21 Back Squats
42 GHD Sit-Ups
15 Back Squats
30 GHD Sit-Ups
9 Back Squats
18 GHD Sit-Ups

** 155 / 225 **

All things are difficult before they are easy.
–  Thomas Fuller

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  1. Vikram

    Hats off to Jared and Big Mike – amazing. Small class, great coaching Coach Lauren (and Eroc).

    12:36 @ 125

    Jared mentioned that my enthusiasm may be driving some of the older members crazy. Global apology for not being able to control my giddiness sometimes. It’s just that I love this stuff…and am so amazed by the people around me.

  2. mcohen

    Skinny has to appologise to nobody. The man brings it every day.

    Treated this as a metcon and got as low as I needed to for the voice of Brendan in my head to appovie of my squat depth.

    9:45 @ 135 lbs. Squats in the round to 21 and 9 unbroken. 10 and 5 in the middle.

    Great weekend to everyone.

  3. rafael

    Wish I could have joined the morning class!

    Phillip – congrats!

    6:30pm we have to close it out with 100% intensity

  4. Alicia

    Crossfit Lakewood Ranch
    SWOD: 5×3 Cleans

    Then 9 min ladder:
    1 deadlift
    1 clean
    1 push jerk
    2 …

    SWOD: worked to 105 but mostly kept at 95 and felt comfortable.
    Got to 3 on the ladder at 95 before starting over with 75 and got to 6. Glad I kept it light.

  5. Adam Van Auken

    10:50 at 175#.
    Back Squats:
    Round 1 – 12 and 9 I think. Legs felt wobbly and weak.
    Round 2 – 8 and 7. Legs feeling better.
    Round 3 – 9

    GHDs – First 2 rounds broken into 3 sets, last one 2 sets.

    I’ll do 185 next time we do this. Great coaching, EROC. Lately, I find I want to come to the box just for the mobility! Also, I must admit that the air conditioning felt great when I walked in.

  6. Brooke

    Thanks EROC. Good Friday night class.

    Haven’t been in a week so stayed light.
    65 lbs for back squats
    round of 42 and 18 GHD
    round of 30 weighted situps with 25# plate


  7. Melanie

    Great 5:30 class

    12:07 @ 85lbs
    – 21 broke down to 10, 6, & 5
    – 15 – 6,5,4
    – 9 – 5 & 4

    GHD’s were full and no one my height so stuck with AM all 3 rounds. 30 & 18 were with 25lb plate

  8. Nico

    Back squats: 115 lbs

    Time: 15:06 (not a great time and not much weight but trying to focus on form)

    115 lbs felt like the right weight for now as I’m still working on form and building up legs’ strength

    First 42 GHD – switched to ab mat for the last 10 as my form was getting sloppy

    Sets of 30 and 18 GHDs – kept with it and did not use the ab mat

  9. mikey.bialos

    again- my fave pic of AVA!

    at crossfit OGER in seattle-
    push press

    then a wod consisting of
    chest 2 bar pullups
    cleaning cement balls these guys cast in their basements

    super fun working out with my little brother!