Friday, May 13th


Friday, May 13th


Benchmark WOD


For time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45/33
30 Pullups

Compare to 10/18/15.

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  1. sassypants

    PR for working out at 6am with the crop dusting and bathroom smells.

    no PR on Jackie, in fact 45 seconds slower than my previous time @11:03

    happy friday folks!

  2. johanna

    i’m pretty sure jackie Rx for girls is 45#, that’s what i’ve always done and i think that’s what our leaderboard is. if i’m wrong, i need to do this really soon!

  3. BAston

    9:16 rx’d

    Way off a PR…. Thrusters were slow today, but row and pull ups were pretty good.