Friday, July 29th


Friday, July 29th

_DSC2454Happy birthday Darcy!

Heads Up! The Suns Out Guns Out Throwdown is TOMORROW, July 30th, from 9-11am! Bring sunblock, we’re going to be throwing down at the basketball courts on 96th and Lex, with barbells and all. Bring your game face and represent!


Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up
1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1


For time:
50 kettlebell swings, 24/16
40 one arm overhead lunges, 24/16
30 pull-ups
40 one arm overhead lunges, 24/16
50 kettlebell swings, 24/16

Post all loads and time to Comment.

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  1. Melissa TruHero

    10am with some strong boys

    Turkish get-up to 20kg

    Wod: 13:15 Rx’d

    Woof. Missing the comp tomorrow unfortunately but looking forward to seeing pics of you all kicking ass – have fun!

  2. Matt

    Active rest day, Rx+

    8 min EMOM
    Even: 10 BS 135
    Odd: 3 Strict Muscle Up

    Turkish Get-Up
    24kg – 45lb – 75lb – 100lb barbell (PR)

    9:20Rx, first set of swings unbroken

  3. dtm

    28kg, I stood up with the bar but that was all I had in me.

    27 seconds faster than BAston Rx’d. First set of swings unbroken.

    Matt – Rest days will be key in prepping for 26.2

  4. Rich S

    red KB, green KB both arms, got up with blue KB but failed to get all the way back down.
    don’t remember my time on the WOD but I did manage to get in a few butterfly pull ups.

  5. Jason

    TGUs: 28 kg both sides, 32 kg right arm (made it pretty much all the way down)
    – also, 45# bar both sides

    WOD: 17:08 rx

  6. Kim

    Worked up to 16kg turkish get up

    WOD – Scale City
    12 kg KBS
    Lunges without the added weight
    Ring Rows