Friday December 9th


Friday December 9th

Skill Work

10 Minutes of Practice
Handstand Push-Up


For time:
Deadlifts, 225/155

Perform 1 round of “Cindy” between each set.

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26 Responses

  1. robseda

    Strict HSPU: 12-11-10-9-9
    Wod: 17:35
    Started at 225, dropped to 185 from 7s on
    Easing back (get it?) into it
    Strict pull-ups

  2. Alice

    Skill Work:
    practiced freestanding kipping progression. worked on resetting in the bottom (with a spotter)

    13:46, 125#

    55444 ring dips

  3. BAston

    15:26 (subbed 115# push press for deads – 20 plus hours of flying coming up later, taking it easy on my back)

    Strict HSPU work, and got a few freestanding HSPU too.

    Off to Australia, see everybody in a few weeks!

  4. Matt

    Rekas Ranch Wod
    5 minute super man hold
    – first 2 minutes unbroken
    200 team push-ups for time
    – 7:48, liz doing knee push-ups
    B2B Tabata Squats
    – started at 15 fell to 12 halfway

  5. sallys

    One last WOD before Australia!

    Skill work: Did like 6 or so Kippping and a couple sets of 2 with an ab mat strict. Also practiced the headstand into a kip thing and got one.

    Met con (modified because deadlifting 155# 55 times before a 20 hour flight seemed like a poor life decision).

    Instead of deads, front squats at 65 (no rack). 18:34

    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and see you in 3 weeks!

  6. JoJo

    HSPU practice getting better 🙂 it’s starting to click in my head.

    14:31 Rx’d UNBROKEN movements
    except last set of PUSH-UPS had to break with sets of two. 5 & 5

  7. D-Nice

    Practiced some negative HSPUs

    Modified the WOD so it was more like active recovery instead of an actual workout
    Today probably should have been a rest day but I don’t wanna rest!

    deadlifts @113#
    5 ring rows, 5 knee push ups, 5 air squats