Friday, June 21, 2013


Friday, June 21, 2013


Lisa has a bun in the oven and still makes everything look easy! (and super cute!)

AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
5 Power Cleans  123/165
7 Front Squats  123/165
15 Weighted AbMat Sit-Ups  25/45

… Rest 3 Minutes …

5 Rounds for Reps:
30 Seconds Single Arm KB Push Press (Left Arm)
30 Seconds Single Arm KB Push Press (Right Arm)
1 Minute Static Hold in a Hanging L-Sit
RX: 16/24kg KB, Maintain 90 Degree Angle with straight, locked legs

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  1. BAston

    Wod 1: 3 + 9 reps @ 125#, 45# plate. Not sure if it was Grace on Sunday but my shoulders have been killing me. Rest day didn’t help much.

    Wod 2: 74 reps total @ 1.5 pood. L-Sits were pretty crappy.

    25 GHD’s

  2. Amylynne

    FS 1RM: 133-138-143-145(PR)-148(PR)-150(PR)

    WOD 1: 3+4 reps at 103#, 35# plate

    back too tight/sore to think about doing WOD 2, as WOD 1 felt ugly to me. tried to stretch.


  3. DT

    Great day for a WOD!!
    3+5 at 135
    planks, didn’t want to hang on the bar that long then do presses haha.

    BMO is looking for a 1st year Analyst on their Lev Fin desk. Someone just bailed and they need a body bad. If interested holler

  4. Jared

    WOD 1: 165# w/ anchored feet (no rocking)

    WOD 2: 85 reps but L-sits were maybe an average of 15-20 seconds per minute, got worse as the rounds went on.

  5. Carmen

    Fun to drop in with the 6 a.m. crew.
    WOD 1: 4+23 – Muscle cleans ‘cuz my knee hurts. 55# ‘cuz I’m not so strong.
    WOD 2: 104 reps with wilting N sit-hangs. Clearly was a wuss using the 8 kg weight.

  6. Paige

    WOD 1: 3+4 rounds at 93#, 35# weighted Sit-ups

    WOD 2: 77 Reps @16KG, L sits are hard for a minute

  7. Darcy

    WOD 1: 3 + 10 @ 63#
    WOD 2: 52 reps @16kg, tried L-sit hangs that quickly became N-sit hangs and deteriorated as the rounds went on.

  8. Paige

    My sister is a bad ass! watch out people!
    she also knocked Joe out mid wod b/c she wasn’t into his moaning

  9. Nicole

    @paige/Abby- awesome.

    Wod 1: 78# 3+8(or 3+4, can’t remember)
    Wod 2: 64 @ 16kg. Shoulders toast, lats so tight was struggle to lock out. L-sit? Let’s not discuss.

  10. Katie

    WOD 1: 3+3 @93#

    WOD 2: 76 Started with 16kg and moved down to 12 after the first round. The whole thing was kind of ugly.

  11. lauren

    Sunday morning @ 9:30 (which gives you plenty of time to sleep off the Boat Basin party)
    We’re meeting at 79th and 5th and will head into the park.
    All CFMers welcome. Don’t be shy. Shoot any questions/comments/yadda yadda my way – [email protected]

  12. Rachel

    Scaled “Loredo” in Thomas Jefferson Park
    6 Rounds:
    24 Air Squats
    24 Push Ups (from Knees)
    24 Walking Lunges
    Sprint 300M

    Rounds: 3:26, 3:45, 4:03, 4:21, 4:53, 5:01
    Total Time: 25:30

    Last time did this on a 400M track in 27:40. Eek. Way too dehydrated today.

  13. EJ

    Join us for Happy Hour at The Boat Basin TOMORROW!!

    For those who are new members, this is one of the best CFM outings of the year – not to be missed!

    Fun in the sun, looking out on the water with a drink in hand – what more could you ask for?!

    We’ll be there 4pm-7pm with our own VIP area reserved.

    CASH BAR – so don’t forget to bring money with you

    Be there, or be… well, just be there =)

  14. johanna

    WOD #1: 2 rounds + 5 @72, 15# for situps
    maybe went a little heavy for power cleans, had to do them one at a time. FS felt good.

    WOD #2: 56 push presses @12kg, had trouble controlling this. N-sits…

  15. Summer of George

    All over the place, but I like these dynamic WODs.
    #1: 2 + 1 @ 115#.
    #2: 102 @ 1 pood.

  16. jmiz

    1. 2 + 8 @ 145#/45#

    2. 101 @ 1 pood w/ L-sits on parallettes and alternating starting arms between right and left each round

    Good wod

  17. Alicia

    wod 1: 2+3, did first 5 PC @ 125# and couldn’t keep it together so dropped to 120# for the rest

    wod 2: 77 @ 1 pood, N holds

    feeling really out of shape & pretty much shitting bricks for Tri State…not feeling ready with it being a week away.

  18. jen

    Goal was to get some cleans and fs in at 95#; the weight for tri state games which is waaay heavy for me.
    1 round + 7 reps.
    Then 104 reps @ 12kg. Didn’t know what to expect here. Guess I should have gone Rx.
    My strength is obviously all over the place.

  19. Julesnextdoor

    1st wod: 2 + 16, 53#, 25# situps

    2nd wod: 86 reps at (like Carmen) wussy 8kg

    Great coaching from Eroc! Understood cleans much better, fun class, honestly feel my squats are getting better.

  20. sallys

    2+7 – got through 1+4 at 95# and then dropped down to 85#. I was dying on the FS.

    2nd rd – 95 @ 12kg. 16 kg next time. L sits were…droopy N sits.

  21. 2+4 at 105 lbs.

    Rx on kettle bells and total of 50.

    L sits were effin’ brutal.

    you know what’s not brutal??? tomorrow at TBA Brooklyn for the after-party for Boat Basin! :-))

    weather is 80’s and sunny. i’ll be the guy in mesh shorts and a bandana. If you’re wearing the same, i’ll buy you a beer.


    addy is 395 Wythe in South Williamsburg

    have fun y’all!