Friday, August 5th


Friday, August 5th

Look out folks, Elena is back with a vengeance!Elena is back in action!


For time, in any order, but not partitioned:

75 chest-to-bar pull-ups
75 handstand push-ups
75 GHD sit-ups
75 pistols, alternating

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    1. Matt

      Skill work turned into round 2, for time:
      75 Butterfly Chest to Bar
      75 Kipping HSPU
      75 GHDs
      75 Pistols
      27:48 Rx

    2. Melanie

      Hey Matt – I have some tasks around my apt that need completing if you have the need and/or desire to burn off any more energy…..

    3. BAston

      Is this the same Matt that texted me earlier this morning that he was “hurtin'”? No sympathy for you anymore……

  1. dtm

    40 minutes of complaining about the WOD with Jasen Rx.

    50 C2B, 25 strict pull-ups after my hands started to rip
    45 HSPU
    75 GHDs
    30 Pistols to a med ball (I had to leave but also not upset that I didn’t get to finish)

    For anyone who isn’t in the CFM Endurance Facebook group we’re going to be doing a sprint workout at the track near Yankee Stadium on Sunday morning with the option of going to the game afterwards. More details to follow!!

  2. jasenS

    Snatch 2’s
    Up to 115

    51:26 rx Fucking Mordor.
    HSPU strict til the 75th one, these took me a year.
    10# plate under my heel for pistols.

  3. Rich S

    75 Kipping chest to bar
    75 Kipping HSPU
    75 Pistols to med ball, best I’ve ever done but not great
    75 GHD sit-ups

    Went to the top of the peg board

  4. Melissa TruHero

    1000m row
    100 dubs

    OHS & T2B @ 93#
    13:39 rx’d (lots of interruptions from the boyband-ers RX+)

    Cash out: 100 dubs

  5. chad

    Crossfit Brighton, MI Drop In
    Bench Press x5 145-155-165-175-180(pr)-165
    12 Min AMRAP
    24 lunges
    15 Thrusters (115/75)
    15 Bentover Rows
    [email protected] first round at 115 but I wussed out
    Extra Credit
    8 rounds 1 wall walk 10 shoulder taps