Friday, March 18th


Friday, March 18th


Skill Work

To be announced. Handstand pushups?


5 rounds for fun:
7 burpee box jump, 24/20
14 kettlebell snatch, 24/20

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  1. BAston

    Tried to get my back loose this morning. Lots of hamstring stretching, back stretches, a few 20 calorie rows mixed in.

    It’s very nice of HQ to start 16.4 with my 3 worst movements before getting to one of my best. It’s the shit covered cookie. Looking forward to 16.5 already.

  2. chad

    I thought of you and how you might be the one person who hates this wod as much or more than me. I HATE all three first movements and 225 will be heavy. Good Luck

    1. BAston

      I would be slightly less upset about this WOD if I hadn’t done Diane on Wednesday. Oh well, this will likely cause me to miss regionals this year…. Really thought I had a chance. 🙂