Friday, August 26th


Friday, August 26th

Cash In

10 Min EMOM
Strict Pull-Ups


5 Rounds for time:
10 Overhead Squat, 95/65
15 Toes to Bar
40 Double Unders

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  1. cloudon

    Wrong dude. Stop aging me. My birthday’s in September although we all deserve 2 a year lol. At least the WOD suits me and isn’t full of muscle ups and hand stand push ups.

    1. Matt

      Yesterday’s WOD, Rx, freestanding
      7:27, HS fell apart into 10 and 5 second bursts

      All-Out L-Sit, white parallettes, legs a little bent
      43 seconds, see Liz’s insta

  2. BAston

    11:50 rx’d

    T2B were bad today. I could not hang on to the bar during the last 2 rounds. Thanks for doing it with me Matt, and thanks for the coaching Minna.

  3. dtm

    Pull Up EMOM: 4 each minute with chain


    The first 3 rounds of t2b were arguably the best I’ve ever done and then they fell apart.

  4. ledbelly

    Crossfit Hamptons
    10×3 – 50% of the one rep. I did 225. i honestly did not understand the point of this scheme, but whatevs


    20 min AMRAP
    400 meter
    4 C2B
    40 flutter kicks


    Beach rx’d

  5. Melissa TruHero

    3-1 strict pull-ups for EMOM

    17:25 rx’d
    – first round was great in just over 2 min then T2B and dubs fell apart

    Thanks Minna!

  6. JLee

    30 pull ups. That strainy feeling in my right arm returns meh

    WOD – 15:18 scale city
    85# OHS, 12 T2B per round, Singles

  7. Andy

    Something like 5-3 strict pull ups per minute. Still have a lot issue with the shoulder in the hang so just tried staying there for a bit.

    18:35 with a heck of a lot of scaling. 75# for 3 rounds and then PVC pipe for 2. Shoulders pretty much crapped out and have hang issues so subbed 30 sits ups for T2B. Did do the DUs though.

  8. cloudon

    Cash-in – 70 pull ups / 7 per minute not very strict
    Wod – 12:36 rx. T2B disappeared fast, over cooked it on the cash in