Friday, July 12th, 2013


Friday, July 12th, 2013



Run to Starbucks & Back (Down Lex to 96th)
15 Overhead Squats
Run to 97th & Back
15 Overhead Squats
Run Down to 3rd, Up to Lex & Back
15 Overhead Squats
Run to 97th & Back
15 Overhead Squats
Run to Starbucks & Back


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  1. sassypants

    Second day at CrossFit Jolt in Bumblefuck,NJ

    Cash in: 30 pull ups NFT ( I was the only one who could do pull ups?)

    400m run
    50 OHS
    400m run
    50 Goblet squats
    400m run
    50 Air squats

    Cash out: NFT 30 ring dips

    As everyone says, our coaching is top notch. I gave tips to a newbie doing OHS (weight in heels, take off the thick running shoes, push the bar up and activate the shoudlers, etc) that the coach should have given. Again, there was no instruction for the movements, nor tips on how to work towards success.

  2. Jared


    I dropped the bar on my last rep in round 3. damn!

    Tips: use chalk if you have wrist issues to keep your hand from slipping and be very deliberate with your squats. I tend to rush my OHS in these workout and that makes it much harder.

  3. Paige

    18:18 @ 63#

    got through 4 out of 5 runs and 3 out of 4 OHS before I had to run out for work.

    I dropped the bar each time-that kills you. 1st 2 rounds broke up 12 & 3 and last 3 sets of 5.

  4. BAston

    22:25 @ 95#

    Runs felt sluggish. OHS felt pretty good for the first 2 rounds, then had a lot of shoulder discomfort for the last 2 rounds.

  5. Darcy

    OHS @33#, these are the worst for me! Hopefully some day I’ll be able to put more weight on the bar.

  6. lauren

    ***Endurance WOD***
    Come get your sprint on! Sunday morning @ 9am. Meet at 86 and lex – NE corner. Bring your metrocard and some way to time yourself (app, watch, etc.). All are welcome. Send questions my way: [email protected]. Any weather related cancellation will be posted here and on the Facebook page by 8am.


  7. Melanie

    25:20 @ 63lbs

    – 1st round unbroken.. then did 10-5/8-4-3/5-5-5… wasted alot of time looking at the bar.. tips: don’t do that!

    thank god that’s over. Friday 🙂

  8. jmiz

    No chance I was doing anything shoulder related after yesterday, so I pulled one out of the annals:

    Jan 13, 2011
    1500m Row
    30 Front Squats, 135/95 from ground
    60 Double Unders
    90 Air Squats

    Last time: 22:50 @ 95#
    This time: 22:49 Rx’ed

    *Construction workers placed a piece of equipment over my rope so took a little time to fish out from underneath…I expect to be below 20 mins next time.

  9. Benjammin

    Anyone sign up for the Ninja Classic? August 18 at 5th avenue. My roommate said they are going to cut registration at a certain number so sign up soon. Lets get out there and represent!!

  10. Alicia

    26:55 70#

    Also CF New England has a comp in September and a masters comp in October. Registration info on comp doc

  11. Ben O

    32:16 @ 95#

    I puked right after the last set of OHS but still finished the workout! I’m calling that “Px’ed.”

  12. Lightbody

    21:02 @ 95#, all unbroken.

    Could have gone heavier, a little, but wanted to make sure i did the first 2 rounds unbroken. Legs are mush

  13. Jenna

    28:22 @ 53#

    Had a lot of trouble with my wrists hurting. Still a little tingly and numb in a few of my fingers :/

  14. JackW.NY

    22:58 @ 45#

    Had issues with left wrist and locking out left elbow. Played it safe and worked on quality form then pushing weight.

  15. Jason Castro

    23:24 RX’d.
    Time would have been better but got stopped during my run.
    Favorite pick up line, “You got more thighs than popeyes” Thanks Kat.

  16. Jeremy B



    OHS coming along, i was thinking of doing more weight but glad i chose this one. First two rounds unbroken. Put down the bar once each round the later two. Fun WOD.