Friday, April 7th


Friday, April 7th

The clock is ticking! Sign up for the USAW L1-Sp Cert soon! The course is on May 6th and 7th.

Skill Work 

10 minutes of practice
Handstand walk, with partner spotting


Complete 3 rounds for time:
30 double unders
20 chest to bar pull-ups
10 clean and jerks, 155/105lbs

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  1. johanna

    Sorry for the late post. We just wanted to officially thank everyone for participating in our first Intramural Open. We had the most participants ever at Metropolis for the Crossfit Open and it was so much fun!

    Special Shoutouts:

    CAPTAINS! Thank you to Liz Rekas and Rob Seda for being our first captains and encouraging so many members to join the Open! They played some critical behind the scenes work setting us all up and adding huge spirit to their teams each week. (they also crushed each workout each week and did so with a great attitude!) THANK YOU!

    BROPEN Winner: Jon Boorstein may not have competed in the traditional Crossfit Open, but he threw down hard each week in the Bropen and dominated.

    ICYMI on Saturday night, we celebrated at Beer Karma and we handed out some awards (speeches and everything):
    Rookie of the year: Jojo Guzman and Mike Waskiewicz
    MVP: Alice Pfeifer and Matt Moran
    Most Improved: Kim Selway and Andy Duty
    Spirit of the Open: Allison Roth and Richie Reyes

    Congratulations to everyone on pushing yourselves hard, cheering each other on, and all of the PRs! Here’s to another year of training and having fun together!

    1. Rekas

      Thanks Jo and everybody who participated! It was so much fun to see everyone compete and push themselves to new extremes. 🙂 Keep kicking butt guys! xoxoxo

  2. Joe

    Yesterday-today mashup cause things got away from me yesterday:

    Front Squats:
    185-195-205 from the floor (1 clean 2 squats)
    215-225 from the rack

    22:55 rx
    C2b took me forever cause I couldn’t really kip cause of space issues. Oh well. Mission accomplished…

    1. Joe

      Won’t be around next couple weekends but past that I really want to get yesterday’s wod in. If anyone else missed it and the situation calls for it remind me

  3. Matt

    Hs walk: worked on pirouettes on bars, fun with a spotter, no luck without.

    11:10 rx
    Gotta get those pull-ups up!

  4. LaurenMargaret

    With some spotter help was able to practice handstand hold on the wall

    WOD: 16:57 @75 (attempted 85 during warmup but felt too heavy today)
    Started off first round with band pull-ups (10) then switched to ring rows

  5. Rekas

    Handstand walks are hard to practice when you’re half asleep! Work in progress…

    wod: 2+53 rx at 20′ time cap (7 c&js left)
    Didn’t finish BUT I got through all the dubs unbroken, so I’m stoked about that! C2B slowed me down big time.



    1 Round 30 double unders 2 rounds of 60 single under
    20 pull ups with a band
    10 clean and jerks, 85lb

  7. Gracie Lyman


    60 singles
    20 ring rows
    2 rounds of C+J, then just cleans all @63

    shoulders are killing me. feeling meh

  8. JoJo

    Skill Work 
    10 minutes of practice:
    HS Wall walks 4 shoulder taps 3x
    Worked to get off wall.

    WOD: 16:23 Rx’d
    3 RDs for time
    30 DU’s unbroken
    20 C2B (tried to keep 3’s no rep 8 times)
    Clean & Jerk 155/105 (singles and no reset on Jerk)

    Accessory work: gymnastics
    Tabata push-ups total 80

  9. Ashley Moduno

    21:23 with 95# but im pretty sure it was longer than that. Ripped my little handsies on c2bs.