Friday, July 26th, 2013

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  1. Benjammin

    And is anyone watching the games this weekend uptown? Soccer team needs a place to watch before our game

  2. EulK

    20:32 @ 175#

    I will conquer those DU. Goal is to do 20 consecutively. Time to get my Floyd Mayweather on. #themoneyteam

  3. jmiz

    One on one with EJ at 9am. Note to self: never challenge her to a duel.

    11:28 at girls rx’ed. Biggest accomplishment is that I didn’t get lapped by lady ninja.

  4. Melissa T.


    Hey everyone! A lot of you already know, but for those who aren’t on FB (or on my FB), tomorrow is my last day bartending. It’s my retirement party! After 12 years of working weekends, I’m finally ready to move on with my life. If you’re interested, all are welcome – I’ll be “working” and hanging out.

    Place: Babel Lounge (Avenue C between 8th and 9th streets)
    Time: I would say around 11pm.

    Hope to see you there!
    -Melissa 🙂

  5. lauren

    Saw a lot of heart and effort this morning – great job, everyone 🙂

    Sunday – 9:30 AM
    We’re meeting at 86th and Lex (NE corner) and taking the subway up to Yankee Stadium. Feel free to meet us up there. All are welcome. Message me with any questions: [email protected]

    Any weather-related cancellation will be posted here by 8:30. Fingers crossed!

  6. Carmen

    Sad to miss this WOD. I REALLY want a chance to dry my new jump rope to see if it’s too long. Moonlighting downtown today to train with an old colleague who left the high-flying world of finance to become a coach…

  7. kpo17

    on 10-2-12 we did 3 rds of this
    I did it at 215 lb, took 6:26

    on 7-26-13 we did 5 rds, I did it at 225

  8. wingsteroosky

    how long does it take two people with gimpy knees to walk 15 blocks? 1 BILLION YEARS! hope your knee thing isn’t serious.

    12:24 @155#
    subbed row1min @ damp10 in lieu of DUs.

    thanks, eroc for your excellent dance cheer on my last round. that was some serious freestylin skillz, man. lol

  9. Alicia

    15:18 so disappointing

    Was really excited to do this wod, had a great warmup, then 1st round of DU’s felt a pop behind my knee and that was it – hurt to put pressure on it after that. Deads @ 185#, first 2 rounds DU’s, last 3 50 situps

    Long 45 minute walk home, lots of R.I.C.E. ahead 🙁

  10. Joe

    13:46 @ 205

    Thanks to the 6:30 crew for the cheers at the end.

    1st and last round of dubs no problem. Too many trips in the middle.

    We have strong chicks at Metropolis, like for realz yo!

  11. Meredith

    12:32 @ 163#

    Cruised the du’s but DL’s were too broken…prob should’ve done more like 153# for this one..

  12. Melissa T.

    8:05 @ 145#

    If it wasn’t for those double unders, my Achilles heel!
    Crushed the power jumps though. 🙂

    Went lighter due to sore lower back from the hundreds of ghds I’ve done this week. Good times.

  13. Paige

    12:56 @ 163#

    First round @ 183# way too heavy for me today- I’m pretty sure the PVC pipe was more my speed today.

    30 d/u each round- still trying to string these together

  14. Carmen

    Got my wish – DUs involved at my drop-in:

    15 mins to work on:

    4 rounds for time:
    200 m run
    15 Pull-ups (or GOAT of your choice from the items listed above.)


    Downside: first hand-rip (minor)
    Upsides: (there are many) rope is the right length! HSPUs with 2 Abmats! Jumping pull-ups from the ground (lots of jump and kip but what the hell – I’ll take it!)

    Wing & Alicia – I (literally) feel your pain. Take it super easy and look at this as an opportunity to get strong up top 🙂

    parentheticals on 3!