Friday, July 1st


Friday, July 1st


Front Rack Lunge
8 – 8 – 8


As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes:
16 wallballs
8 front rack lunges, 95/65
16 ring-pushups

Post all loads and rounds + reps to Comments.

July 4th Holiday Schedule:
Sunday 10am Class Only, Open Gym from 11 to 1pm.
Monday Independence Day WOD at 10am in the Park

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  1. dtm

    EWOD @ 7:15am, meeting on the corner of 102nd and 5th. We’ll be doing a quick warm up in the transverse and starting by 7:30.

    4 mile tempo run

    1. dtm


      4 mile temp run

      DTM: 28:33
      A. Duty: 34:53

      I ought to maintain sub 7s but the West Side Rollers and Cat Hill exploited my sore hip flexors from yesterday’s GHDs.

      Good run Andy!

  2. Matt

    145-165-185 (underestimated myself, could’ve started at 165)

    4+7 Rx

    Fun combo! your strategy needs to be to come out hard… Unless you’re lookin’ too good, those push-ups will slow you down, so make up some ground in the first few minutes with an aggressive start. You can hit the wallballs and lunges unbroken for the entire 8 minutes, I nearly did. Ed Santos pushed me today, wouldn’t have done 185 without him.

  3. ledbelly

    135 – Lunge = loungin
    3+20 rx’d+

    rx’d+ = 135

    I am soft, I should have made 4 rounds – I hate myself for being so soft!

  4. cloudon

    Did “California Girl” from Wednesday. 9:02rx
    Lunges 115 straight across
    WOD – 3+16rx

  5. Melissa TruHero


    Wod: 3+26 Rx’d

    Core cash out
    3 rounds :30 hollow rocks or hold+1:00 plank hold, no rest
    – rocks fell apart after the first round. Abs annihilated.

  6. JLee

    Lunges 115 – 125 – 135 walking to make use of all the space I had

    Wod – 3 + 11 Rx I did everything Matt said and didn’t beat his score. What gives?

    7 days in a row. Take that newsletter!

    Time to relax for the long weekend happy 4th everyone.

  7. lizzy


    103, 113, 118 oh my bunzzzz!

    3 + 22 – 65#, 14#wb unbroken, knee+boob push-ups that looked sad