Friday, December 8th


Friday, December 8th


Front Squat

Then, complete 5 rounds for time:
20 ring rows
10 burpees

Post all loads and time to Comments.

15 Responses

  1. BAston

    3’s: 165-170
    2’s: 180-190
    1’s: 200-205-210-215
    Probably went too light this morning

    WOD: 4+ 15 at 10 minute time cap. Ring Rows disappeared.

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  2. My estimated time would be under 8min! (Because I skipped yesterday’s 5×5 weighted pull up time). But looks like ring rows are harder than I am thinking right now.
    Let’s see what happens at 5pm!

  3. Mickey

    some light front squat sets of 10 (45,65,85,105,125,145)
    then light 5×5 @ 145
    technique/hip flexors & back

    ring row/burpee: 7:19 scaled

  4. dtm

    12 Rounds
    Run through complex thrice every 90 seconds
    1 Hang Squat Clean, 3 Front Squats w/ 50# DBs

    Cash-out: STRICT Hang power cleans

  5. Rekas

    RDLs in place of front squats
    5s: 105,135,155
    3s: 165,175,185
    2s: 195,200pr

    4 + 25 @ the cap
    Finished the remaining reps after time cap