Friday, June 14th, 2013


Friday, June 14th, 2013


Their Big Day is finally here!!!
Congratulations to Mike & Allison on their wedding.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!
Remember, a couple that CrossFit’s together, stays together! 😉
Check out the rest of their Gorgeous engagement photos here.

Run 1 Mile
Row 2K
Run 1 Mile

Common Rowing Technique Errors and Their Corrections
Basic Do’s & Don’t’s of Running

Lindsay… Before she was Valenzuela.
…. Fast Forward 3 1/2 years…

“From Fashion to Fitness”

“What You Should Know About Poultry Production Claims”  –  From Mark’s Daily Apple

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  1. BAston

    5x500m row with 90 seconds rest. Kept all of them between 1:53-2:00. I hate rowing. Right arch not feeling great this morning so stayed away from the running.

    25 GHD’s with 6# WB

  2. Vikram

    Very best of wishes MIke & Allison! You’re an awesome couple. Wishing you much fun and love on the wonderful journey…

    I honored you today by sleeping in. On a V-neck Fry-day. That’s how much you mean to me…

  3. patrick


    This right at 4min faster than a month ago. Still can’t breathe after that first run. I kept having to stop during the row to try and calm my asthma.

    I will have to shoot for 25 min next time

  4. Nicole

    wasn’t expecting this workout to be so hard. the second run was a shit show; walking may have been faster… But my leg held up so thats good. Off for vacation; see you all next Thursday!

  5. Abby

    Somewhere around 23:46

    Contrary to popular belief (aka Joe).. I ran an extra quarter mile. I was clearly on point this morning.. not.

  6. Amylynne

    I did this wod on my own may 5, so I was NOT avoiding it today but…shins killing me so not doing any running or jumping for a few days. ;-(

    3 Rds:
    1 BS 153 (90% 1 RM)
    2 legless rope climbs
    3 Rds:
    1 BS 153 (90% 1 RM)
    5 hspus on paralletes
    Finished with 1 more BS. Just under 10 min. Tried to keep a 90 secrets bt the BS. 😉

  7. jmiz

    22:38. Two seconds slower than last time. Yecch. Guess it’s not about how fast you are…it’s about the consistency in the ocean. Something like that.

  8. BAston

    In Abby’s defense, she was slightly off this morning…. Actually, that might help Joe’s argument. Either way, good times.

  9. lauren


    All CFMers are welcome to join us on Sunday for some endurance fun. You have two options – meet me by 8:50 at My NY Bakery (the one on the corner of 100 and Lex) OR meet the group at the track at Thomas Jefferson Park (~113 and 1st) at the track at 9AM. Bring a timing mechanism. If you know you’ll be there, let me know! Send questions, concerns, witty remarks, etc. to [email protected].

    I hope you all had/have fun crushing Jerry today! 6 and 7 am saw some HUGE improvements over last month – very inspiring!!

  10. EJ


    *ROWATHON FOR BOSTON – date change June 30th (9AM – 1PM)*

    FORMING TEAM 2 – we’re looking to possibly put together a second team. Ariel said he wanted to do this, but our team 1 is full. Anyone else interested?

    Note the date change

    Reebok Crossfit 5th Ave will host a Rowathon to benefit Boston’s Children’s Hospital where some of the kids who were injured in the bombings were treated. Entry fee is $25, and each person needs to row a min of 5k for a team total of 26.2 miles. You DO NOT have to be good at rowing to participate!

    BOAT BASIN – Next Saturday, June 22 @ 4pm

    It’s time for another social event!! We’ll be heading down to the Boat Basin Cafe. We’ll have our own dedicated area, so come thirsty! It’s a great way to hang out, meet some new members and celebrate the summer! (West 79th Street on the Hudson River)

    Come thirsty!!

    THEN – Looking for something to do afterwards??

    If you didn’t know, our very own Deepak is a DJ and his record label is hosting a day/night party at TBA Brooklyn.

    here’s the fb invite:

    it was written up in the ny times this past weekend in the fashion and style section for top underground dance clubs. would be great to get some of wooly xfit characters out!

  11. JackW.NY

    10:11 Row / 27:08 Total Time

    Break Down:

    7:53 :: 1st Mile
    10:11 :: 2000K Row
    9:04 :: 2nd Mile

    WOD’s are good, WOD’s are good!!! (ala Jim Carrey in “Dumb n Dumber”)

  12. Melissa T.

    Rest day! Well, not really. Work all day, then work all night! If you guys don’t already know, after the roller disco, we’re celebrating Amelia’s birthday at Babel.

    So as usual, come thirsty! I’m bartending!

  13. Benjammin

    My little sister just got a job in NYC and is looking for a room to rent starting in July. Anyone know of anything? message me if you do. Thanks!

  14. Kat

    Last Jerry time: 30:50 (!!!!)

    Mile one: 8:25 (PR)
    Row: 9:32

    Great coaching today by Eroc and huge thank you to Jon and Rolf who ran the last hill with me. Overall amazing 5:30 class.

  15. 5:30p WOD

    7:26 mile
    8:13 row
    23:59 total

    25 seconds better than May 2nd!


    THEN – Looking for something to do afterwards??

    My record label, is hosting a day/night party at TBA Brooklyn, beginning at 4p.

    Swing by afterwards.

    here’s the fb invite:

    it was written up in the ny times this past weekend in the NY TIMES fashion and style section for top underground dance clubs.

    would be great to get some of wooly xfit characters out!

  16. wingsteroosky

    congrats to mike and allison!

    7:40 mile
    9:39 row

    26:59 total
    (15s < last time i did jerry)

  17. DT

    20:12? I think?
    First run: 5:50
    7:06 row
    7:16.. actually left the room at 13:30 so its 6:42 and plenty of transition time.

    Nice job Jimmy!

    Yo Eroc where do I get a gas mask?

  18. Steve

    Did this globo gym style – 23:09
    2 seconds slower than a month ago, a bit disappointing but I’m happy with the consistency

  19. Jon

    First Mile-6:17 down from 6:35. I could’ve done that mile in 6 flat if i wanted but oh well.
    Row was 8:43. Im happy i kept that 2:10 pace…For me, that’s improvement.

    Overall-23:26 down from 24:18