Friday, July 8th


Friday, July 8th



Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
15 overhead squat, 95/65

Post time to comments.

Compare to 10/22/2015. Post time to Comments.


3 Rounds:
Hang from the bar as long as possible, then immediately:
Hold a plank as long as possible.
Rest as needed between rounds.

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    1. Matt

      Also, tomorrow’s KHour workout:
      31:59 Rx, from the floor… holy fitness Batman

      First set unbroken
      Use as much momentum as possible on the third thing, keep rests short
      Eat a good breakfast, this one is a soul crusher

  1. Kim

    24:17 RX
    Matt’s got a lot of tips and tricks for how to be fast. If you’re like me and your goal is survival, don’t let Matt tell you how to live your life. ????

    Cash out
    Hang- 12, 15, 20
    Holds- 18, 14, 30

  2. BAston

    CrossFit Palm Beach

    Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds power snatch complex:

    High hang
    Then 2 OHS

    Wod: 5 squat snatches @ 95# / Row 10 cals

    6+5 rx’d
    Worked up to 115#

  3. JRW

    18:36 RX (17:36 minus construction on third ave for my future ref)

    Rnd 1-3 unbroken, 4th 10 and 5, 5th unbroken

    Cash out:
    Hang – 60, 65, 65 seconds
    Holds – 60, 75, 90 seconds

  4. dtm

    Subbed bar MU’s
    I hit a wall in the second round

    40/60 for each hang/plank then some back extensions

    For record keeping purposes:
    Nancy 13:39 Rx on 7/7/16
    I need to learn how to snatch like an adult.

  5. Melissa TruHero

    Nancy+ in the offensive heat and 400m (450-500m) around the 100-101 block because of construction

    19:54 Rx’d
    Died from the heat and lack of lungs…OHS unbroken

    Hangs: 40-50-45 sec
    Holds: all to about 2:30

    Happy birthday Tapout, nice brunchin with ya!

  6. johanna

    Wendler’s Week 2
    Press: 58×3, 68×3, 75×6
    Deadlift: 138×3, 158×3, 178×13

    Isabel @80# in 4:52
    next time heavier and faster. first time, didn’t know how it would feel or how to pace it or anything. fun!

    one round of cash out…

  7. amandajnz

    19:34 RX

    first one 45 seconds/2 + mins plank
    second- didn’t really count or look but not much
    3rd- 1:05 hang; 3ish min plank