Friday, February 26th


Friday, February 26th

Sign up for the CrossFit Open, and join the fun!

Current Roster:

Brian Aston
Chad Cinquegrana
Chris Loudon

Dan Taylor
Elisabeth Kovac
Eric Salvador

JCash Castro
Jason Gordon
Jessica Yu

Joe Careccia
Johanna Cinquegrana
Jon Boorstein

Kat Read
Kimberly Selway
Matthew Moran

Melanie Newman
Melissa Truhero
Patrick Schmitt

Richard Silberberg
Rob Seda
Ron Allen
Steph Neul

Skill Work
10 Minutes of Practice
Chest to Bar Pullups

Five rounds for fun of:
500 Meter Row
15 Overhead Squat, 95/65

Post time to Comments.

First CrossFit Open workout is Saturday!
16.1 at Metropolis – 2/27, all classes
Kickoff Drinks at 5 Mile Stone – 2/27 @ 8:00pm

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    1. Matt

      We will run heats with a maximum of 5 people per heat. From the rings to the rowers is 60 ft, so there will be room for 4 in the main area and a 5th in the front of the gym.

      It might be tight. It might take some ingenuity.

  1. ThisIsJava

    Congratulations to Elizabeth Camacho of the 6am class for being the first member of our community to complete 16.1! Elizabeth Is competing in the scaled division and managed to score 156 reps which is 6 full rounds. She has been a member since December and is excited to test herself through out the next 4 weeks of the open.

    1. johanna

      Awesome job, Elizabeth! You are so strong and have such a great attitude, I can’t wait to see how you’re going to do over the next five weeks!

  2. Backyard variation on a theme;
    20 min amrap of:
    50 feet walking lunge
    10 burpees
    50 feet walking lunge
    40 dubs
    – 7+50+5

    Go get ’em kiddos!