Friday, March 25th


Friday, March 25th



Cycling Thrusters


As much fun as possible in 16 minutes:
16 wallballs, 20/14
16 ring rows

Post rounds + reps to Comments.

Easter Sunday Schedule:
9:30 Oly Class
Open Gym from 10:30 am until noon, then closed.

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  1. johanna

    doing 16.5 today? review the new guidelines for bar facing burpees!

    Notes: you must jump over the bar with two feet and land with two feet (no one foot hopping or stepping over).
    Also, they updated the rules to state that you must use a bar with standard sized plates for your burpees, even if your division calls for an empty bar for the thrusters.

    Good luck everyone! Let’s close this Open in style!

  2. Joe

    16.5 – 22:49.

    Had to stop and shake out my arms carrying groceries home. Enjoy that one tomorrow everyone ????

  3. BAston

    16.5 – 18:58 (2:02 improvement from 2 years ago).

    All things considered, I’m happy with the open. Improved the repeat Wod, my best Wod had MU’s in it. Known goats like deads and cleans hurt me.

    Happy it’s over.

  4. chad

    16.5 – 17:15 (chasing Johanna aka Beastmode, but ended up with a 4min+ pr)
    Good open, made my list of things to improve on. Time to get back to training

  5. J Cash

    Matt’s substitute 16.5
    Push press @115
    Push ups
    That sucked
    Got that pump though