Friday, April 15th


Friday, April 15th



Bench Press:
Find a 5 Rep Max


As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes:
8 Bench Press, 115/75
10 Pistol, Alternating Legs

Post warm-up loads, max load and time to Comments.

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  1. dtm


    5+8 with lots of help from the rings

    Jon Boorstein Beach Muscle Cash-out:
    Tabata Mashup (16 rounds)
    Hollow Rock
    Bicep Curls w/ 45# bar

  2. BAston

    Back squat 5’s:

    185/195/205/215 (my squat weight have gone way down)

    Did 3 MU in between each set. Finally got 2 in a row.

  3. Melissa TruHero

    Back squat 5s
    Wu: 95(10)-125(6)-145(5)
    With a set of 5 (pause at the top) false grip ring rows in between each set

    Metcon: 3 rounds
    500m row / 20 kbs @ 16kg
    1 min rest
    Total time: 11:02
    Good sweat TGIF!

  4. Kat

    Greetings from Rotorua, New Zealand!
    Yesterday: hotel WOD after two hour hike around Wai-O-Tapu.
    10 minute EMOM
    10 push jerks, 10kg each hand
    10 rows, 9kg alternating
    Today: two hour hike around redwood forest in Rotorua

  5. Matt

    Made this up on Saturday:

    Bench 5’s: 115-165-185-185 (all by myself, not going to push it)
    WOD: 6+14 Rx

  6. Muriel

    I know I’m late here… It was my first class (unless you count free trial and the three hour thing)

    58 max bench
    WOD 3 + 8 bench + 4 lunges (scaled down to lunges)

    At least I have a bunch of PR’s to look forward to!