Friday, December 29th


Friday, December 29th


Set a clock for 12 minutes and, with a 135-lb. barbell, complete:
1 minute of squat cleans
1 minute of push jerks
2 minutes of squat cleans
2 minutes of push jerks
3 minutes of squat cleans
3 minutes of push jerks

Post reps for each set to comments.

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15 Responses

  1. Joe


    3042 total (I think it counted the wheel spinning during the first few seconds of rest each interval)

    Cash out:
    6×10 v up

  2. dtm

    AM) FT Accumulate 5 minutes in a hollow hold
    *20 push-ups after every break
    12:55/120 push-ups

    Bonus 30 push-ups while cooking breakfast.

    PM) A VERY cold 5k with the possibility of a few short sprints.