Friday, January 27th


Friday, January 27th


Front Squat


7 Minute AMRAP:

7 Chest to Bar Pull-Up

7 Hand Release Push-Up

Post squat loads and rounds completed to Comments.

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    1. Alice

      attended the 6pm because of the guilt. also because they’re three of my goats, but:
      guilt > goats

      Front Squat 5×3: 120#
      Conditioning: 7+5 rx

  1. Melanie

    FS: 113-113-118-118-118 tried to start heavier and keep sets tight

    Metcon: 5+2 w/ ring rows – kept the angle as difficult as possible

  2. dtm

    A: 150 Push-ups:
    8:14 (50 – :59//100 – 4:14)

    B: “Farmers” Lunges
    5 x 16 w/ 24kg dbs

    C: Hollows
    40 on, 20 off; 3 rounds, plus 23 seconds into the 4th before I melted.

    D: Maybe some running tonight?

  3. Rekas


    (Some rippage and possible boobruises)

    Also that Irish jig song came on and really got me fired up in the beginning. Slainte!

    1. Rekas

      Oh also 30 dips in the back NFT. I’m feeling like these are getting a little bit easier so I’m pleased with my progress! #babysteps

  4. johanna

    Front Squat
    135-145-155-165-170 PR
    Metcon: 5+9 Rx, need to figure out how to string together the c2b before the open…

  5. Andy


    Conditioning: Hands still torn from last week’s chubby cindy so altered the pull ups to strict C2B pull ups and just did 4 with 10 HR push ups. 5+2

    I’m looking for a same sex partner…..

    (oh and I need a partner for the throwdown next week :P)

  6. Jeff

    FS: 155 x 5 worked on form, felt ting in muscle warming up at 175, backed off and then felt strong again at set 4

    WOD. 7rx