Friday, June 17th


Friday, June 17th

Skill Work:

Accumulate 2 minutes in a handstand, not on the floor

Use a wall if necessary. Your hands must be on a non-flat surface.
(Parallettes, rings, kettlebells, kettlebell handles, medicine balls, foam rollers, etc. Be creative.)


For time:
30 Clean and jerks, 135/95

Compare to 2/21/15. Post handstand apparatus and time to Comments.

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  1. dtm

    EWOD distance testing & EWOD

    Mapped out a mile and 100M in the park

    Run 1 mile, rest 4 minutes, run 1 mile

    Nothing beats running on fresh squat legs!!

    1. dtm

      Grace: 5:35 Rx

      Rest 4 minutes

      Grace again @95#: 2:44

      At least I can beat EEC at the ladies weight. PR for Rx but stacking this with an EWOD in the AM was a mistake.

  2. Matt

    Handstands: did these on rings, definitely out of practice here, need more playtime
    Grace: 2:40 Rx, paced a nice and easy 5 c&j every 30 seconds, just fast enough to kick BroFarrel off the board. Rear cheeks are roasted.

  3. sallys

    Grace Rx (first time!):9:30
    Handstands on parallettes, which i actually liked.
    Sorry to Ed for kicking you in my failed attempt at a wall-free handstand.

  4. Melissa TruHero

    4:12 Rx’d
    – not a PR but quads still pretty tired from the other day. Tried 5 touch and go in the beginning and found out that singles all the way thru are the way to go for me.

    Then did yesterday’s “sally up” back squats
    – got thru about 1:55 Rx’d then took a break for a min and finished the song

    Then 5×10 deadlifts at 95#

    Then Tabata hollow holds


    1. amandajnz

      she kept carrying on- unfazed as we were panting and struggling to put our weights and bars away after the WOD- unbroken and unstoppable!

  5. Liz

    Some headstand on the floor with assistance for balance. Some handstand on paralletes with some wrist pain

    Isabel @52# 2:40

  6. steph_N

    Drop in at crossfit Santa ynez valley (Santa Barbara area)
    They were finishing up this challenge similar to Whole life challenge:
    and retesting the benchmark workout today
    It was the kind of workout where if you finish the first round in 4 min, add 4 min and go onto next round. There were 3 scaling levels to choose from- I chose the 2nd, with lighter weight and scaled t2b.
    Round 1: 20 box jumps 20″
    15 anchored t2b
    10 power clean and jerk @55
    Round 2: same thing but @70
    Round 3: same @85
    Round 4: @105, clean and jerks are AMRAP until clock hits 16min

    Got through 9th clean and jerk in round 3

    PM: beautiful 50min run exploring the area

  7. J Cash

    2:51 rxd
    Then 12-9-6 bar muscle ups and paralletes hspu
    Thanks joe I really appreciate that ????????????????????

  8. patrick

    Grace 2:29 RX
    Thanks JCash for counting and Eroc for yelling at me to keep going. I really wanted to quit at about rep 22…lol

    1. ERIC S.

      I’ll be back to reclaim my place on the board in a couple of months as “Grace” is one of my favorites
      #illbeback ????

  9. amandajnz

    4:10 or 20 something
    squat cleans @ 73- thanks or the push Katie!

    Handstand holds on paralettes- good time

  10. ERIC S.

    First time back squatting and it felt great to get the bar on my back
    3 reps 265,285,305,325,335

    Then for time
    40 cal row 40 ghd sit-ups
    30 cal row 30 ghd sit-ups
    20 cal row 20 ghd sit-ups
    Rowing with mostly one arm