Friday, April 8th


Friday, April 8th


Team Throwdown this Saturday!
Here are the team rosters.


Every 5 Minutes for 5 Rounds:

1 rep, 3 reps, and max reps:
Push Press, 155/103
Strict Knees to Elbow

Post max reps for each movement, each round to Comments.

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    1. dtm

      Funny you should say that, I was just about to post an invite to DBA tonight at 8pm for free beers.

      I’m buddies with the owner of Upstate Brewing who is in the finals of the ‘King of NY Beer Tournament’ and was told that anyone that goes down there to drink their beers will be drinking on his tab.

      The Green team is due for a big win, It’s been almost three years if not longer since we got the ‘W’.

      PS – Matt’s scores shouldn’t count because he’s known what the WOD is all week and has been using LOTS of that body butter to make sure his hands are extra soft for the Throwdown.

    2. BAston

      Didn’t the Green Weiners win 2 throwdowns ago? I could be wrong….. But I know it hasn’t been 3 years. If it has been 3 years, we need to look to new leadership and give our captain the boot.

    3. Melanie

      Yes, Bri you’re right.. They have won within the last few throwdowns – I don’t remember which one.

  1. Kat

    CrossFit Roots, Boulder, CO
    4 rounds:
    5 overhead squats 75#
    then 2min to complete:
    20 cal rowing
    max rep wallball (10#)
    rest 2min
    29 reps.

    Tip: If you ever want to feel really insecure about your fitness during a workout, do it at altitude and in the same room as Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. Woof.

  2. ERIC S.

    Snatch balance doubles
    135, 145, 155, 165, 170, 175, 180(1)
    1 snatch 20min emom 115, 125, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 170×2, 175×2, 180×3, 185×3
    3 rounds for time
    25 ghd sit-ups
    25 cal row

  3. steph_N

    5×10 FS instead of today’s WOD (thanks eroc for recommending a fifth set..)
    Then 3x3k recovery erg