sorry I missed 6 AM. Late night (meaning I went to bed after 9).

    Evening crew – If you want to beat After you have to immediately pick up the bar after the burpees. You cannot look at it even for 5 seconds. Just pick that thing up!

    Eric – I thought you were kidding about the air conditioner. What are we the Ritz Carlton? Don’t worry, we’ll find something else to complain about.

  9. lauren

    Well said, Allison 🙂 And great work, Friday morning crew. You guys are awesome.

    6:40 @ 145 solo.

  10. Ron

    6:10 at 155

    4:50 with weighted situps and knees to chest.

    Agree with the thread above, place is great.
    NB: major grunting during the yoga stretches was odd.

  11. Vikram

    Adding to Big Mike’s list:


    Mel…Steph…the ladies!?

    6 AM will reel you back in…

  12. Ambrose

    5:54 Rx’d and IDK for the cash out. Thanks for the push Mike. Skinny V/Mike I have cable but we can also go to Scores (don’t worry Amy never reads the comments).

  13. Vikram

    Mrs. Skinny is going away to visit mom-in-law. Joe – count me in, brother. Free bird.

    Sunday, July 29

    12:30 a.m. – Portions of the women’s 48 kilogram (105.82 pound) weightlifting contest (NBC)

    1:50 p.m. – Portions of the men’s 56 kilogram (123.46 pound) weightlifting event (NBCSN)

    1:50 p.m. – Portions of the women’s 53 kilogram (116.85 pound) weightlifting competition (NBCSN)

    Monday, July 30

    3:30 p.m. – Portions of the men’s 62 kilogram (136.69 pound) weightlifting event (MSNBC)

    3:45 p.m. – Portions of the women’s 58 kilogram (127.87 pound) weightlifting competition (MSNBC)

    Tuesday, July 31

    5:30 p.m. – Finals of the men’s 69 kilogram (152.12 pound) weightlifting event (MSNBC)

    5:30 p.m. – Finals of the women’s 63 kilogram (138.89 pound) weightlifting event (MSNBC)

    Wednesday, August 1

    3:00 p.m. – Finals of the women’s 69 kilogram (152.12 pound) weightlifting event (MSNBC)

    Friday, August 3

    2:00 p.m. – Finals of the women’s 75 kilogram (165.35 pound) weightlifting competition (MSNBC)

    3:00 p.m. – Finals of the men’s 85 kilogram (187.39 pound) weightlifting event (MSNBC)

    Saturday, August 4

    4:15 p.m. – Finals of the men’s 94 kilogram (207.24 pound) weightlifting contest (MSNBC)

    Sunday, August 5

    3:30 p.m. – Portions of the women’s +75 kilogram (165.35 pounds and up) weightlifting event (NBCSN)

    Monday, August 6

    4:45 p.m. – Finals of the men’s 105 kilogram (231.49 pound) weightlifting competition (NBCSN)

  14. Frank

    Hi CFM. I’ve been AWOL for a while because of some chronic pain in my hip and back. I finally went to a Dr after months of trying to self diagnose and treat. It turns out I have a torn labrum in my hip. Its the same thing A-Rod had a few years ago. He gets paid a little more than i do to deal with this stuff. The Doc says we can fix it but it might require surgery and at the very least lots of rehab. I miss the box and you guys a lot. Will keep you posted.

    Note to self: don’t wait months to see a Dr next time the pain doesn’t go away.

    Here’s a challenge, what workouts can I do that don’t involve the hips? I’m thinking pull ups and pushups. Any suggestions welcome.

  15. jmiz

    Frank – I think this is what belbogen had too. He had the surgery and is in rehab (Brian, if you’re reading this please take this string over)…

  16. EdG

    Yeah me and Jenny from the block go way back. As soon as I saw this pic I knew I’d be in the caption.
    Just yesterday I’m walking down some crappy side street in East New York, Brooklyn and some shady guy comes walking up to me real fast and I’m thinking “here we go”. He stops and says “hey, you look just like that actor!” and walks away. I’m thinkin WTF? but I’m just glad I wasn’t getting another knife pulled on me. SWEET!

  17. Adam Van Auken

    EdG – Lol! I apologize for saying this when I first met you. Just curious, how often does this happen to you? This happens to me all the time. If I had a nickel for every time someone stops me on the street and says “I’ll be back, “It’s not a tumor,” etc. . . well I would be a rich man.

  18. EdG

    Yeah I get it about once a week. Used to get it a lot more when I was living in LA, I guess people are more “movie oriented” over there. Keaton doesn’t really have a famous line that I know of.. “I’m Batman” I guess is one but that was a long time ago. I don’t really see it because its me, but apparently the resemblance is there because everyone says it.

  19. EJ

    Cash in:
    3 Rounds:
    15 GHD Back extensions
    15 Strict Knees to Elbows

    Then 5×15 ring row


    20 minutes, increasing by 1
    C2B PU

    Rounds 1 thru 6 strict
    R7: 2 S-HSPU/5 kip; 7 C2B
    R8: 1 strict HSPU; 8 C2B
    R9: 1 strict; 9 kip C2B unbroken

    No shoulder pain!! Thank you to Dr Mike!!!

  20. phillipc

    So this friend of mine said let’s go to the 4.30pm class. I said, there isn’t one, but he forced me anyway. Then when we arrive, *poof*, he’s gone and it’s just me. Or….perhaps I made a boo-boo.

    Thanks EJ for coaching instead of whatever else you were planning to do!

    6.43 @ 175#

  21. Amylynne

    5 mi comfy run at 8min/mile pace

    Cash in:
    3 Rounds:
    15 GHD Back extensions
    15 Strict Knees to Elbows

    8x 65
    Then 3×15 ring row

    Wod in park: my own filthy 50
    Walking lunge
    Sdhp with 1pood kb

    Timer stopped at some pt but between 12:30 and 15:30

  22. Laura

    4:58 (153lbs)

    Followed by some GHDs and less K2E…

    Really good energy at the 5:30 class. Thanks EJ and Eric!

  23. Alicia

    5:50 @ 135
    first time doing deads since I injured myself doing deads in May. Kept it conservative. Thought 135 was a little on the light side, but rather be safe than sorry.

    Time for the Olympics! Go USA! 🙂

  24. Brooke

    4:55 modified to:
    155 deads
    box jumps subbed for burpees

    arms are out of commission.

    good to be back in gym finally. Thanks EJ and Eroc.

  25. Really looking forward to watching the Oly’s on the telly, thanks Skinny for posting the schedule.

    Allison – thanks for your kind words!
    Frank – heal up; definitely speak with Big Brian, he has gone through the same

  26. It is our humility and irreverent sense of humor. It is shaking hands with strangers and friends. It is celebrating achievement; yours and that of others.

  27. belbogen

    Hey all apologies for going awol for awhile. It’s helped me stay sane and gain some perspective to step away for a bit while I’ve been going through physical therapy. I really appreciate the kind words you guys have given over the boards, facebook, and email.

    I had my 3 month post-op checkup with my orthopedist on thursday (ok, I was early by 2 weeks, who says I’m not competitive). Great news, I’ve got the green light to come back and start doing some crossfit wods (albeit EXTREMELY modified). I’m hoping to start hitting a few 6am-ers next week, and hit my PT on the other days. Looking forward to seeing some familar (and new) faces.

    A few lessons learned from my time away:
    1) Exercise is so important. From a mental perspective, its amazing to see how much of a difference that makes in my life. The energy, tenacity, and positive reinforcement of a great exercise program is invaluable.
    2) Don’t take this stuff too seriously. Forcing myself to step away for 3 months was hard. Very hard. But its really helped me better appreciate all of the blessings in my life (among other things, my new wife).
    3) Emphasize longevity. This is generally not a problem, since there’s a really high correlation between working your ass off at the gym and improving long term health. However, I’ve now broken my back, torn my acl, and destroyed my hip. I think its time for me to begin listening a bit more actively to what my body is telling me. If I need to sacrifice a 400lb deadlift and 6x wods per week, then its a tradeoff I’m now willing to make.

    Frank – I have plenty to share from my recent experiences. Fire me an email and well talk offline. Email is belbogen at gmail dot com.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys.

    Big Brian

  28. Carmen

    Super stoked to be back. Trying to keep it slow and steady. Word to listening to your body, oh, and your coaches, oh, and your doctors. All good things. Competition with fellow-recovering DL-denizen Alicia was excellent.

    Si! Tengo el fiebre Olympico! And now I have new events I’m psyched to watch, especially given that they’re the few in which my Armenian brethren tend to represent!

  29. Diane

    My favorite thing about CFM = Allison. You inspire me. I wanna be like you when I grow up. 🙂

    Also, I love the camaraderie at CFM!

    Frank – Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Happy Olympics!

  30. Sam B

    195 lbs @ 8:07

    Took a break in between each set

    Cash out
    2 rounds + 10 sitsups, 5 K2E
    Scaled with reg sit-ups