Friday, June 28th, 2013

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  1. EJ

    5K Run

    – Head out the gym go LEFT to Lexington & toward 96th STREET
    – Go RIGHT and run to 5th AVENUE
    – Run down 5th to 88th STREET
    – Go LEFT and run to PARK AVENUE (For accuracy, run across Park Avenue)
    – Back to 96th STREET and run the same loop (5th to 88th, back to PARK then head to the gym via LEX

  2. Ambrose

    Made my own WOD (thanks EJ).

    I call it Joe and Ed’s Excellent Adventure because Ed was the only one brave enough to do it with me. 5 roudn for time of 500m row and 15DLs at 225lbs.

    18mins flat.

  3. Paige

    I’m taking this as a compliment- my picture and a link about but holes.
    No one try to convince me otherwise, I just won’t believe it.

  4. zompetti

    Light yoga and stretching at home this morning.

    Got a 5 mile race tomorrow in Central Park and the Rowathon on Sunday

    Good Luck to all those doing the Tr-State tomorrow! Kick some butt and show everyone how CFM does it!!

  5. Thanks Alicia! I had full intention of showing up to 6am WOD to start the big 2-7 on the right note. and that did not happen. oh well.

    Rowathon on Sunday! Get excited, kids!


    Did my own WOD today. 2 rounds of laundry. AMRAP of Law & Order SVU marathon. Followed by NFT Power Nap. Best day off 🙂

  7. lee

    First 5k ever. 31 mins. Definitely took my time on that one.

    Stayed for 2×6 back squats at 85% of 1rm.